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  1. I've managed to get a ticket to every Glastonbury since 2005.... perseverance, hope and luck.... oh that refresh key too and a few others trying
  2. Yep positive here .... so worth it though!
  3. Was watching pet shop boys at Glastonbury and noticed the bottom left graphic screen was blacked out like it wasn't working.... but watching back on TV it is working?! Just wondered if anyone else noticed that?
  4. Noticed this on Skunk Anansies set.... when I watched it there live and back on iplayer after they had removed "God Loves Only You" Not on BBC YouTube channels either. Great set though!
  5. Pauline fowlers growler....
  6. Idles Followed by.... Pet Shop Boys and Skunk Anansie
  7. Bare foot and trainers is is then...
  8. They have played headliner for every day on pyramid already.... would be a bit of a boring rebook... bit I do agree they are awesome live
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