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  1. Renewed, might not post a lot but on here every day & without judging there can’t be many without £1.50 a month to spare
  2. https://www.iq-mag.net/2020/07/festival-bosses-talk-cash-flow-artist-fees/#.XwxOKChKiUm Some thoughts from organisers on 2021 festivals
  3. Vague memory but in 1982 I am sure Rodger Chapman played the Pyramid on Thursday night! I recall him banging a shoe box as percussion. Would be great if someone could confirm this or tell me I`m mad. If thats wrong then Randy California headlined Friday interrupted by a power cut with a 30 minute drum solo whilst they tried to get it back on. Those lasers though...........................
  4. Ah, my mistake. Thought it was Fantastic Negrito but he was at Leftfield. Was brilliant though.
  5. I think Mystery Jets were supposed to be headlining Avalon on Sunday, Guitar band, early finish then off to Swifty for the rest of her set would have suited me perfectly.
  6. I couldnt go to the original date because of a holiday which has obviously been cancelled. For anyone interested I bagged a GA standing for Wembley in January just now, tickets available on AXS & Ticketmaster
  7. Frank Turners show he live streamed from his house last night has raised over 40k for his supports & crew. Massive respect to him.
  8. Frank Turner in Winchester tomorrow & the rest of the tour. Cant see Bon Iver at Wembley going ahead either. Brian Fallon cancelled US leg, expect here to be next.
  9. Normally no but the Kendrick/Thom Yorke clash is giving me sleepless nights already, so its an option. ATM i think will start with Kendrick (depending on times) & go from there. Or the other way round. Or not..................................................................
  10. You are right about the 91 supports. GnR were distinctly average unfortunately
  11. My 15 year old self saw Black Sabbath in 1978 at the Gaumont in Southampton. Support from Van Halen 😀
  12. I have a spare ticket for Michael Kiwanuka at Southampton Guildhall on Monday if anyone is interested. Face value obvs
  13. They are a real pain for litter picking crews, along with the bloody plastic packaging. They are everywhere on site.
  14. I got 2 tickets for Alanis in A3 on the floor for the wifes cousin yesterday in pre sale, including fees £286.50!!! Normal seats, no vip or packages. Madness.
  15. Heliocentrics just self-confirmed for Shangri La on 6 Music
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