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  1. Giraffe Man

    2020 headliners

    New album out Friday is a Crazy Horse one, Nils Lofgren replacing Frank on Guitar. No 2020 dates as yet but we can dream.
  2. Giraffe Man

    2020 headliners

    Saw Aerosmith at Download (Monsters of Rock) in the 80`s & they subbed Whitesnake FFS. JP guested for a cover of "train kept a rolling" too. Would love to see them but its not going to happen.
  3. My daughter had 7 groups of 6 who were all trying plus others helping out. Only 1 person got through & secured tickets for their group. Last year they had around a 30% success rate with the coaches. People trying all over the country (Newport in Wales was the winner) With more tickets available this year you have to conclude that more people are trying. Each year people go, have the time of their lives & tell friends who then register & so it goes on. Its a victim of its own success & whilst the sales are brutal, at least its fair. The best of luck to everyone on Sunday.
  4. Renewed this morning & as always brilliant value for money. Happy to help on Sunday as I will be volunteering. pm if interested. Priority to other Goldies if thats not too elitist.
  5. Good luck to you all. I will be trying for my daughters & their group but am very fortunate to be working so am sure of a ticket. I dont think I could take all the stress you lot must be suffering but hopefully karma will be good for all efesters.
  6. Shepherds Bush Tickets secured with hopefully a Glastonbury performance too.
  7. I would advise getting in touch with safe gigs for women https://sgfw.org.uk/ brilliant organisation, they do a lot of festivals & some tours. Had a good chat with them at Leftfield this year. I think they are at Downs in Bristol this weekend. Franks Turner & Carter are big supporters too. They deserve a much higher profile IMHO.
  8. Sat in Milan Airport, flight delayed. Just spent a week on lake como. Missed out on Loyle Carner tickets so the kids recreated the new album cover & tweeted him asking for freebies. Unlikely but 🤞
  9. Oasis would be s**t but if it means cancelling the next fallow year I am all aboard the reunion train...................................................
  10. Thats what I did, kids have been coming since they were 18 (22&26 now) we spend time with each other when tastes align & otherwise do our own thing. They are as obsessed as me & more of their friends go each year. One of them said to my eldest this year "How old are your dad & his mate?" "57" "Will you promise we will both still be coming when we are 57?" "Of course" Made me smile, my time will be up only when I cant cope physically any more.
  11. A couple from 1982, we camped directly behind the old pyramid when it was in the corner & one from this year. Glastonbury has genuinely soundtracked my life. I hope to still be going in another 27 years but if i`m not I am sure the girls will carry the torch instead. Credit to my mate Andy who took all of these.
  12. Don`t like Bowie or Queen & I have tried...............................................................................
  13. Its not for the want of trying 😀
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