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  1. The best advice really is to be organised. You might think your big group has a good chance without realising you're the one who is doing it properly and everyone else is just sat there letting it refresh, or using too many devices on the same wifi etc. What I do is write out a really clear and detailed doc on the steps required, including tips and tricks and share that with everyone trying so that everyone knows what they are doing. With the exception of one year when I volunteered I haven't missed one since 2008. I really do think if you're organised you have a much greater chance. Obviously the forum can help you there too.
  2. I've never felt so sad that it was over and this was my eleventh. A lot of things I'd have done differently but it really proved itself again as the greatest show on earth.
  3. I suspect 2023 tickets will be the most difficult to get ever. Coverage was popular this year and it has spread like wildfire on tiktok. Endless comments from people saying they will try for next year. Best make sure you're incredibly prepared!
  4. I know the individual areas need their autonomy and probably like to book their own acts but at what point can the festival intervene? Its just silly having the likes of Sugababes and McFly on at the Avalon. If either had been on the Pyramid early afternoon they'd have had huge crowds but instead the select few with the time and ability to show up early get to see them. Its a real shame for fans and the acts who'd have loved to have played to the huge crowds.
  5. My controversial opinion is that Emily was right and this was the best yet. Even the bits I've watched back seem to confirm this. Maybe its the way its been filmed but the crowds genuinely just looked so much happier this time too.
  6. Joshuwarr

    Crowd Etiquette

    Hope the set up was ok this year? Saw something appalling on twitter about celebs trying to break onto the platform at the John Peel stage.
  7. Joshuwarr

    Crowd Etiquette

    Absolutely. If people have access needs then I get that, but the situation can get quite dangerous and its very awkward for those not sat down.
  8. Joshuwarr

    Crowd Etiquette

    People getting through crowds doesn't bother me as long as they say excuse me. I actually think a much bigger problem is having chairs, blankets and people sprawled out near the front. The fact is some people need to come and go for all manner of reasons so it seems strange for that to be seen as poor crowd etiquette.
  9. There were a fair few moments during Phoebe Bridger's set. Never normally that fussed with the fireworks but being up at the stone circle with my friends this year felt really special too.
  10. Joshuwarr

    Queue watch

    Yep, I think you're right
  11. I was about to do my final phone charge as well as finish charging my other power bank but....we've had a power cut 😕
  12. I think we went on the Wednesday in 2017 and it closed around 2. Was impacted by the sound limits they have on Wednesday and there wasn't much of an atmosphere vs the other nights either.
  13. I would maybe suggest ditching your no queueing policy! Its not as bad as it was ten years ago and once you're in its not too bad in terms of going venue to venue (except for those that are rammed). As mentioned though Thursday will probably be the busiest night so I'd either go early or be prepared to queue.
  14. It says 4pm on the website
  15. I'm hopping on a night bus at around 0130AM to get to my National Express coach which sets off at half 3...long day ahead!
  16. confirmed: it's going to be the best five days ever x
  17. Have camped in Oxlyers every year since 09 and I've never personally noticed it be worse than any other campsite on the muddy years. With the weather forecast this weekend I doubt there will be enough rain to cause a mudbath in the campsites.
  18. I would maybe ask those people you know of. Its definitely not impossible but I suspect there is a high risk of them making a meal of the pick up and/or not making it to the site at all due to the reasons outlined above. I would look into taxis from areas nearby
  19. Joshuwarr

    Nyc downlow

    If you want guaranteed entry you'll probably want to skip a headliner or get there before all the main acts finish. You can still get in later but expect to queue for a long time. However, any time after midnight and you're probably not going to get in as it seems to grow in popularity every year.
  20. Sorry to hear this and I hope your friend will be alright. With regards to deferral of tickets it will be a no, unfortunately. Best thing to do would be to try and get a refund - did he pay for ticket protection?
  21. I am not sure how people would know they're empty? It will be fine.
  22. A warm and dry Wednesday and Thursday is honestly ideal. A bit of rain here and there after that I can 100% cope with
  23. At Wilderness last year we had a lot of rain most days and despite this the mud and ground weren't even that bad. Puts into perspective just how much rain beforehand you need for a mudbath and based on the forecast for the next few days I am confident we will be fine. I actually worry about the chilly nights more than a bit of a rain in the day!
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