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  1. I like your optimism! I'm struggling to believe there won't be another wave and lockdown but hopeful there will be something to stop Covid causing significant further death even if there is not a full vaccine.
  2. Ashl

    The Strokes?

    What does everyone think of Bad Decisions? Sounds like them, good not their best though is my take.
  3. Ashl

    Billie Eilish

    I think its top notch sounds bondy without being over the top, good job!
  4. Isn't that because its a farm though re foot and mouth and lots of the countryside was cutoff? If Corona Virus gets to the point where everyone is getting it then we will have worse problems like going about daily life without disruption.
  5. Ashl

    Who Are You Booking?

    I didn't see them at Glasto last time out as I thought the experience of a busy crowd could not beat seeing them at The Louisiana in Bristol. By pure chance I stumbled across them as was there waiting for the next band having got there a bit early.. was great! Having not seen R.E.M. I would go for a sneaky early afternoon Michael Stipe Pyramid set!
  6. Maybe I should give it more of a listen outside of the album context.. its in my top 20 most played on last.fm but its not a go to listen as an individual track.
  7. Top 10 is pretty well thought through, all have good reasons however 11 Sail to the Moon... hmm. I think Street Spirit would be a bit higher than 12 in my list something like 1. Reckoner 2. How To Disappear Completely 3. Street Spirit 4. Weird Fishes 5. Karma Police 6. Idioteque 7. Paranoid Android 8. Exit Music For a Film 9. Nude 10. The National Anthem 11. Identikit
  8. Ashl

    The National

    People who have purchased how much are they?
  9. Arctic Monkeys Red Hot Chili Peppers Lady Gaga
  10. Late entry ended up putting lots of favourites in but that list was nearly 50! 1.The Suburbs - Arcade Fire 2. Shallow Bed - Dry The River 3. Trouble Will Find Me - The National 4. Lost in the Dream - War on Drugs 5. Helplessness Blues - Fleet Foxes 6. High Violet - The National 7. A Moon Shaped Pool - Radiohead 8. The Next Day - David Bowie 9. You Want It Darker - Leonard Cohen 10. American Slang - Gaslight Anthem
  11. Ashl

    Alternative Xmas

    I really enjoy sticking Smith and Burrows Christmas album on.
  12. Ashl

    Other Stage 2020

    Loved those 4, Jimmy Eat World after Madness were not as good as the rest sadly!
  13. Ashl

    Kendrick Lamar

    Are there any other realistic options other than Timberlake given Male Solo?
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