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  1. Now THIS is interesting: https://uk.accessorize.com/weather-forecast-for-festivals Apparently Kendal Calling is the wettest festival. The rainiest Glastonbury was 1985 too!
  2. Joshuwarr

    The Park line up

    Just seen this on twitter, although not on the official Glastonbury page...
  3. Joshuwarr


    Grass in the Pyramid field being cut!
  4. Joshuwarr

    2019 Line up

    Whilst I respect that people may not want to fork out hundreds of pounds if they're not keen on the line up, I will still never get the logic of only being able to enjoy Glastonbury if your day is packed with endless acts you want to see. I'm happy to have a handful of acts I *have* to see and then have the rest of the time free to explore and enjoy everything else!
  5. And now they've updated with times! 3pm Wednesday departure. Whilst I'd much prefer an earlier time, it does mean I don't need to worry about getting to Reading super early!
  6. Didn't work for me, unfortunately. However, I'm coach 243 from Reading (Weds) in case anyone knows what time that is?!
  7. Whilst I know its nice that you can just turn up early and jump on any coach, I still think a swap is a good idea so we dont have too many people heading for the same coaches. Its incredibly unfair on those who stick to their times and dont get on their allocated coach as not everyone is aware that its a free for all on the Monday.
  8. Rhythm of the 90s was heaving in 2017 and it was absolutely cracking. The tent was bouncing.
  9. For me its the ease of access to most areas and the nice flat ground (risky in bad weather, but I'm not a huge fan of camping on a slope either!). Never had any trouble there either
  10. We usually camp on the edge of Oxlyers (nearish to the path by the food stands near Silver Hayes) and have often had no problem getting a few tents in, even if its later in the morning/early afternoon
  11. Joshuwarr


    Are we sure there will be screens? It may be for other aspects of the structure, possibly?
  12. It should still be there - are you definitely putting in the correct postcode/card details? Maybe someone else purchased for you?
  13. I think Leftfield tends to finish up earlier. In 2017 the 2nd last band was 1930 - 2030
  14. Dream Wife will be excellent - cracking band
  15. Joshuwarr


    This is far too exciting. Looks like I'll be refreshing all day today!
  16. Mid afternoon is definitely the best time to go. I can't imagine much worse than a 3am shower when I'm struggling to even walk at that point...
  17. Joshuwarr


    Never been so excited to see cranes....
  18. Interesting to see so much dislike for Silver Hayes. As I camp right next door to it I've always had a soft spot as its has often provided a lot of first night entertainment for my friends and I. I think it does suffer from a clear lack of identity with a lot of themes mashed together. However, some of the individual venues have provided great entertainment. Pussy Parlure is always good fun!
  19. Best: Block 9 - some of the best nights you'll ever have, for sure. Worst: Controversial but I'm really not keen on Arcadia. I admire the spectacle of it all but I can't help but the music on offer there when I've been rarely floats my boat. Its also a nightmare to find people at!
  20. If Glastonbury was Christmas then these updates would be the equivalent of opening a door on your advent calendar. VERY EXCITED.
  21. Really hope NYC Downlow stays. Its a Glastonbury institution for many of us now (especially for those of us who are lgbt)
  22. What's good is the system has improved drastically over the years. I remember 2011 being particularly horrendous in terms of queuing for the south east corner whereas in 2017 I don't remember ever waiting around much (unless it was for the venues inside).
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