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  1. How was Sharon van Etten at GM? I was initially traumatised by her non-appearance on the EOTR bill when she seemed a nailed-on cert, but then was somewhat placated by her rather drab (televised) showing at Glastonbury.
  2. As a committed Guardian reader, i support everything it contains, including the ads. As I recollect, last year the Guardian were in fact trumpeting the fact that so many women were featured prominently and championed by EOTR, and EOTR was thus an example to be followed, so I guess you can regard this specific article as simply filling space where a particularly marvellous ad was withdrawn at the last minute..
  3. See it all the time now, bunch of kids arrive after the start, push in at front and spend rest of time taking selfies of themselves jabbering, occasionally looking at stage. Signed, git, getting older.
  4. Planet Zog MetOffice: relentless sunshine Thursday to Monday, high cloud at night, chance of precipitation Tuesday
  5. I'm not looking for a repeat of the Bill Callahan Sunday experience.
  6. To make it easier for you, Beirut cancelled several weeks ago!
  7. i saw this happen a couple of times last year, and there was a delay whilst stewards removed some legs before permitting entry.
  8. I've forgotten the relevant intricacies and rationale behind it, but there were technical visa issues which the Home Office, exercising the true spirit of insular British bonhomie fostered by Theresa May, had suddenly sought to apply: the effect, as I understood it, was that if you were eg. an American artist coming to play here but arriving via Ireland, you needed a separate visa over and above what you were otherwise required to produce if arriving from mainland Europe. That's the reason John Dee Graham was refused entry earlier this year/last year and all his UK dates were cancelled, and that's the reason he's vowed never to return to England again. There are just more - and more unwarranted - hurdles to negotiate now.
  9. A Sunday lunch time tradition for the last 10 years.
  10. Please shut the door on your way out.
  11. Possibly you like some noise.
  12. Very unexcited about Kate Tempest. I would personally put her on the Brexit Stage, in Shaftesbury.
  13. Well blow me down who'd have thought. I'd had a tip from Big Jeff it was going to be Kasabian.
  14. Hopefully we will have a helpful WhatsApp group as per last year!
  15. Call out to Fat White Mumford.
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