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  1. Hi all, Couple of questions about exits and Entrances, a weekend ticket holder staying off site and needing to head towards the town centre after. Does anyone know first of all the best walking route to get into the arena from the station direction? Secondly, on exit will I be able to use the day ticket exit near the main stage as that looks most convenient to get back to the middle of Reading? Is that open from a particular time or is it actually open the whole time for day ticketers to leave? Thanks!
  2. Ashl

    Secret sets 2018

    Two names who play Reading a lot who are starting or finishing their tour so could potentially do a secret set are Gaslight Anthem and Frank Turner... anything to rule them out?
  3. Ashl

    The National

    Trouble Will Find Me > Boxer > Alligator > High Violet > (The Virginia EP) > Sad Songs For Dirty Lovers > (Cherry Tree EP)> The National And my 5: Mistaken For Strangers, Apartment Story, Conversation 16, Pink Rabbits, Graceless
  4. Ashl


    What is the presale code for 10? The same?
  5. Ashl


    I didn't cry but I felt sad knowing that was that, some welling in the eyes, really good gig though, amazed they remained professional till they had finished playing before they themselves lost it!
  6. Ashl


    Have fun everyone! I don't think I've ever intentionally been to a band's last gig before so it will be emotional!
  7. Ashl

    Banning Picnic Chairs

    Saw this happen the previous year as well, I get it in the tents where there is not a dedicated area, I think the chairs are somewhat better than the picnic blankets all over the pyramid though which take up square metres at a time!
  8. Ashl

    Rate The Performances You Saw Out of 10

    Wednesday Atlas Wynd 6/10 Bert Miller and the Animal Folk 7/10 The Frukes 7/10 Thrill Collins 8/10 Formidable Vegetable Sound system 9/10 Ace Trio 7/10 Black Kat Boppers 9/10 Thursday Andrew Maxwell Morris 7/10 The Smyths 9/10 Thrill Collins 10/10 - Amazing spontaneous performance outside SHITV while the stage was still being built around them, not seen anything like it! Withnail & I 10/10 - Loved the car! Friday Hacienda Classical 7/10 (from distance) Paul Carrack 8/10 (from distance) Blossoms 8/10 First Aid Kit 7/10 Glass Animals 7/10 Halsey (part) 8/10 Darlingside 10/10 - Check them out if like Simon and Garfunkel The XX (part) 8/10 Radiohead 10/10 Saturday The Bootleg Beatles 5/10 Gabrielle Aplin (Part) 8/10 Whitney 9/10 British Sea Power 7/10 The Amazons (Part) 6/10 Wild Beasts (Part) 6/10 Kaiser Chiefs 8/10 Liam Gallagher (part) 7/10 King Gizzard 7/10 The National 7/10 - Good but back to the levels when I first saw them Foo Fighters 9/10 - Would have been 10 if they had spent less time doing extended outros. Sunday Real Estate (Part) 7/10 Dropkick Murphys 5/10 Rag N' Bone Man 9/10 - Above expectations Frank Carter and the Rattlesnakes 9/10 The Killers 10/10 - Brilliant Biffy Clyro (part) 7/10 Goldfrapp (part) 9/10 RY X 0/10 No Show! Headshy (part) 6/10 Ed Sheeran (Part) 5/10
  9. Ashl

    Frank carter and the rattlesnakes.....

    I am of the same opinion of you, I was thinking of going anyway, but it turned out to be a highlight followed by another highlight! He really had the crowd going!
  10. Ashl

    Largest Crowd of the Weekend?

    On the Other I would say Liam was more densely packed than Rag and Bone having tried to escape both towards the end to get elsewhere.
  11. Ashl

    Confirmed secret sets 2017

    Talking of Cancelled Gigs does anyone know what happened to RY X at the Gas Tower at the same time as the cancelled Frank Carter set?
  12. Ashl

    Top 5 Acts

    1. The Killers2. Radiohead3. Darlingside 4. Thrill Collins (Outside SHITV rather than inside as it was not finished in time!)5. Frank Carter
  13. Ashl

    The National

    It sounded good but of the 4 times I've seen them it was the least gripping set, too many new songs in a row, the atmosphere died where I was sadly, a positive though is I think the gigs later this year will be ace!
  14. Ashl

    Friday Highlights

    Darlingside and Radiohead from down the front were my favourites.
  15. Ashl

    Confirmed secret sets 2017

    The other TBAs for Thursday have been filled in on the Glastonbury site, look to be small bands.