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  1. The Isle of Man announced today the cancelation of the TT which was scheduled for 29 May - 12 June 2021. Hope it's not a harbinger 🤔
  2. I'm more positive than I've been since this whole covid pandemic began that Glasto has a good chance of going ahead. It now all depends on how vaccines can suppress the case numbers. After reading the negative from Bearded Theory organisers on testing before entry, I'm wondering if the way forward lies with only certifified vaccinated persons being allow to attend. This would be similar to the way in which certain countries only allow accept yellow fever vaccinated travellers to enter their country 🤔
  3. There's no time for emotions when working. Just red wine after.
  4. Get home 8:30pm tired. Get up 05:30am still tired. Get to the hospital 06:45am, tired. Another 13hr day looms........Life on the frontine!
  5. Political. A British stiff upper lip.
  6. Witnessing a distinct change in tone within the NHS. During the first wave the NHS was very open on the effects of Covid on its day to day operations and staff. This time round it's adopted a more controlled information management approach presenting professional positivity. Above the water all is calm. Below, all are paddling like hell, tired and stressed.
  7. Deliberately being vague.....Sad to announce the death of a young nurse and mother of Covid-19 😢 Their dedication to work needs to be remembered.
  8. We've not been told anything. Robert Jenrick was on the Beeb this morning saying government hopes vaccine will be available by end of year.
  9. Karen Brady just been on the Beeb and suggested football hoping get fans back in with social distancing, one-way systèms, no bars, no food etc from March if situation allows. Doesn't provide much appeal.
  10. Experts appear to increasing disagree with government on the reliability & effectiveness of rapid testing. Some suggest it only picks up 57% of cases. Their wider use in Liverpool etc will provide a proper assessment of their value.
  11. Correct. Moderna projecting 5 month timeframe to build EU based manufacturing capacity.
  12. Not necessarily. Outbreaks of diseases don't start big, there's a slow drip, drip, drip effect until it gets going. Also don't forget even in China the disease was described as pneumonia until it was noticed as distinct. In the UK when the disease hit it escalated exceedingly rapidly in most of the country forcing a lockdown. This suggests the disease was circulating undetected for quite a period as it established a foothold.
  13. Maybe they were but it was not noticed; symptoms ascribed to others diseases. Take HIV/AIDS for example, it came to prominence in the early 1980s but has since been shown to be around in the human population 50 - 60yrs previous.
  14. Sir John Bell said could not would. He's not stupid, he trying give a perspective and an opinion; just like the Head of BioNTech. Ultimately it's a guess, be it educated or not. Experts do differ in opinion..........And ultimately the decision to relax any restrictions will be driven by the infections numbers & their impact on the NHS....and life in general.
  15. Worryingly he said things won't get back to normal until next winter as vaccines unlikely to make significant inroads into the pandemic before summer. In a similar vein a German Health Minister warned nation to expect 5 more months of severe restrictions 😯
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