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  1. Seems like a great deal to me, but then I would say that given I got my ticket back in November!
  2. Acts mostly unknown to me too, but The Great Malarkey are getting recent 6 Music play, so could be quite a coup for this fest.
  3. timespeedsup


    That Neil bloke? Slanderous behaviour towards Shakey! 🤣 So I will be indulging in Doves at Bearded Theory (marvellous place incidentally), where they are just the pre-headliner to Little Steven's band (for a festival for 10,000). Does that help inform possible Glasto slots? They've played Glasto lots so I assume they'd be welcomed back. My only time of seeing them was when they headlined the Other Stage in 2003 on the Sunday. Enjoyable as it was, I discovered I didn't want to spend the festival closer chasing acts alone. 🙄
  4. timespeedsup


    Announced as Sunday sub-headliners for Bearded Theory the other week, which is highly pleasing.
  5. So that new stage with Dan Donnelly opening it Friday morning is the equivalent of Glasto putting on a half-decent act to open its second stage? Marvellous! Will dig out my Country & Northern album.....
  6. That is disconcerting! & not just cos of the tin of cider-pop I had in my hand.
  7. I remember that! DaveMac organised it. Did he dish out Victor Meldrew masks to everyone?
  8. I met him first time last year....wait and see! You won't be, though your stated age has got me worried that I'm entering the final quartile now. But is OldBird still on the forums for example? I remember her at the noughties versions of this meet. Always used to be a good range of ages....
  9. Won't be there as I'm arriving shortly before midnight. But answer me this, in the 5 years I've missed, how come it's no longer at the Cider Bus? Or should I really not be asking that??
  10. Well chuffed, best new album I heard last year (which isn't saying much in fairness)
  11. Well that's a bit painful, seeing as I'll not be at Glasto. The Beeb's Tv coverage better catch them. One for West Holts.
  12. Any suggestion of Israel Vibration playing UK then?
  13. Orbital at the RAH, just a few days now.
  14. Caught me my first bit of The Ruth Theodore Band for 18 months on Friday. One new song, in the style of prog-folk-brassband. Very unique. Next Cold Specks in 2 weeks time.
  15. ...which is why you have them at Bearded Theory in May FTR I have Ruth Theodore in 4 weeks, Cold Specks 6 weeks, maybe Mad Dog McRea in 8 weeks (debut London gig?), Pokey LaFarge in 10, and finally Orbital at The Royal Albert not soon enough.
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