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  1. mjh310

    2020 New Music

    Can someone please explain why I just can't get The 1975 no matter how hard I try
  2. mjh310

    2020 New Music

    Totally agree - perfect album for these times. Absolutely loved their last offering too and remember being shocked when it appeared in approximately zero end of year lists
  3. Hmm fair enough! I'd be less inclined to rush over for that. I'm guessing I'll need to pay for wristband delivery to get into the Apolo that night without making a trip down to the Forum?
  4. Which of Metronomy or JAMC do we reckon will be last on the Wednesday at Parc Del Forum? My flight only gets in pretty late so would only be able to catch the last act (at a push)
  5. Unbelievably stacked for me on the Friday, what a lineup!
  6. Thanks so much for the heads up! Grabbed a few
  7. mjh310

    Biggest Surprises

    Cykada playing the Wormhole on Thursday night. Just popped in to check out the new venue, now an absolute must see at Love Supreme this weekend!
  8. I was at the very front, DM me if you'd like some videos!
  9. 1) Janelle Monae 2) Let's Eat Grandma 3) Vampire Weekend
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