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The Annual EOTR Weather Forecast/Predictions (2023 edition)


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The latest update I have from a trusted source at the Met Office is that the current unsettled weather will continue for the next 10 days culminating in torrential rain reaching its peak in Wales over the weekend of 19/20th August, during which most that country will be obliterated, after which conditions will completely clear and a prolonged period of calm, warm and sunny weather can be expected over the whole of the south of England.

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4 hours ago, Berkspur said:

Looking a bit on the damp side☹️

Really? My consistently unreliable weather app has us at a couple of light showers Thursday and Sunday morning, cloudy but pleasant for the rest of the weekend. I'm prepared to let bygones be bygones and get behind that.

I know. It's too early.

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I live in Devon, so get the BBC Spotlight South West weather reports

For the last 2 days Thursday has got progressively worse

This lunchtime - Tuesday - a "sh*t storm" would be an accurate description 

At the very least folks bring a cover to put your belongings under/into whist you put your tent up, even if it's just plastic bin bags

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9 minutes ago, The Nal said:

Im up early for the flight so could get a kip in. Or even better, get under the covering of the Crow bar and get twoddled.

Forecast will change again by tomorrow.

Yeah, I keep reloading Met Office's rain chart and scrolling forward to 1pm Thurs - it's not actually updated in the last few hours so I'm starting to learn the pattern.  Currently all I know is that I want to get stuff in the car on Wednesday evening or I'll get wet doing it on Thursday morning...

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So if I'm following you lot correctly, everyone gets hammered with monsoon like downpours until 9ish, just as I pull up at wristband exchange, upon which we switch to a balmy Mediterranean climate for the remainder of the weekend? The planets are aligning for one of the great weekends, folks

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