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  1. I've never seen that before. I wasn't too keen on Container, but The Osees walked on while he was still packing his gear, launched into a warm up of Pink Floyd's Interstellar Overdrive, with a small "Walk This Way" flourish to finish, then pretty much launched into their first song. They stayed driven and direct from start to end!
  2. The drummers are just relentless, like hammering nails into a wall.
  3. Saw The Osees in Oxford last night. Good atmosphere, fun night. Wish I was seeing them at EOTR again this year.
  4. He’d probably refuse to play any classics. Most disappointing concert of my life.
  5. Always good to start with some country-tinged folk, to ease your way in gently, though my "recovery" will be about two Bloody Mary's in at this stage. These acts always seem to tell good stories between songs too. One more vote for Jake Xerxes Fussell.
  6. I'm usually not completely onboard with the lineup, but the flip-side is that I've never come home having had anything other than a fantastic time, or having my mind changed by certain bands, or having found several new discoveries, or just enjoying a beer by the fire, or a pilgrimage through the art installations in the woods. You can't lose really.
  7. It's good and he comes across very well in the recent Rolling Stone Music Now podcast:
  8. I love this album, especially Saving Grace. Weighty pop.
  9. Alexandra Savior in Brighton on 1st and Bristol on 2nd. Would be great to see her there.
  10. Soccer Mommy now playing Brighton on 1st Sept and Bristol on 3rd Sept. Fingers crossed she'll be added to our lineup.
  11. A mate of mine spoke to them at a gig recently. They didn't seem to have any festival plans as yet.
  12. Rose City Band announced to play Manchester Psych Festival on 3 Sept, so might hopefully be announced for us on the same weekend. Except that 1 Sept would be their only free date.
  13. The new album “Pink Tiger” by Apollo Ghosts is really good. Sometimes folky, sometimes jangly melodic acoustic guitars. Reminded me of Ultimate Painting and Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever in parts. Will definitely be seeking them out in September.
  14. We had to watch a ranty man and someone swaying near a laptop as headliners last year, so steps in the right direction. Also, Conor Oberst headlined the Garden Stage in the early years, so is probably seen as a trusted supporter of the festival.
  15. Don't just watch all of the Woods stage headliners. Try the Garden stage or even the lovely intimate Talking Heads stage in the woods (the latter will most likely be for some country/folk singer you've never heard of). Both create a special atmosphere and some memorable musical occasions. No more than two pints of mulled cider at the end of a long day's drinking, or you will regret it 🙂
  16. It’s not for me. It seems one dimensional and dull. There’s something for everyone at EOTR!
  17. That Rosali album "No Medium" is really good. Nice to see some Americana/Country/Folk on at EOTR, which unfortunately seems to be diminishing over the years.
  18. Yes I remember there being some debate about how long to let it brew for 🙂
  19. I'm with you, and while we're at it, please can indie bands learn to sing again instead of talking over their songs.
  20. Fleet Foxes headlining the Garden Stage in 2009 blew me away. I wasn't expecting much but they were brilliant, especially the atmospheric harmonies in that special setting. I'm also led to believe that the fact that the crowd was rammed for their set persuaded Simon that he needed the Woods Stage from that point on.
  21. Bands I think could provide some special moments... Keg, Lael Neale, Gabriels, Purling Hiss.
  22. First reaction... that will be an excellent weekend. Happy with that. No sign of Wet Leg or Big Thief. I wonder what those clues were pointing to?
  23. Perhaps it could be a broader agenda for the Thursday, since we already heard that the village will open from 1.30pm (I think).
  24. There's an EOTR sized hole in the Osees autumn US tour schedule: https://www.brooklynvegan.com/osees-announce-2022-fall-u-s-tour/ You never know. Fingers crossed.
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