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  1. We've had no problem pre-erecting tents before occupying them later so I don't expect you would either. I'd aim for the Wicket family camping area as Cockmill gets pretty much full by early afternoon Wednesday.
  2. Know of 6 people who want to go, have a registration but no brain !!!!
  3. Ancient post. OP 2015, never even returned!
  4. Lycra

    Taking kids

    On the question of trolleys and carts....I've seem many tip over on the rough ground each year as they're used to convey camping gear onto and over the site.
  5. Lycra

    Taking kids

    Trolleys and carts are fine for flat and smooth pathways but much of Glasto is not like this. It is inclined/hilly with rough, stony rutted walkways that make hauling trolleys laborious. Even using the flat old railway line which runs like a highway across the site requires a sharp climb up to it. Add to this very heavy crowds in popular areas and you may find them an hindrance not a convenience. And that's without factoring in any of the notorious Glasto mud. Regarding food, we always take sausage & bacon and bread rolls for breakfast. These are supplimented with snacks we take for during the day. It is all done to personal preference however....and what the little ones will eat. We try to budget £9 each for an evening meal but this rule generally goes out of the window as hunger levels vary throughout the day and there are lots of tempting food available. Glasto is a food fest and the walking you will do will create hungry stomachs.
  6. Keep your eye on the weather forecasts before you travel. This will give you an idea what to pack. Always useful to pack a fleece or jumper as Glasto can get a bit nippy at night, especially if the weather's moist.
  7. Lycra

    Walking in

    Based on recent years zero chance of doing it Wednesday or early on in fest as security do multiple stage checks at gate. A few may get away with it on Sunday as security ramps down but it will be the few!
  8. Lycra


    You're asking about showers and thinking (different thread) of staying off-site in order to get a good night's sleep. Not good omens. Most either love it or hate it. Known both types and have had mates go home on the Saturday. If you've camped before in the rain you can do it. If you've never camped and want showers & flushing toilets......the jury is out!
  9. Lycra


    Showers are available if you're prepared to queue and pay. Depending where you camp be prepared for a long walk to find them.
  10. Bear in mind size restrictions if you want to use the campervan parking at GF. In recent years believe it's 8 metres. Vans any longer have to use the Bath & West Showground. Peeps have been known to be turned away at the GF gate and redirected if their van's too big.
  11. Lycra


    Getting campervan parking passes is relatively easy, though you could miss out in the initial sale. For GF2019 fresh sales of parking passes came up quite regularly after the April resale. There is also the option of staying on the Bath & West Showground.
  12. Lycra

    Campervan Question

    They don't ask your age when buying a general ticket.....It's a goer.
  13. Lycra

    Camp sites

    Echo sentiments. See from their website they're introducing a shuttle bus for peak periods in 2020 but do you want to be tied to their schedule? You will have better toilet facilities morning & evening when at Pilton Camping but still be using those at the fest during the day. Personally I wouldn't trade the freedom of being at GF for being tied to a shuttle bus timetable, or a 1hr walk (via unlit roads at night)...or flushing loos. In staying so far off-site you'll be missing so much of the vibe too.
  14. Suggest you contact access team asap to see what assistance they can provide as spaces for those with special needs & using campervans/caravans is limited and best reserved early.
  15. Lycra


    Without seeing the trolley you are considering it's difficult to pass comment. Personally I would always go for a trolley with large pneumatic tyres rather than smaller solid wheels but your choice will be restricted by size limitations in travelling by train & shuttle bus.
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