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  1. Absolutely agree on Elvis Dead reccommendation, it's bloody brilliant and a great festival show. Just some people to add: Jack Gleadow - Fast rising comic who channels the spirit of old school variety entertainers but without all the bad bits. Silky- North West comedy legend, just utter hilarity. Dana Alexander - Bawdy, in your face Canadian comic. Great jokes with social commentary. Frank Sanazi - Leave your taste levels at the door and give it a go. George Egg - He will probably be making breakfast. I also had no idea Bob Slayer was bringing his Blundabus. Visit, fuck knows what will happen.
  2. serendipitous


    I've always find prices are comparable to buying in a major city. Not noticeably dear.
  3. It's a mix. Cabaret was booked in full a couple on months ago. Some of the smaller stages including sensation seekers are still booking.
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