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  1. Only aware she's playing Friday 1:40 at the Acoustic Stage, which is a touch clashy. Any other sets?
  2. Fine enough for the Park secret sets, I think this shows I've been basically AWOL since 2011.
  3. She had special guests of Jason Donovan and Rick Astley last summer. Would imagine they'd be easier to summon that Cave and Williams though do hope I'm wrong. Could Nick Cave have an unannounced slot at The Park? If they still do that.
  4. Think I did 6 hours in the car at 7pm Wednesday of 2016, my last time there. But yes to all, weather could be a significant factor.
  5. Ta all. I can maybe be more specific to try for more info. If I turned up around 5:30am, what sort of time would I be through the gate? Cos not wanting to only get in at 2pm as per bexj's comment.
  6. timespeedsup

    Gate D

    Looking for data on Gate D entry on the Wednesday in 2017, to get a picture for what's needed for this year, ta. Your time arriving in the queue to the car park (if any)? Time parked up? Time started in the queue to Gate D? Time through the gate? If anyone knows what time the gates opened, would be a bonus. Heard it was sometime between 7 and 8am.
  7. Thought I saw him at West Holts around 10 years ago. No love for Dervish round here then? Underwhelmed overall though.
  8. Seems like a great deal to me, but then I would say that given I got my ticket back in November!
  9. Acts mostly unknown to me too, but The Great Malarkey are getting recent 6 Music play, so could be quite a coup for this fest.
  10. timespeedsup


    That Neil bloke? Slanderous behaviour towards Shakey! ? So I will be indulging in Doves at Bearded Theory (marvellous place incidentally), where they are just the pre-headliner to Little Steven's band (for a festival for 10,000). Does that help inform possible Glasto slots? They've played Glasto lots so I assume they'd be welcomed back. My only time of seeing them was when they headlined the Other Stage in 2003 on the Sunday. Enjoyable as it was, I discovered I didn't want to spend the festival closer chasing acts alone. ?
  11. timespeedsup


    Announced as Sunday sub-headliners for Bearded Theory the other week, which is highly pleasing.
  12. I want to record and playback a computer voice-chat, as an mp3 say. Is there a way of doing this with Skype? Or indeed another easy-to-use computer chat thingamy like (if they work) Google Talk or MSN? Or am I going to have to set up a tape player next to my speakers?
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