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  1. hurdy

    The National

    Matt's voice is shsgged
  2. Is it? I gave jdownloader a bash and it tried to install something called Papahuma?
  3. Did you have to volunteer for any other festivals to get your Glasto place?
  4. hurdy


    Highlight of my weekend. The blow up on social media is great too
  5. I can confirm that as a 40 something bloke about twenty rows back from the second barrier I was easily twenty five years older than every other person around me.
  6. Can't find Linda's Loaf?
  7. hurdy

    The 2019 Food Thread

    Is the cheese steak place near the poutine place please?
  8. I'm an old(ish) man. Was in the middle a few rows behind the barrier. Have no doubt, the audience were lapping it up, despite what footage may have shown on TV. That was spectacular.
  9. Bizarre isn't it? Saw the queues this morning and thought for a second they'd removed the other free standing points across the site.
  10. They're putting Hackney Hopster through those automatic half pint dispensers and it foams up something rotten. At the T&C it took me three "pints" before I realised I was getting 3/4 of a pint. They were less than interested when I complained. Taphouse had cottoned on to it and were pouring full pints out of jugs that had settled.
  11. hurdy

    The 2019 Food Thread

    Yes, opposite the cider bus
  12. Dropped a donation to FWS on behalf of the design definitely not making it onto a tshirt that I'm currently wearing on a farm.
  13. Like it didn't rain last night 👍
  14. hurdy

    The Weather Thread 2019

    I love this place. Still hammering in Pangea
  15. Hasn't rained solidly since around 8 this morning. Spat a bit about an hour ago.
  16. Daily Fail can do one. This is the croosroads at the entrance to The Park now. Not quite the mud fest the last photo makes out.
  17. Outside JP tent. As others have said, unless you're really spangled you'll be able to walk around the odd bit of standing water (and theres not much of it). It's been overcast and muggy so not the best ground drying weather. Reckon it'll be hard as nails by Thursday.
  18. Had a reply from support "As of now, if 5 attempts are made to the same number within 10 minutes, we throttle that number for 24 hours. " Will give it a go tomorrow.
  19. Cheers @lazzareo... Still not working though. Even set up new account with another email. Must be something up with my number
  20. Thanks mate, but that's where I fall down. I'm using that link to setup but it just won't send me a pin sms
  21. Yep. 447xxxx was the first one I tried (also did +44, 0044 etc) and also tried my mate's number but no sms is coming through. I'm getting sms from other people so I can't see it being the network that's the problem. Thanks for confirming I'm using the right format though, at least I know I'm not doing that wrong
  22. Anyone help on Zapier please? I can't get the SMS by Zapier app to link - tried all combos of mobile number and cou try code, but still can't get a pin sent through to me?
  23. hurdy

    The Weather Thread 2019

    Been a long, long time since integrity was linked to The Mirror
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