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  1. Ashl

    The National

    Who enjoyed that then? I'm looking forward to hearing the studio version of that, hopefully it will slot somewhere into the top 3/4 quite a lot of potential growers in there.
  2. Ashl

    Avalon lineup 2019

    James Morrison has Saturday down on his site, assume he will be fairly near the top?
  3. Do we think there is a pier hidden is some industrial estate somewhere in the country about to be dismantled?
  4. Ashl

    Self-Confirmed 2019

    This one is missing I think Circe's Diner
  5. That free Skol beer at Reading was the worst thing I have ever drunk... probably not much worse than juice of longdrop!
  6. A BBC Introducing one I made with all the bands there (that are on Spotify) to have a listen
  7. Not that I've done it myself but I've definitely seen a fairly large group all running together round the site!
  8. Ashl

    Self-Confirmed 2019

    Looking at Bands In Town, Oshun have just confirmed themselves (down for 27th)
  9. 6 bought 0 back in Good in the resale everyone hoping all of you here make it!
  10. No Pyramid Friday then! Did the same news confirm Tame Impala for Friday other Headliner?
  11. I drink Old Speckled Hen.. quite like it warm with the nutty taste!
  12. 1. Vampire Weekend 2. Tame Impala 3. The Killers 4. Johnny Marr 5. Interpol 6. The Good, The Bad and The Queen 7. Kurt Vile 8. Sam Fender 9. Snow Patrol 10. Kylie
  13. Ashl

    Must see's and Maybe's

    I'm excited for The Killers (Seen before) Tame Impala Vampie Weekend Snow Patrol The Good The Bad and The Queen Johnny Marr Kurt Vile Interpol (Seen before) Are Snow Patrol actually any good live? I expect half of those will Clash!
  14. I hope we can work out who Other Stage Friday is from what comes out (No Offence Stormzy).. saying that I would rather be at the Park anyway!
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