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  1. Correct. It's very much a waiting game
  2. What would happen if the infection rate remained very low allowing the London Marathon to go ahead and then the infection rate increased thereafter ?
  3. I won't be so certain as the risk as assessed today would be very low as numbers infected in the UK are extremely small and cancellations cannot be justified. However this could change at any point as we go forward. Each event would also carry it's own specific risk. As a single event festival attracting global travellers and with a population of 235,000 intermingling for 5 days in close contact with reduced hygiene would carry much greater risk than a football match with an attendance ca. 50,000
  4. The Sun is running a pretty dire headline prophecy this morning: https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/11057177/coronavirus-brits-chaos-events-schools-closed/ As the noble Time Lord would say, this is one possible time line, it doesn't have to happen. And scaremongering stories sell newspapers. Remember all those occasions we were threatened with ice age winters or frying summers.....
  5. Just when you think it can't get any worse.....
  6. Where's Norovirus? They'd go down a storm with the shit gang.
  7. Bit harsh singling out Catholics 😤
  8. Maybe it's all a Chinese gambling conspiracy to stop Liverpool winning the league 🤔
  9. Buxton apparently.....we shouldn't be too concerned as it self-isolates every year with the winter snows 😁
  10. Hope this thread will be consigned to history much before June!
  11. No hysteria here, just fact also reported elsewhere. Any concern is due the measures being enacted elsewhere to contain the outbreak and their potential effect to our lives. Stepson already on short time due to supply issues from China.
  12. I don't know, but there will be key go/no-go points and a rapidly increasing infection rate end-March will focus minds.
  13. GFL do not have to make any decisions right now as there is no advice to cancel, however behind the scenes I imagine contingency planing is taking place. One can foresee events over the next month as being crucial to what happens later this year. Just think....This thread probably started as a minor conversation piece and now look we're we are at.....page 37. And yes, if the outbreak gets much worse over the next 4 weeks, I can see the balance payment date pushed back or fest cancelled.
  14. The situation with Corona is unique and no precedent exists to predict what will happen going forward. What we can see is an upward trajectory of infection around the globe along with individual countries beginning to announce steps to reduce movement and restrict mass gatherings. For example, BBC report Saudia Arabia has banned foreign pilgrims from entering the country and Australia have enacted an emergency plan under which the Government can order the cancellation of mass gatherings, sports events, concerts, festivals etc. All this raises genuine concern what will happen in Europe and the UK, particularly as this outbreak is growing. We will all just have to wait and see.....and hope it is contained.
  15. I panic bought loads of beans, nibbles and chocolate at the weekend but the stepson's eat it all already 😣
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