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  1. It was primarily made as a demonstration of quirkiness 🤷‍♂️
  2. Didn’t think such a harmless piece of fun would generate hot debate 😂 See some of you in Bella’s field!
  3. 2 or 3 who are happy for more intimate escaping. It’s an accessible loo so lots of space!
  4. We’ll take bookings in the morning for each day and recommend turning up when we open (11) but we’ll take walk ins for no shows and select slots. If you come and see us we’ll find a way you can play! 🙂 Games are under our watchful eye and the No 1 rule is “No number 2s” so no one will be using it as a legit toilet!
  5. Hullo Efesters! I'm going to be operating an escape room game in The Circus and Theatre field this year (Bella's field). The twist? It's inside a Portaloo.... it's called Portaclue: The T.U.R.D.I.S. (Toilet utilities requiring dexterity, intelligence & skill) and it would be wonderful to see some of you there! Thursday-Sunday 11am-7pm. Note: It DOES NOT function as an actual toilet. It DOES have a disco ball 😆
  6. When the politics thread is the most civil place to be, you know it's bad.
  7. Let's not pretend they were ever doing it for the benefit of punters.
  8. Thing is big bands are businesses. It's not just them making decisions, but it also might be them making THIS decision. "Hmmmm.... do I want to sign this contract for £xxk or THIS one for £xxxk?"
  9. Wow that is a fucking awful practice! Perhaps if they want to copy airline tickets they should sell the first batch for £20, then £30 and so on...
  10. Summed up my thoughts exactly! The reality is that every person and every job is different.
  11. Indeed we shall! I hope to see you there Dean 🙂 We'll be running our 15-minute mini escape room game Portaclue in Bella's Field Thursday - Sunday! The world's most mind boggling-bog. I can promise lots of fun and a good way to blast away those next day Glasto cobwebs. I hope some efestival peeps will come and say hello!
  12. I wonder how many packs of Aldi Spaghetti old Georgie boy has in his cupboard?
  13. In this analogy George Eustice is the landlord who let your roof get into a state of disrepair.
  14. “If you don’t have much money, why not try spending less on things you buy regularly?” I mean… it’s not exactly revolutionary thinking 😂 “Good advice” In the same way recommending a bucket to fix a hole in the roof is good advice.
  15. They were down the back of the sofa all along.
  16. Noel knows the score right? Crank up the number of Oasis hits in the set, we’ll all have a good sing song and as payment a few or us will add “that one he played before Little by Little” to our Spotify play lists.
  17. It's the little chat from Saul at the start of the song about Brexit. Summed the situation up perfectly.
  18. October Drift is the worst band name I've heard in a long time.
  19. TAKE MY MONEY! When do the tour tickets go on sale?
  20. Boris was at Abba party but was conducting a job interview.
  21. I suppose you're right in the short term. But when all is said and done and all the investigations are over there'll be a list of (illegal) parties for which fines were issued and the PM will have attended a good chunk of them.
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