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  1. It's a big reset time and unfortunately we are still bumping along the bottom. It's a case of hanging on there cos at some point new shoots will grow. Chin up peeps.
  2. Mrs L & I have not been to the pub and feel uneasy with crowds. As Mrs L says, when you've experienced first hand what Covid 19 does you feel uneasy without all your PPE. And it's that lack of experience of others, the vast majority who have not been directly affected by Covid 19, that has the potential to undermine the effort undertaken so far (lockdown was a consequence of Covid 19).
  3. Whilst WHO data identifies the growth in infections as being in the younger age group right now it is the potential of this group of people to spread it to other socio groups that is of concern. If this happens on any significant scale then we could literally go back to square one! Viral infections thrive on the back of social mobility and the lack of distancing so a problem amongst the young soon becomes a problem of others.
  4. Notices like this populating the pages of the FB Glasto Chat group are music to my ears 😁
  5. Lycra

    Good news thread..

    Thank you. We had a great time. My mum even looked like mum again following her post lockdown haircut. And dad, well he was so laid back he was almost horizontal as usual lol 😀
  6. Lycra

    Good news thread..

    Just enjoy the time away from it all. We needed it and you two most probably do too. Enjoy 😀
  7. Lycra

    Good news thread..

    After 18 weeks on the frontline Mrs L & I are off to see my parents who we haven't seen in the flesh since February. Can't wait to see them 😀😁
  8. Has your advisor ever been to a music festival? If not they are in no position to advise you or set the topic of survey. Erroneous survey's lead to erroneous answers 😦
  9. Under UK consumer law I believe they are obliged to offer a full refund of money paid to date (ie the deposit) as Glasto 2020 was cancelled. Simply postponing Glasto 2020 until 2021 without offering the opportunity of a full refund would be considered a breech of the t&c's upon which the ticket is based. For comparison consider the uproar seen over the last few months in the travel & holiday industry where companies have cancelled bookings yet tried to hang on to money paid in the guise of "your holiday has now been put back to 2021"
  10. I believe the intention is to hold 2 resales. The April one would be a standard resale of tickets where the balance payment is not made and ticket forfeited. The October sale/resale is an additional sale of tickets surrendered because their original holder has requested a refund of the deposit.
  11. Couldn't agree more. The situation is extremely fluid and lots could or couldn't happen, including a second wave! It's not worth worrying about specifics until anything firm is known. Right now there is an intent to hold a sale in October of cancelled tickets. This may or may not occur as it is reliant on the number of tickets surrendered. Instinct however says it will go ahead, though the specifics will be unclear until an annoucement is made (late September?). For what it's worth, I believe (maybe with a dash of hope) that with the global pandemic still on an upward curve, the number of tickets available in resales will be significant.
  12. To answer your question, the only festival I've known to screen football matches has been Glastonbury and from memory these have been limited to matches involving England in the knockout stage. However I don't believe Glasto have screened any matches since 2010. A quick check reveals several statements on the official website saying football will not be shown due to clashes with headliners.
  13. True it's only £50 but its allied with the extra £500+ which will be required to do Glasto 2021. And an even greater financial requirement for those travelling from abroad. For some I think the writing will be on the wall enough for them to changes plans.
  14. I'm starting to think the longer this shit goes on the more tickets will be cancelled by September. Or am I hoping too much 🤔
  15. Unfortunately it's true. As is your comment about the average Brit. There are too many people around who think corona won't affect them but those who've been in the thick of it know better. At the height of the lockdown Mrs Lycra got home at 9pm: she was up at 5:30 and back on duty 7pm the following day. That particular day when she arrived home at 9 she had nursed and watched a 20 something and a 50yo, both with no previous health conditions, die of Covid 19. Her unit also lost 3 others that day. The same evening the neighbours over the back in the big house chose to hold yet another bbq party. Babies, children, teenagers & older adults, they were all there. About 20 of them. At 10:30, the music & general noise was still on-going, my own Superwoman snapped and a new Marvel hero was born; all 5'6" and 9 stone of her. Enraged she went round and hammered the door down. Fearing the police 90% of the party legged it over the fence in the back garden into fields. The party ended abruptly. Why am I telling you this? Those who have seen the death. Those who have witnessed the horrible gasping fight to live. Those who have cried at the deaths of others. They all have their breaking point and need your help to stop them having to live through the last 4 months again. They want to live too. No apologies!
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