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  1. Very random. If you're going to take time off work, preferred the look of the LCD Friday '18 and Chems Friday '19, got to say.
  2. fingers_mark

    Other Stage 2020

    Panic at the Disco, Jake Bugg, Boy Better Know.
  3. Lovely. I was there earlier this month for a couple of hours. Set off on a similar route in to the site as you. Didn't see one person walking around, until i found a family playing on the Kidz Field castle. Was great to seen it in this form. Here's The Piano Bar...
  4. On a Pyramid stage topic, liked the metal pathway down the field being introduced, for accessibility. Imagine it didn't stay clear for headline sets though.
  5. fingers_mark

    Flops 2019

    The Streets headlined Sunday John Peel in 2011. The tent wasn't full then (but they were up against Beyonce). Clearly a lot of the younger festival generation, with the rise of grime etc, have got in to them for their comeback in the last year.
  6. Where I was working (best not to say where) a group of 10 or so got over the fence on Friday morning. Security showed me the rope they'd used.
  7. fingers_mark


    Sounds like a B2B set.
  8. Sean Keaveney sheltering from the heat in The Park, and Tom Watson in William's Green.
  9. fingers_mark

    Out of office

    On! 12 days off. Most in a field.
  10. Radiohead involvement here... Park Saturday
  11. Is correct. 2011 was tough. Rained most of Friday, Wu Tang.... U2. Then the mud was like glue on Saturday... Chems on Other. Was hot again Sunday so could sit down on the baking mud...(Paul Simon).
  12. No social media posts concerning The Strokes since last night, from APE. Sound issues at the front did spoil it, but was better at the back. Shame as was a great day up until then.
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