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  1. Echo the above reply. The festival is a complex organisation of sub-contracted operations/functions. As a marketing exercise (email/website suggests you are a web based outsourcing solutions provider) it is the sub-contractors who would probably your target audience. Many of these however are "solution providers" who have longstanding experience and well-developed plans for the fest.
  2. You can get a max of 2 tickets in the coach resale and 4 tickets in the general. Prescribed wisdom is anything more than 1 devise per network confuses the system and may cause disappointment
  3. Lycra

    Resale Club 2019

    Mrs Lyrca obviously not feeling the Glasto spirit...reacted to news other 4 pulled out by saying "Thank god, didn't want em hanging about with us anyway!" 🤔
  4. So true...the beeb mainly cover the Pyramid and Other Stage interlaced with a few offerings from West Holts, Park & John Peel. Completely misses the vibe for me. It's like getting socks yet again for your birthday 😣
  5. Just because the headliners don't include absolute mega-star doesn't make it a bad line up. Sometimes it's good to be pushed to seek alternatives. I've found some absolute gems over the years who've given me memories that have lasted a hell of a lot longer than headliners........or is that the alcohol etc 😉
  6. Precisely....think they were all fair weather fest goers to start with.....On the bright side it makes it less complicated for the 2 of us remaining 😀
  7. I agree. Can't see 10s of 1,000s being thrown back on the basis of the line up but it could add quite a few to those who've elected to give them up for other reasons. But from chat around my extended group of mates it's certainly quelled interest in the resale......Less is more (chance) 😊
  8. Lycra

    Resale Club 2019

    Normally 2 in the coach ticket resale and 4 in the general sale.
  9. Lycra

    Resale Club 2019

    No apologies needed....the dropouts are only acquaintances lol 😊
  10. Well 4 of our 6 have just pulled out!
  11. Lycra

    Resale Club 2019

    Well this announcement seems to have gone down like a lead balloon with our group........Originally there were 6 of us wanting tickets......now 4 have pulled out!
  12. Maybe easier (hoping!) Demand for tickets has grown over the years driven by the perceived success of the previous years fest. I doubt this years headliners match the magnitude and mass popularity of the last few.
  13. Based on this I would wobble if I didn't know the secret of the fest!
  14. Lycra

    Resale Club 2019

    What strikes me is 4 of the top 9 played at the last Glasto in 2017 and Tame Impala have been a regular stalwart too over the last decade. Unsure if there enough for newbies: youngsters won't have a clue who The Cure are whilst Janet Jackson is hardly headline these days. If I didn't know the secret of Glasto then I wouldn't be bothering in the resale. Unless further announcements excite, this line up would definitely softening any blow if we didn't get tickets.
  15. Wowzer 😲 these guys know how to charge. Guess it's market forces and going rate
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