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  1. TheSeventhOne

    LCD Soundsystem....

    Not sure about that tbh, The National are surprisingly massive.
  2. TheSeventhOne

    Sigur Ros

    legitimately gutted that i'm going to miss this at glasto.
  3. TheSeventhOne

    Taylor Swift

    Bit sexist, mate.
  4. TheSeventhOne

    Taylor Swift

    Weird, I don't remember there being such a love-in when Beyonce was in the running.
  5. TheSeventhOne

    Taylor Swift

    Always baffles me when people take issue with artists not writing their own music. Who gives a shit as long as it sounds good? Your search for "authenticity" will probably just stretch to you buying a Jack White CD from Asda.
  6. TheSeventhOne

    House Music

    Can't remember whether or not I've posted this before but it's still a belter: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kMgP0lFyVXA
  7. TheSeventhOne

    Taylor Swift

    I saw Rihanna at the O2 and Big Weekend a year later. She was great at the O2 but pretty dreadful at Big Weekend, I thought.
  8. TheSeventhOne

    royal blood

    Royal Blood have more in common with the banal dad rock of Them Crooked Vultures than DFA.
  9. TheSeventhOne

    Taylor Swift

    Nice bit of sexism there.
  10. TheSeventhOne

    Foo Fighters

    The episode of Sonic Highways on I saw BBC 4 was great, particularly enjoyed the stuff about Steve Alibini/Big Black. Odd that a fella with the well-informed, eclectic musical interests of Dave Grohl could create music that's so utterly insipid.
  11. TheSeventhOne

    House Music

    A current favourite of mine. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ns_9TZ8mH2A
  12. TheSeventhOne

    royal blood

    They were always rubbish. Safe, workmanlike shit. Cheers.
  13. Passion Pit and (hopefully) M83
  14. TheSeventhOne

    House Music

  15. TheSeventhOne

    Efesters on Twitter