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  1. Did you order it separately? You can track it on seetickets with your order number.
  2. We plan to come down Tuesday night in our VW T4 campervan instead of bringing the car. We plan to pull the bed down for a few hours sleep before joining the queue about 4am. I would have thought the no sleeping in the car parks rule is aimed at people doing that whilst the festival is on. Loads of people will be sleeping in cars before queuing.
  3. Stressful but successful! And lucky for the 11th time
  4. oldbird

    2019 TICKET CHAT

    I got through on Edge at 15mins only to crash at payment page. Tried back and refresh but nothing. Then got through on mobile on 4g at 23mins and booking complete! So lucky
  5. oldbird


    Me too. I've not changed much since my reg in 2010 so surely it will be ok?
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