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  1. Looks good why does he have such a small crowd at Coachella? Much bigger at the Park 2016!!
  2. Wednesday Old Baby Mackerel 7/10 Kitwhistle 4/10 - Poor band had a load of people in early 20s doing handstands and going whey! Somewhat ruined it for them, The Bandstand man had to step in to move them along! Andrew Maxwell Morris 8/10 Johnny Lloyd 9/10 New York Brass Band (half) 7/10 Thursday The Drystones 6/10 The Beaubowbelles 8/10 Js and the Lockbillies 8/10 Roma Palace 7/10 Keston Cobblers Club (half) 7/10 Frank Turner (half listening only) (Strummerville) 7/10 Elvana (half) 7/10 No Party For Cao Dong (half) 7/10 !Friday The Vaccines 8/10 Bjorn Again 7/10 Tom Odell (half) 7/10 The Wombats 7/10 Bastille (listened from tent) 8/10 Aurora 9/10 Two Door Cinema Club (half) 8/10 Michael Kiwanuka (half) 5/10 - Near back Park sound not very good Interpol 9/10 !Saturday Vampire Weekend (Secret Set) 10/10 Frank Turner (Greenpeace) 9/10 Fantastic Negrito (half) 2/10 - At the back of Other may have been quiet sound again! Gerry Cinnamon 8/10 Sigrid 7/10 The Wood Burning Savages 9/10 Johnny Marr 9/10 James Morrison (half) 6/10 Jungle (half) 6/10 The Killers 10/10 !Sunday Circa Waves 8/10 Bar Steward Sons of Val Doonican 8/10 Jeff Goldblum (half) 7/10 Years and Years (end only) 6/10 Kylie (6 songs) 4/10 - Was near the back and seemed to be in a spot where the crowd insisted on barging past at speed.. gave up which was a good choice.. Red Rum Club 10/10 The Good The Bad and The Queen 7/10 Vampire Weekend 10/10 The Cure 7/10 Been overly generous with the 10s but I'm rating on how much fun I had none of them were better than The Killers at John Peel in 2017 but all rank well overall.
  3. Ashl

    Flops 2019

    I enjoyed it but I've seen Interpol quite a few times before so wasn't worried about the setlist, they are never chatty so I was expecting that. The crowd around me 10 rows back generally seemed to be enjoying it and singing along. Gerry Cinnamon should have been on Other was empty there around the same time yet totally rammed near John Peel, what I could hear sounded fun.
  4. 1. Vampire Weekend 2. The Killers 3. Red Rum Club
  5. Ashl

    The Killers

  6. Other the the set near the Other Stage (to left when facing) does anyone know of any compost loos near Park, Pyramid and John Peel?
  7. Impressed by the cheers at the goals from near Tipi field, very loud!
  8. Is the man in the hat the act?
  9. Any confirmation would be great any updates?
  10. Ashl


    Are any of the bonfires lit?
  11. Ashl

    Train Home Monday

    The one time I did this I was fairly successful except I missed one train due to the staff forgetting to let anyone on from the festival! (They let all the commuters on obviously!). Make sure you have your ticket already/can buy on the app instantly as the queues for tickets were long! Going towards London seemed to be worse.
  12. Is Avalon Cafe open on Wednesdays? I think I've somehow never realised that! Are there other stages on Wednesday that have no listed lineup where bands are on?
  13. Where is said flip-flop?
  14. Ashl

    Who Are Your Headliners?

    It is exciting how many different combinations we all have, after some thought I have settled on: Friday: Interpol Saturday: The Killers Sunday: The Cure First John Peel Headliner at Glasto (Previously 5 Pyramid, 1 Park, 1 Glade, 1 Avalon and 1 faffing around when RY X never appeared at the Gas Tower!)
  15. Ahh yes I love that place, hopefully that will appear soon!
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