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  1. Nice to see Goat on a festival line up in this country. Love it if they did EOTR.
  2. I probably need to find out who it is and give it a listen then 🤣
  3. Little Simz - SIMBI, I’ll need some time to order the other 4 below.
  4. FDC in Boscombe on Tuesday we’re great but my best gig for a while was King Hannah at the Lexington last night. £11 we’ll spent, catch ‘em if you can.
  5. Got a spare for FDC in Boscombe tonight. Free to any regular forum poster who wants it.
  6. The last London Mara I did was in 2018 and due to Covid and injuries I haven't been able to use my GFA qualifying time so it's now expired. Had no real inclination to run another as I keep getting injured but I have started to string a few miles together lately. Just got an email from our boss to ask if I was interested in our company team entry... what to do; very tempting?
  7. A few good memories for me too but can’t remember the last couple of miles ever being much fun; usually into half a gale of wind from the West 🤣
  8. The Mysterines were ace at The Garage in London last night. Can’t make any of their tour dates next year so I’m glad I made the effort last night. The support band, Document are worth a shout too.
  9. I would have done exactly the same haha! Remember training to run sub 2:50, 2012/13 I think, and I sat next to the 2:45 pacer in the restaurant the night before. Got sucked into that conversation and dropped off the group at Tower Bridge and suffered my way to a 2:57 I think.
  10. Bad luck; guess you were targeting sub 3? Is that still a GFA for VLM next time?
  11. Last decent marathon I ran in 2018, carrying an injury and really not feeling it turned out one of my best ever runs so have faith in you our training and all the miles in your legs…you’ll nail it 🚀
  12. You’re one of the most interesting and likeable members in here; don’t doubt yourself ❤️
  13. Rumours were rife at EOTR that it was the end for these guys. Real shame they were a great fun live band.
  14. I think you may have got this horribly wrong. I'm 100% sure he's making a joke about what the Efest 'Code of conduct' should be for everyone.
  15. Another vote for The Joiners here.
  16. SighMo

    2022 Headliners

    The late news on Radio 4 just did a piece about Billie being the youngest headliner and then went on to talk about a rumour of all female headliners of Billie, Adele and Taylor...it is the BBC though.
  17. I'd think Simz will be on a bigger stage, she's killing it right now and did the Park last time.
  18. SighMo

    2021 New Music

    Hopefully they'll leave you in peace and do a bit down here in the new year 😉
  19. SighMo

    2021 New Music

    Me too, and at Green Man. Hope they chuck an album out soon.
  20. We got ours, lead booker and others....it's happening.
  21. SighMo

    2021 New Music

    Not sure if these have been on here yet...
  22. Sounds very similar to me; I know pf can hang around and know runners who had to quit and took up cycling. I kept resting my calf issue and then tried to make a comeback which only lasted a few days, so I'd rest for longer; 4/5 weeks, then try again. Eventually after at least 18 months I managed to enter a couple of short 5/6km races and did parkrun with no reaction which has given me some confidence to press on...then covid 😉 Not sure how old you are but at my age the fitness takes much longer to return and I can't even run a 5 min interval at my 2018 marathon pace. Sounds like you're going well and good luck for your marathon.
  23. Thanks. Think it's the easing back will be the answer. Until the last couple of years of jumping from one injury to the next I was running everyday, 3-4000 miles/year. I've recently managed to string a few 40 mile weeks together by just running 3 to 5 times and this has been ok; be good to get up to 50 to 70 later this year. 2 recent festivals and catching covid stalled my recovery but think I may be good to go again this week.
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