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  1. JMB01

    Arcade Fire

    Obviously the poster was on the wind up but maybe it’s not out of the realms of possibility? I’d be all over it if so , their best album IMO.
  2. Got lucky 2 years running after being unsuccessful for 9 years ! our lead booker has had his confirmation email but the rest of us haven’t ! Is that the norm this year ? Wanna see it in black and white !
  3. JMB01

    2024 Headliners

    I haven’t checked this thread too much recently. Are Depeche Mode in the conversation or anything ruling them out ?
  4. JMB01

    2024 Headliners

    Haven’t checked this thread for a while but are Depeche Mode still in the conversation? that’s my one wish for realistic options .
  5. Totally agree , I also done these 3 in a row and topped it off with QOTSA and it is one of the best runs of bands in a row I have ever done at a festival . all 4 were glorious.
  6. You know the one that makes you feel so good you just want it to go on forever . Red Eyes from War on Drugs for me , really lifted me when I was flagging a bit. Smallish crowd but everyone seemed to have big smiles and a warm glow when they played that , and for the whole set really . Honourable mention for Golden Hair from Slowdive as well , goosebumps moment . what were yours ?
  7. Tough to narrow it down to 3 but I’ll go for - War on Drugs Slowdive Editors All watched in succession as well , a great Sunday topped off with QOTSA as well
  8. I’m the same , huge missed opportunity if it doesn’t happen !
  9. Peter Hook & the light next . Don’t know why he’s never been booked for Glasto . Would be awesome and go down a storm I reckon !
  10. JMB01

    Sunday Sub

    Definitely War on Drugs followed by QOTSA , I’m one of those strange folks who has zero interest in seeing Elton !
  11. Woodsies for me , can see me spending a decent amount of time in there.
  12. JMB01

    Primavera live

    Thanks for the heads up , currently enjoying the Mode . They need to be headlining next year !
  13. This is also my current thinking , subject to change of course .
  14. Was hoping for a reply like this , thanks for putting my mind at rest!
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