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  1. Whilst I'd love to see more representation I think that ignores both The Communards and Michael Stipe (who headlined twice with REM, I think?)
  2. The Bicep crowd at Wilderness last year was one of the biggest of the weekend, easily. They really pulled in the numbers in 2016 too when they were in Block 9.
  3. We're bowing out which is a shame but trying to be careful with funds this summer. That means I have a ticket on Dice to sell if anyone needs one? Face value, of course.
  4. I guess that would depend on what his label would push for but I could see him personally being fine with it. You may well be right though.
  5. I think Harry Styles subbing Billie Eilish could be inspired...
  6. Banquet Records are my go to generally
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    Headlining Reading and Leeds
  8. Joshuwarr

    Campsite Poll

    Ha, I know! I've never been that deep into the campsite though as we're normally closer to the proper trackway by the actual Other Stage field
  9. Joshuwarr

    Campsite Poll

    You can get a sense from this video how long Oxlyers takes to fill up. I've arrived before late Wednesday afternoon and still been able to sneak a tent in when my friends had arrived earlier. You sometimes get very small groups trying to squeeze in Thursday too.
  10. You're probably right there. Possibly still a bit too soon to be demoted to anywhere below headliner. She could well do the kind of set the Libertines did a few years back in the surprise Pyramid slot then? I just can't see headliner working now.
  11. I really can't see Florence headlining. The last album didn't really sell that well compared to her previous records. She'd probably make a great sub-headliner or surprise act at some point during the weekend though.
  12. Decided to take a look at times and prices for National Express coaches from London. Not booked yet but trying to put in some reminders in my calendar for things like that...
  13. Joshuwarr

    Campsite Poll

    We've camped in Oxlyers every year since 2009 (I've also done Kidney Mead once as well as well as Tom's field as a volunteer). I have a real soft spot for it due to the memories. It's definitely much more of a 'party' atmosphere due to its location so definitely not advisable if you struggle to sleep.
  14. Surprised just how much I enjoyed this. I could've happily watched for much longer
  15. Although I have a ticket I am hoping for a big resale pot for the sake of friends who weren't lucky. I genuinely think we could see up to 20,000 at this point. I don't think the people on these forums are *that* representative of the wider Glasto goer but we'll see!
  16. Oh you'd be surprised. I feel those still pushing through in the late night areas as the sun comes tend to be more in the 25-35 age bracket (at least from my experience!). And a lot of older folks love their dance music too!
  17. I'd probably say its below 10%. I feel the biggest cohort is somewhere between 25-40? But it really does have a very good spread of age groups represented in attendance.
  18. There's dozens of mini milestones I enjoy in the build up. In no particular order...paying off the balance, the resale (cruel to those that need it but its always quite exciting), the line up release, when the site build begins (the fence going up especially)...and much more.
  19. From memory you could book single tickets but I think they were one way *to* the festival rather than just out of the festival...
  20. Buzzing for her. It's going to be such a huge moment.
  21. Lucky enough to have been to every Glastonbury since 2008. Some years we've only managed through resale and one year we had to go via volunteering which really wasn't for us. Can't see myself missing one anytime soon just because it feels like I've missed enough since 2019!
  22. John Peel Tent Hot Chip 110 Doves 185 Jarvis Cocker 150 The Streets 105 Phoenix 115 MGMT 55 London Grammar 120 Sigur Ros 90 InterpoI 66 Jazzworld / West Holts Rodrigo y GabrieIa 110 Jimmy CIiff 100 Kool and the Gang 160 Chic ft. NiIe Rodgers 170 The Mothership Returns (George CIinton, ParIiament, Funkadelic and The FamiIy Stone) 115 Earth, Wind and Fire 160 Justice 590 JaneIIe Monáe 230 The Park Bon lver 170 The Horrors 90 (+10) Metronomy 45 Grimes 145
  23. Interesting reading these comments. This was my first Wilderness and we basically went as a back up to our usual. I actually had a good weekend but I think that was largely down to the great company. Some pros and cons... Pros: - The site is great. I really enjoyed the little walk each morning by the lake and to see lots of people enjoying a swim (bit annoyed I never got round to doing it myself!) - Some (I repeat some) memorable sets. After a year and a half of really missing these kinds of experiences it was great to be able to enjoy sets from bands or artists I'd enjoyed in lockdown. Highlights for me were Sports Team, Mahalia and Weird Milk on the main stage. Some great DJs too - Blessed Madonna was especially great. - Nice people. Whilst there were definitely one or two idiots around the campsite I genuinely met some really lovely people. - The House of Sublime. Spent two amazing nights there. Our crew are all gay so we really enjoyed a lot of the alternative and queer entertainment on offer. Cons: - Stewarding/General safety. Not to say those there didn't do a good job but I really felt a lack of stewarding and security on site. Sometimes that can be a good thing but some venues that really needed to be operating a one in, one out policy would just have a single steward down the front not really doing anything. I would not know what would have happened if there was an incident. - Facilities. Not enough toilets on site and an actual disgrace that there were just ten portaloos at the Valley. The mud was also impossible to deal with in parts of The Valley too where I believe someone even broke their leg one night. We were at the far end of the campsite and it was quite annoying to have no food vendors anywhere near us. I'm sure another breakfast bar (even just one) would have done well from punters where we were. - Main stage line up. Whilst I really enjoyed the sets I went to it did feel really noticeable to not have another name like Foals on the line up. Felt like a big step down on the 2020 line up. All in all I had a good time and have made some great memories too. I do think part of the enjoyment just came from being with good friends sat around talking nonsense in a campsite again though. I would probably consider returning next year if the line up was an improvement on this year but only as a back up if we decide to go to more than just Glastonbury.
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