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  1. This weekend in London visiting friends & daughter Next weekend home alone as wife & kids go to provence for a week 23/5 Glen Matlock & Earl Slick at the railway 3/6 Last Internationale at the joiners 8/6 onwards obsessive list making & packing 25/6 print off clashfinder 26/6 off to the farm Cant wait
  2. Spoke to Fiona about this & she said there are more & more veterans, so much so that the before festival shift qualification is now 6 years instead of 5 & names are "literally pulled from a hat"
  3. Got our shifts last night too 😃 Back to Silver Hayes for us as requested. Excitement mounting
  4. Giraffe Man

    Resale Club 2019

    Happy to do this @Hawros let me know
  5. Giraffe Man

    Resale Club 2019

    A bit late to this but our close group are working so sorted & we manged to get 2 out of 4 for my daughters group last night so if I get through on Sunday will have space for 2 additional tickets. Happy to help but need to know the best & fairest way forward.
  6. Giraffe Man

    Resale Club 2019

    Good luck to you all tonight, will be thinking of you.
  7. I am 6`4" & am well aware that my height can make it difficult for shorter people behind. I always check behind & offer to swap places until the band is on. A few feet isnt going to make a lot of difference to me & could to someone shorter. Its always well received & some people are incredibly grateful. Once the bands are on I think its fair for me to stay put. It is Glastonbury after all. Groups of people talking, now thats a far bigger problem t**ts
  8. Giraffe Man

    2019 Map

    Looks like Lovebullets isnt by The Glade, fingers crossed.
  9. Giraffe Man

    Satellite pic.

    Will post it on here tomorrow then. Its a commercial US satellite, there`s loads of stuff on their website. Nearly bought one of Brighton Pier too.
  10. Giraffe Man

    Satellite pic.

    This is on our daughters bedroom wall, bought it from the states for xmas. Will find the link to purchase tonight if anyones interested. We can see our tent!!
  11. Must Sees: Kate Tempest, Chems, Vampire Weekend, Lauren Hill, Jon Hopkins, Johnny Marr, Mavis Staples, Michael Kiwanuka, Loyle Carner, Kurt Vile, Maribou State Maybes: Stormzy, Tame Impala, Sheryl Crow, Good, The Bad & The Queen, Hot Chip, Little Simz, Jungle, Sharron Van Etten Gonna be busy....................................................
  12. Giraffe Man

    Kate Tempest

    New album due in April
  13. Giraffe Man

    Kate Tempest

    This was my single best Glastonbury set of all time, had seen her before & she was fantastic but that show was on a whole other level. Have asked her about which stage on twitter but no reply as yet. A bump up is a given & West Holts headliner is the dream
  14. They were indeed sublime that night, it was a proper moment.
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