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  1. Yes....you are a grumpy young bugger. Man up and get it done. Sleep is merely an aspiration. You're better off giving your ticket up now otherwise you'll embarrass yourself at Glasto by slinking off to the tent before sun up 🤣
  2. I know you don't want anything to go wrong and especially things go right, but sometimes we can all just over think it. Often better to set things I motion and go with it....and not worry if I'm doing it the best way. If you hired a minibus you can take more gear but your arrival timings may change and you'd probably be in a walk to the gate and a bigger queue. Not ideal with a mahoosive tent.....And how would your mates feel about the change of plan?
  3. Stewards are not keen on people saving spaces and you get parked where you land. Going be difficult with the 2 day gap between arrivals as it would be apparent from your ticket that you are new arrivals, ie not just popped out and back.
  4. This is the recognised route in for all those travelling from the west and north west to the west car park. Avoids the Bristol & Bath jams.
  5. Gates open at the same time across the site but the coach arrivals queue at gate A is separate from the general arrivals by car. And as space in the coach park is limited coach arrivals are staggered to manage traffic, safety and the number of coach passengers queuing to get in. Arriving about 7 you should be in reasonably quickly once the gate opens....then you just got the drag over to Pennard where, considering your timescale, you should be ok 😀
  6. Sounds like you could be one of the first in 😀
  7. Cockmill on the east side near the Pyramid stage and Kidz field is normally full soon after lunch on Wednesday but you should find ample space on Wicket which is best approach from the west car park and gate A.
  8. The last and only time I've used a campervan the gate steward checked both my festival ticket and campervan pass on arrival. It's a moot point whether the name was crosschecked, though I tend to believe it was.
  9. What time are you arriving? The problem with big tents (+ awning) is they need a big footprint and are much less adaptable to the space left by tents pitched before your arrival. Walking across the site looking for a space big enough to accommodate your tent should be avoided at all cost.
  10. It's difficult to tell from the pics how big the wheels are and their construction. In lower star reviews however some cited issues the pneumatic tyres. This was met with a response that the manufacturer was changing the design to solid tyres. If so then this is a negative in my experience as solid tyres cope less well with the Glasto terrain, especially the rough road/walkways and any mud. The stone in particular shakes less able trucks to destruction with regular abandon. Broken wheels, axles and metalwork is a regular feature of the walk from car park and gate to the chosen campsite. Though arriving by coach you will avoid the car park walk bit. Another negative in my opinion is the long low lever point from wheels to the handles. With 2 wheeled sack trucks they can be balanced in an upright position so the majority of the weight goes downwards onto the axles and much less on the arms. I saw an angler using a similar carp cart recently and it ran with a much flatter trajectory, like a stretcher. Hence considerably more weight is placed on the arms, which is the last thing you need when negotiating rough tracks, especially up or down hill. At the end of the day however it comes down to limitations on what's achieveable.
  11. Gates open 8am so if arriving at 7 you should get in by 10/11. In which case you will be ok for family camping on Cockmill. This site is very popular with families and space becomes a premium by lunchtime. As for travelling, approaching via Frome or even down through Shepton Mallot are the accepted routes from the north to the east car parks. You won't be diverted elsewhere if approaching from this directions.
  12. Lycra


    Ditto above, your normal phone will be ok. No need to get an eSim
  13. Lycra


    Why don't you just use your iPhone......or am I missing something? confused.com
  14. Don't rely on individual ancedotal experiences and act in accordance with the rules is my advice. It's down to the individual drivers on the day how they apply rules. Some drivers are totally relaxed on how they hand them out, others carefully match the printed photo to the passenger. Are you prepared to take the risk with the associated worry?
  15. Unless your partner has taken out the insurance offered when purchasing the ticket and their reason for not attending is recognised within the terms of the insurance policy, the answer is no I'm afraid.
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