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Anyone need to work Tuesday/Wednesday on-site?


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I work for myself and Glastonbury lands at a really busy time of year for me.

I only need a laptop and internet, but remember last year the internet was sparse to non-existent. 

As boring as it is, arriving Tuesday in the Campervan field, there's a chance I may need to get on with some work Tuesday. 

Are there any dongles or similar that people have used before? 

It'd be great to use Tuesday as a day to setup, get a few essential work bits done then enjoy Wednesday to the fullest. 

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2 minutes ago, Crazyfool01 said:

surely tethering phone to laptop would be fine , vodaphone and or EE sim and you'll be good ..... most of the hoards of people havent arrived but the networks will be setup ready to go . 

The networks will be ready to go.

The question I'd have (and no idea of the answer) is how far the footprint extends out into the CV fields?

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As above, tethering should be fine. Was in east quiet on Tuesday last year and was streaming the cricket via my phone to a laptop with no issues. If it can handle live video then a normal work connection should be fine. On EE if that helps.

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1 hour ago, Justiceforcedave said:

The end of the festival was fascinating last year. We ended up leaving late on Monday and the internet suddenly just vanished! Can only assume there's some kind of network boosty magic that gets turned on before and off after the festival.

They might start dismantling the outer cells of the network on the Monday.

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