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  1. I'm confident there are still some pretty big names to be announced, though the headliners seem done and dusted. Little of interest announced thus far on the americana front so hopefully that glaring omission will be addressed.
  2. Yep. It follows that next years GM lineup will be exceptionally meh.
  3. Chance of Bobby Peru then, Bobby Peru?
  4. I'd like to class this idea as "banter".
  5. I think they DJ'd two years running, and introduced and backed Bob Lind on the Garden Stage in 2009.
  6. Did Black Deer this year: it was easy to do, sufficient decent acts, expect to build on this for next year, so I bought early birds. Did feel a little threadbare and limited compared to EOTR, but hey, it's new on the block.
  7. Whilst far from an essential matter for me, having got the cinema tent actually looking and feeling like a cinema for the last couple of years with banked seating etc., I was somewhat disappointed they’d gone back to one level seating again.
  8. In past years I’ve always relied on the EOTR postal service for secret gig alerts, etc. Limited success.
  9. Saw Steve Gunn in Brighton last night, to reassure myself EOTR would be a full band rather than a solo show: excellent, in a low-key, understated way. ?
  10. Now all that’s needed is the return of the WhatsApp group.
  11. Clashfinder printed x3 and ready for pens. Thanks as ever to Sir TeamCampesinos.
  12. That's you in lane 8, right?
  13. One thing I would also mention: the prices for food seemed very much on the high side, so if the above is true (and I expect it is) you could explain this by the traders getting their retaliation in first eg. battered fish in a bun £8, chips £2 extra, mushy peas £2 extra. I passed, so am unable to confirm if the fish was sea bass or turbot.
  14. Nope, not really. Pinged your wristband, and that was it. I'm sure there may have been one or two glitches, but can't say any have stuck in the memory.
  15. Used every highlighter colour in my wallet of 12 on doing the clashfinder again when actual timings released...tick
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