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  1. 40 years since me & my mate first went, we are both 60 now & despite all the aches & pains we both plan to continue for the foreseeable future. We still talk about the years we have missed (kids etc) You always regret the ones you miss. Keep going as long as you can. Its truly special to be able to go, it should never be taken for granted.
  2. THURS System 7, Kae Tempest, Pigs x7 FRI Ziggy Marley, Kae Tempest, Greetea Peng, 1st Aid Kit, Wolf Alice, Phoebe Bridgers, St Vincent, Primal Scream SAT Improv All Stars, Sampa The Great, Haim, Leon Bridges, Caribou, Macca SUN Herbie Hancock, Di-Ro, Koffee, Lorde, Kendrick Lamar
  3. I have never asked for a vet shift as prefer the earlys but they are always over subscribed so thats a result. I think most stay on the crews once they have done it the first time so more people ask each time. Just so so happy to be going back after the break
  4. Just had my email, fri-mon morning pick West Holts, always had Silver Hayes before but happy with this.
  5. I thought I heard Warpaint self confirm on 6 earlier on with Tom Ravenscroft, but may have misheard
  6. The shifts will be starting to roll out tomorrow for RC 😀
  7. I have but am a vet so maybe earlier than others, was told to expect shifts in April.
  8. Keep the faith, my recycling mate hasnt heard back either but confident he will, youre a veteran arent you? We are all pretty much guaranteed a place. I didnt do the H&S properly a few years ago & they chased me to tell me.
  9. Yes, Recycling Crew direct with the Festival
  10. Fingers crossed too but we always ask for the same shift at the same place & have always got it.
  11. Confirmation from Fiona today, we will get our shifts end of April, happy days 😀
  12. Yes same time every year, veterans first & recommendations after if any spaces are free. Over the years I think there have been less reccos as more people return. My favourite email of the year
  13. 1. Little Simz- SIMBI 2. Wolf Alice- Blue Weekend 3. Self Esteem- Prioritise Pleasure 4. Bicep- Isles 5. Greentea Peng- Man Made 6. Dave- we’re alone in this together 7. The Anchoress- The Art of Losing 8. St Vincent- Daddy’s Home 9. Sons of Kemet- Black to the Future 10. Curtis Harding- If Words were Flowers Honourable mentions London Grammar Sault War on Drugs Big Red Machine Emma Jean Thackray Robert Plant & Alison Krauss
  14. Just got 2 standing tickets for Bonobo in Brighton. Only £31.50 each including fees. Absolute bargain, he usually has a good support too.
  15. They pulled out from Wickham last week because of travel issues (think MS is US based) but are confirmed for next year so are likely around for the whole summer including Glastonbury.
  16. In the middle level with the mixing desk, I am 6`4" so had a good view from there, I am very mindful of ruining peoples evening when all they can see is the back of my head!
  17. Sault for me, although a a lot of other good stuff on the list too. A big reveal of the band at the awards night along with a West Holts headline announcement would be perfect
  18. Frank was life affirming last night, the whole evening was a wonderful reminder of what we have been missing. It was bloody hot in there though
  19. Giraffe Man

    Big Red Machine

    Bon Iver put back to October 2022 & no support from Big Red Machine. 😡
  20. In no particular order Bicep Wolf Alice London Grammer
  21. I`m in 😀 📅 Given a vaccination rate of 1,000,000 a week and an uptake of 70.6%, you should expect to receive your vaccine between 11/05/2021 and 02/06/2021.
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