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  1. doobie ninja

    SW4 soloing

    Hay. I might be doing the Sunday solo. Line up is so good! I'll DM you when i know that I'm definitely going. Cheers Phil
  2. doobie ninja

    Queens Of The Stone Age @ Finsbury Park

    Apart from the bar queues, i thought it was a great day. Yes, sign posts would of been nice, and the sound was iffy (not helped by the wind) but QOTSA were tight!!! seen them before but they were so slick, loved Josh's reaction to all us men singing "make it with Chu" RTJ were great, would love to see them on a smaller stage, maybe in a tent. Miles Kane, Hives and Iggy all surprised me, just watched them from the back while hiding in the shade. and for London...£60 was a bargain. Just wish i had of snuck more booze in!!
  3. doobie ninja

    Queens Of The Stone Age @ Finsbury Park

    weather is looking great, line up is great, ticket price is great....can't wait dying to see RTJ after i missed them at Field day.
  4. doobie ninja

    Recommendations for fun bands.

    I saw The Correspondents at SGP a few years ago, never heard of them before. Then all hell broke lose on stage and you couldn't take your eyes of the madness Bicep, Camelphat, Solardo are house music but every time I've seen them its always be brilliant. Just hope now i can actually make it to Bestival this year
  5. doobie ninja

    Recommendations for fun bands.

    Gentleman's dub Club The Correspondents Bicep camelphat Solardo The Next men Chali 2na ok, not really "bands" but should be good
  6. doobie ninja

    Ticket sales

    cool. If i end up buying a ticket 2 or 3 days before the festival, will i have to pick it up from the box office? or do you get a printable ticket?
  7. doobie ninja

    Ticket sales

    Hi guys. Been wanting to get to this festival for ages, might be able to go this year! Does it normally sell out? Cant buy a ticket just yet as i need to pull a few strings first to get the time off work. Cheers
  8. doobie ninja

    First time solo

    Hi. Yes there are late trains back to Maidenhead. I'm really not a fan of the Festival to be honest (despite the fact that I've been a bunch of times, but that's another story!) and one of my gripes with it is that it all shuts down early. Late night stuff used to be a fair and a silent disco, but i haven't been for ages so maybe it's changed.
  9. doobie ninja

    First time solo

    Hi Travelling back out to London may be a bit of trouble. Finding some where to stay in Reading now is either going to impossible or mega expensive. I don't know what your travel plans are but maybe you can stay in Maidenhead? easy to get to Reading (15 mins on train) and if you then wanted to go to London it's 25 mins by train into Paddington. I haven't been to Reading Festival for quite a while but in the past I've always walked from the station to the grounds as the traffic is crazy busy.
  10. doobie ninja

    Night time dance tent times

    Hi guys Havent been to Reading for ages. Might go this year on the friday just for the dance stage (annie Mac, Bicep ). Just wandered what time the tent will shut down as i will have to get a train afterwards to Maidenhead. Thanks
  11. doobie ninja

    The Beatherder Festival 2017

    hi I've had my eye on this festival for a few years, looks great. I'm hoping to go this year, got a few boring questions though im afraid: It seems fairly small, im guessing the carparks are close to the camping area? I might not be able to get there when the gates open. i dont mind camping away from the main area (i quite like it) but i hate camping on hills! whats the camping situation like? Can you take / sneak booze in? Thanks guys
  12. doobie ninja

    Roskilde Festival 2017

    Hi guys I'm having a real festival crisis this year, I just can't decide where to go. I'm liking the line up and I've never been to this part of the world...so it's kind of tempting On the first 4 "warm up" days, what happens? is it like the moving in period at Sziget where the site is still being constructed and there are a few bars and small party areas / attractions open? Also it was mentioned that all the good camping spots will be well gone by the middle of the week - I don't mind camping quite far out (I actually like it) I just hate camping on hills! So do you reckon the campsites get nearly full in the first 2 or 3 days? so if you turned up Monday afternoon lets say, what do you think the camping situ would be like? Thanks
  13. doobie ninja

    Sziget Festival 2017

    oh right.....i dont know as everyone i know always has 7 day tickets so assumed that was the more popular choice. within the 5 day bracket.....how many more headliners are there to be announced....2?
  14. doobie ninja

    Sziget Festival 2017

    yeah same here. Do you think the 5 day passes are selling better than the 7 because of the poor lineup? I have a 7 day prime ticket but i think im only going to go for 5.
  15. doobie ninja

    Sziget Festival 2017

    He was the year before. I manged to avoid him This year's line-up sucks so far, I know so many poeple who are thinking of not going now