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  1. Your OP sounds a bit like my grandmother, all worrying about what's not really an issue. Glasto is by far one of the safest fests. If you want to worry suggest you try angsting on the likelihood of getting a ticket for next year.
  2. Lycra


    Suggest you raise another question using "York pick up location" as this my elicit better response than one using your name as title. Good luck
  3. You may find more luck getting an answer by using a thread title appropriate to your question......was all set you give you help with your dahlias 😂
  4. As Grandparents are arriving by coach Thursday the logical family camping area to use is Wicket as it is relatively close to Gate A, the entry point for coach passengers, and will still have space available. Cockmill is a long trek from Gate A and will almost certainly be full by Thursday.
  5. Lycra

    The Weather Thread 2019

    Latest forecast from BBC 6pm news...weather improving for rest of week. Warm, sunny weekend up to 25C. Weather breaking down late Sunday as cold front and rain pushes in from west. Helen Willets put a big raincloud right over the site!
  6. Lycra

    The Weather Thread 2019

    Above taken from State of the Ground Thread. Glastocam showing murky today and looks like it's raining. What's needed now are a few warm drying days. Don't want consecutive rainy days with a heavy shower during fest. That's what makes Glasto v muddy! Fingers crossed
  7. Lycra

    The Weather Thread 2019

    After the mega flood of 2005 substantial drainage improvement work took place to try and prevent a repeat.....these have probably worked as there's been no flood since. That said, tents being inundated with liquid mud is still a common occurrence at a very wet fest.
  8. Lycra

    The Weather Thread 2019

    Still too early for forecasts with certainty. That said a hot dry fest seems unlikely......there's no such thing as a bad fest, it's all to down to mentality and preparation!
  9. Unless you have mates putting up your tent for you on Wednesday, it's best to use west parking Thursday onwards as it's the west side of the site which will have camping space available by then.
  10. It's easy really. Quick look on map before setting off. Note a few key intermediate targets and follow road signs. For me going to Glasto this translates as: Get on M6 southbound, then M5, get off Bridgewater following signs A39 Glastonbury, then A361 Pilton...simple. No need to have some annoying voice saying "Please take" all the time lol ps Confess however satnav is useful in built up areas finding specific streets/addresses
  11. Anyone remember those days before satnav was invented. We all had to stay at home 🤣
  12. Lycra

    The Weather Thread 2019

    Doesn't look any prospect for a hot dry fest by all accounts so everyone should keep fingers crossed and hope for the best. Changeable seems to be the word used by most forecasters.
  13. Lycra

    The Weather Thread 2019

    Ha ha....the all important. Pity the beeb won't give us a forecast exclusive to Pilton....or humming optimism for warm and dry!
  14. I'd buck the trend and go for Tent 2 as these days I value space. The 2 man fresh and black is handy but small and for me doesn't trump having room to stash gear, sit/crouch comfortably and stretch out. Done my fair share of fests being the sole person in a metre high 2 man tent; enough to learn that a small tent becomes increasingly unsatisfactory with each passing day
  15. Lycra

    The Weather Thread 2019

    Makes it even more depressing when you realise the London centric Beeb are just talking about warm weather in the SE: bugger the yokels in the rest of the country! Been raining here in Staffordshire for 9 days now. Had to empty the garden dog bowl 3 times so far so that's a minimum 300mm of rain!
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