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  2. Does anyone know if dinosaur pile-up are still meant to be playing?
  3. Just entered the EE competition, saw in the t&cs the winners will be called on 3rd June. I'll be on a plane back from Primavera fingers crossed it's not in that timeframe!
  4. Congratulations. Glad someone's hard work in the comp paid off.
  5. I'll be wearing my tin foil hat.
  6. Oh really? The BBC only ever offered up 30 minutes I thought? Started at Horse Power and ended mid way through don't think. I would love to be able to watch from start to finish again.. one of my best Glasto memories that night.
  7. They may have tried those acts and failed though. They can only book who is available. Nice to see a newer act given a go - they might have struggled with ticket sales but they'll gain kudos for it especially if she delivers something special which might help the festival in future years.
  8. I’m @Padgey friend who won tickets in the Guardian competition! To say I’m happy is an understatement! I was surprised they phoned too as they said they would email or send a text! The phone number started 02033
  9. The fence has joined up and nothing from you lot! I'm so disappointed in you all. 😞
  10. As part of a vote-for-it stitch up
  11. Diva Sam

    The Strokes 2019?

    You say that, but now people will spend hours researching the deepest ends of the web to prove or disprove. GAhhhhh. Pain.
  12. Big durbs

    Resale Club 2019

    parliment ( dr funkenstine ) , awesome set in 2015 on west holts . " the cool dude , with the bum transplant " lol
  13. "May says her Brexit bill will include a requirement to hold a vote on whether or not to have a second referendum" According to gruniad
  14. David Byrne - How Music Works What else could you need?
  15. Diva Sam


    Dinosaurs would fit the Pangea vibe.
  16. Yet another vote for Scar Tissue! Genuinely a brilliant book and incredibly honest insight into Keidis' mind - I couldn't put it down and would happily go back and read again
  17. To be fair you could have said the same thing about The Prodigy, who were originally billed for that slot. I think they'd be a good replacement personally... and Insomnia is one of the best tracks of all time to dance to at a festival!
  18. EMorgz92

    What's your run in?

    Blackpool local bands festival this weekend.. (Eagle Fest for any Blackpudlians 😂) Ultimate Power in Manchester next Friday Work night out at a VR/on-screen shooting range 7th June 14th June - free weekend i.e. airing out the tent, buying snacks and booze, waterproofing said tent and boots.. 21st June - ANOTHER FREE WEEKEND ready to be stupidly excited and trial packing!! Also need to plan the pre- Glasto get together with our group of friends to plan transport, camping arrangements, coordinate packing lists etc...
  19. I've recently found the whole Glastonbury 2011 set (the full BBC recording from the iPlayer) on a hard drive. I'll have to put it somewhere to share.
  20. Doug85


    As amazing as that sounds, I'll never hear the end of it if it's true as Mrs Doug told me it would be a fire breathing dragon and I said she was daft.......bugger.
  21. Madyaker

    The Strokes 2019?

    Foals also have a gap over glasto weekend. Gig in U.K. before gig in Ireland after. I'd be happy with either.
  22. Hoping for Reinier Zonneveld to pop up somewhere
  23. fatyeti24

    The Strokes 2019?

    They're missing a trick if they don't do it at 12:51.
  24. Hugh Jass

    The Strokes 2019?

    Are we back on this again?
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