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  1. 7.15s to 7.30s. See how hot it is.
  2. Ok cheers. I’ll attempt a similar distance maybe 10, depending on how smoothly set up goes. Wasn’t sure if routes but just looked on GArmin Connect and found people had done a few 10km runs.
  3. Keep thinking I’m about to get a weather update only to find someone telling me what underwear they’re planning to take.
  4. What run are you doing on Weds? I’ll either run before I leave on Tues or during queue on Tues evening. Trying to get some kind of form for VLM in Oct but have 3 festivals in the way inc GM and EOTR. I’ve trained at GM a couple of times before but never run at Glasto. I think a Sunday long run will be a bit of an ask.
  5. And half a truck-load of booze 🤣
  6. Agreed. Be surprising if we ever get a gig from them.
  7. The BBC Introducing Sault rumour is massive wishful thinking surely.
  8. You need to be more positive with that user name 🤣 weekend’s ages away.
  9. Sat here at work on a small island in Poole harbour; finish my last shift at 0600. Not thinking about work much. My son travels down from London on Tues morning and we will set off around 5/6pm. So glad he's still happy to do gigs and the odd festival with the old man, even if I am getting all the beer. Life is good.
  10. Sure the boots will be enough now; just a boots/trainers decision. I left my walking boots in the car in 2019.
  11. Think we arrived at gate B carpark at about 8pm. Must've been in the first 100 or so in the queue. May leave an hour earlier this year.
  12. Same for me when I discovered the Hootenanny was pre recorded.
  13. It wasn’t that hot; the Weds just skewed peoples memories.
  14. Trainers or boots not wellies.
  15. Forecast for here in Poole was 30% chance of rain at 0800. I set off for a run and was out for about 1hr 45mins and it didn’t try to rain once.
  16. Put beers in fridge (now room for nothing else) and mainly just monitored the weather thread every waking moment; nothing done at work.
  17. Also, rigger boots are deadly for twisting your ankle. They are banned where I work unless you’re a welder.
  18. Easy on/off also means easily sucked off by the mud…..teeehee.
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