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  1. I really loved this festival, as a punter it was well laid out, friendly and although I didn't know much of the lineup I saw a lot of fantastic sets and generally had a great time. Highlights included Muncie Girls, Petrol Girls and Flogging Molly. As a performer it was super friendly and all the volunteers and staff couldn't do enough to make sure you were looked after. Plus a pretty awesome crowd to perform to. Soundbleed from the main stage to the comedy tent is a bit of a pain but I'm not sure there is much they can do about that. I also heard from a couple of my friends that the emails encouraging people to use bars a bit more had really worked and they'd seen a big increase in bar takings. Overall I loved it and I will try to be back next year, whether booked or just to join you all.
  2. I think the views are generally not bad due to the lay of the land, but they desperately need to sort out the sound behind/next to the sound desk, it just dies completely. Gave up on Idles as it was absolutely impossible to hear.
  3. I'm performing at this festival and will be there for the weekend, I only recognise a few of the bands but those I'm looking forward to are Frank Iero & The Future Violets, Cancer Bats, Petrol Girls and You Me At Six. Any recommendations on the basis of these? Or just general fun tips or recommendations for the weekend as a whole, I'm excited to see a new festival. Also if you fancy a break from music do come check out the comedy stage, the lineup is phenomenal. I'm on at 19:50 on Saturday but tbh there are no crap acts all weekend so make sure you pop in, its their first time running the stage all weekend and it would be nice to see it busy.
  4. Nah, I just think there's a few people for whom the current price pretty much is the max we could afford to pay. Magic Eavis ticket or not.
  5. I'd probably be limited to the current price (or certainly within twenty or so pounds of it). It's already a stretch for me and probably a lot of others, I think the setup at the moment helps to make it accessible to as many people as possible whilst remaining financially viable. It helps that the setup inside makes it possible to have an amazing time with minimal spending (I had an amazing time spending fifty five pounds on site, thirty on alcohol beforehand, managed to get slaughtered and eat well for the full 5 days).
  6. Well, that just made me tear up. Also for some reason it really bothers me that the Glastonbury sign comes down between festivals. A group of us are thinking of taking a trip to Pilton in September and I was really hoping to have a sit by the sign.
  7. I just wanted to send a massive public thanks to @deebeedoobee, woke up today to find a copy of the programme on my doormat! Really lovely and it'll be taking pride of place with all the others. The kindness and brilliance of the people who attend this festival never ceases to amaze me.
  8. They could really do with adding some sort of toilet facilities in Darble to take some of the load off the pylon ones. There was also a sink that disappeared in the fallow year in darble which used to help ease the congestion.
  9. It was a bit of a mixed bag in terms of busyness I thought, certainly joining the queue around 8am at Gate A it was by far the longest I've ever waited (just under 5 hours), irritatingly I was told not to walk to Gate D but by the time we were halfway through the zigzag bit of the queue we could see people walking straight in through that gate. It'd also be so much easier if there was a better way of not clogging up the tighter bits of queue with massive trolleys. If you got caught behind a load of people trying to do a tight u-turn at the end with their trolleys it easily added 10 minutes to your queue time. It definitely might be an idea to encourage people to spread out more evenly between the two gates upon arrival. Conversely I found a lot of the site less crowded that I'd remembered. SE corner easy to walk around at pretty much all times, it seemed to flow a lot better coming straight into a massive outdoor field rather than clustered venues. I had no trouble getting into any of the micro-venues, I even walked straight into the temple at 1am on one of the nights which is usually unheard of. The only venue I had any trouble getting into was NYC Downlow, its an absolute haven for me but I never saw a queue that wasn't going to take over an hour. Even after or before usual peak times. I'm kind of gutted that it's grown as it has because whilst it's great and everyone should go there it's also lost a bit of it's queer feel. Like all great queer venues the straights found it and it became gentrified.
  10. serendipitous

    Flops 2019

    Janet Jackson was probably the shakiest act I saw. I'd made peace with the fact she wasn't going to sing live particularly ahead of time and decided to just enjoy it for what it was. Was also disappointed by the sound at IDLES on Park, couldn't really hear once behind the sound desk and there seemed to be a lot of people just holding space for other stuff. Ended up leaving as I was hearing more of a couple discussing whether they liked it or not than I did the actual show.
  11. Ah, brilliant! Hadn't realised they still sell them after the festival is over.
  12. I always make a point of keeping the programme from each year I go but annoyingly my bag disappeared whilst I was dancing late last night (I'm choosing to believe I was just a drunken mess rather than someone swiped it) with my programme, phone and various other bits in it. I was wondering if anyone had a spare programme they'd be happy to post me (I'll cover the postage costs)?
  13. serendipitous


    I absolutely loved it, the whole thing was very impressive. But yeah, it never really seemed to get going in terms of audience numbers. Just meant I had more room to dance like a twat. Hope it's back next year but I assume they'll need to do something to draw more people to it.
  14. I happened to be there when you proposed, it was such a beautiful moment and New York Brass Band were great in the setup. I was the drunk/coming down guy in the corner with tears streaming down his face. Massive congratulations, I hope you have a gorgeous wedding.
  15. Absolutely agree on Elvis Dead reccommendation, it's bloody brilliant and a great festival show. Just some people to add: Jack Gleadow - Fast rising comic who channels the spirit of old school variety entertainers but without all the bad bits. Silky- North West comedy legend, just utter hilarity. Dana Alexander - Bawdy, in your face Canadian comic. Great jokes with social commentary. Frank Sanazi - Leave your taste levels at the door and give it a go. George Egg - He will probably be making breakfast. I also had no idea Bob Slayer was bringing his Blundabus. Visit, fuck knows what will happen.
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