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  2. Enter Shikari // Frank Carter (only going Frank because of live performance if it was solely record based it would be 1975)
  3. are there lockers to put bags in around or at the festival site.
  4. Just checking in gang, this will be my 15th Fest, done Weds morning arrival, right through til Fri morning arrival, pros and cons for all, Thursday lunchtime seems to work best for me these days, we’ll all have plenty in the tank all weekend! Have a great festival everyone!!
  5. Promoter in being full of shit shocker. Being gullible is no excuse.
  6. It's worth noting that no name changes will be made until after Monday or Tuesday when Neil gets back from Glastonbury.
  7. Thank you! Tomorrow feels so far away!!
  8. Next year. No point turning up 49 years late. Playing 50 years after they cancelled, for the 50th anniversary of the festival would be perfect
  9. Defending your mates and their racism over having any sense of decency or principle.... Dithering on policy, particularly Brexit policy, to try and be all things to all people. Everyone thinking you're inept, but not defying you because they don't want to harm their political careers. Are the Labour and Tory leaders so different?
  10. Cheers I have high hopes the chaptcha was set to a level So high you have to be sober
  11. Hey, I made a now & next guide for every stage at Glastonbury as a side project. I hope it comes in useful for you guys when you're at the festival! https://onstagenow.net/event/glastonbury2019
  12. Currently at Avalon listening to a cover to Africa but heading soon!
  13. paulshane

    Bar Prices?

    Yeah, bit shocked at £6 for a pint at Avalon! After a meetup with friends I went back to my caravan and filled my rucksack with cans
  14. Nobody would be complaining if GE never came out with his bullshit jackanory story regarding trnsmt being for a older crowd.
  15. Cheers, I'll let them know
  16. 12z update: still all perfect 👌
  17. There was little doubt he would be allowed back. Loyalty to the leader is generally rewarded in this way. Releasing it at a time when the media are only interested in Boris is no doubt intentional.
  18. 🤔 Why have The Kinks just tweeted this?
  19. Out of office on. And I am out of office. See you on the other side.
  20. garc1a

    EPO bands

    could someone drop a PM loop hole appreciated . thanks in advance
  21. Don't know what time it actually opens. It was definitely open by 9 last time. Always worth asking campsite crew when arriving.
  22. Sorry if anyone has asked this but where does everyone think the SLP could play? (New band by Sergio of Kasabian)
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