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  1. I walked to Strummerville after Jack White.. pretty sure it was faster than queueing!
  2. 118k steps, 94.39km in total over the 5 days.. must have big steps!
  3. I'm going to sound like a right old git.. but having not been in a tent for ages I'm fed up with people who insist on smoking in them despite the signs.. I get it you are at a festival but it makes my hayfever worse and people seem to have forgotten if you let it go sideways it goes straight into the next person's face!
  4. You lot have got me doing one now to see... sore throat today but I think that was from singing too much at Macca and Jack White and is normal for me post festival.. will update shortly! Edit: Negative
  5. Bizarrely Wet Leg was fine down the front not a crush in sight probably the best crowd I've been in!
  6. Ashl

    Secret sets 2022

    Based on the above idles?
  7. What happens if you lose the passout (or worse the ticket).. always wondered in fear!
  8. Ashl

    See Coaches

    We had quite the adventure yesterday.. rather stressful for the poor driver... A hire van was in petrol station parked up... sort of.. driver out in petrol station We approached this vehicle that we thought was reversing in the road... Turns out vehicle was not reversing.. but was freewheeling out the petrol station into the road towards where we were about to be! And then we got lost no thanks to the people on yellow gate not wanting to let us in! Had to do a difficult U turn then a very wide turn into the festival! Made it safely though!
  9. Ashl

    See Coaches

    My Reading coach was on time arriving, still trundling along through Bristol though!
  10. Ashl

    Secret sets 2022

    As I posted above Secret Stage?.. where has Shitv got to?
  11. Ashl

    Secret sets 2022

    I think we are missing a stage at least in Shangri-la surely they've not gone from 7 stages to 4? I know we have lost the earache linked one right? As that does not fit with other times on any stage down there (currently)
  12. According to the App and link on page that is "Tiggs Da Author" .. unless that link is now wrong?
  13. Ashl

    Paul McCartney

    Make that Mary not Stella!
  14. Ashl

    Paul McCartney

    Has anyone got access to a copy of the Daily Express saw on the BBC their front page has a headline "Why Macca's going back to his greatest hits", can anyone find that (I can't!) /have a copy nearby to see if its about Glastonbury? I've got it search just does not work https://www.express.co.uk/celebrity-news/1628023/paul-mccartney-beatles-performance-greatest-hits quote from Stella basically, sounds promising but I wanted Junior's Farm! (I'll manage if we get Yesterday, Eleanor Rigby and The Long and Winding Road though!)
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