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  1. 1 Mogwai: As The Love Continues 2 James: All the Colours of You 3 Emma-Jean Thackray: Yellow 4 Crystal Canyon: Yours with affection and sorrow 5 Kenny Garrett: Sounds from the Ancestors 6 Idles: Crawler 7 Low: Hey What 8 Floating Points: Promises 9 Tenderlonious: Still Flute 10 Alfa Mist: Bring Backs
  2. Hoping it's still 3am Friday and Saturday night. Which has got me thinking, any news on whether the previously-planned Arcadia spider will still make its debut?
  3. Great if so, but I can't move for FB music threads recently with 3 Mahones hearts. 🤔
  4. 1. Turnstile 2. Ishmael Ensemble 3. Deafheaven
  5. It's coming! Well, end of September anyway, but it's next on my list. Anyone round here going?
  6. I generally ran to psytrance across the pandemic to remind me of what I wasn't dancing in fields to. Try Tristan, Ajja, OOOD, Laughing Buddha, Cosmosis etc. Bit relentless but might be the ticket if high beats needed. Good luck in Paris; it's a mean old set of miles.
  7. Still no clarity on it all this month, but I'll stick with: 1. Laura Mvula - Pink Noise 2. Snazzback - In The Place [discovered this lot busking at the last Glasto, today found they've got a Ronnie Scott's booking in November] 3. David Crosby - For Free
  8. Great to meet you both too. Lovely fest. Created PM space, looks like it's been full for 9 years!
  9. Cut off date? Not yet decided...
  10. Name that DJ? I stand to be impressed. Which is not how I'm feeling about the weather forecast. Does it get windy there? Trying to convince myself it's still good weather for the first festy of the year. Almost there......
  11. Yup, almost touching distance. Been listening to the various smaller acts, presumably pretty local so never heard of them, but very promising. Getting an Alchemy festival buzz off this one, did you ever go to that?
  12. Yes indeed, all looking promising, just 10 days now. Finally realised it continues across Sunday. Thought it was a 2 dayer. Extra leave booked. 😁
  13. Time for a bump, two weeks away now and tickets still available. Psytrance stage just announced too, very tasty:
  14. 1. James - All the colours of you [Finally getting them after all these years] 2. Amusement Parks on Fire - An Archaea [First album in 11 years for these gods of the second wave of shoegaze] and then in a distant third.... 3. Amaro Freitas - Sankofa [jazz 😎] Thought Japanese Breakfast's album would be in there but one outrageously good tune does not an album make.
  15. Nice van. We may indeed attempt a wierd chat once there. Yup only heard good things about the fest. Seems well set up for the ravers, but there's enough for those who don't set foot in a dance tent too? I'm happy either way.
  16. 1. Justin Sullivan - Surrounded. 2. Sons of Kemet - Black to the Future 3. Mdou Moctar - Chismiten
  17. Done. My efest mug must be around 14 years old by now. Still used most mornings for coffee albeit at home only. It's also white. Black coffee in a black mug would be a last resort.
  18. Entirely expecting it to happen. Couple of nights in a tent the weekend gone, not lost the skills. 😁
  19. Have booked myself, first time there, and it'll be first fest in 22 months if it happens. Who'd have thought?
  20. Only aware she's playing Friday 1:40 at the Acoustic Stage, which is a touch clashy. Any other sets?
  21. Fine enough for the Park secret sets, I think this shows I've been basically AWOL since 2011.
  22. She had special guests of Jason Donovan and Rick Astley last summer. Would imagine they'd be easier to summon that Cave and Williams though do hope I'm wrong. Could Nick Cave have an unannounced slot at The Park? If they still do that.
  23. Think I did 6 hours in the car at 7pm Wednesday of 2016, my last time there. But yes to all, weather could be a significant factor.
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