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  1. selotape

    Fake Poster....

    I agree with you that it would be great to pressure those Chinese companies to not built those coal power plants they have planned for some developing countries. We'd need to apply pressure to both the Chinese government and the developing countries themselves. Ideally show that renewables is best. I doubt our UK politicians would care much to get involved here. Maybe we could start a global grass roots climate awareness group to try to get the people in those countries really engaged as well?
  2. selotape

    Fake Poster....

    Can I ask what do you suggest we do to avoid climate breakdown? What do you think I should do as a member of the general public? I'm looking to build some positive actions here!
  3. selotape

    Fake Poster....

    "Future Island" lol
  4. I talked to the guy, he said the Mason's Arms got featured in a '10 best secret things about glasto' type article in the guardian or the Bristol post. I loved it there.
  5. 2005 was good as well But yeh, 2007 wins for me. Here's a mud trap in the field that becomes the Unfairground.
  6. selotape


    The crane as moved. And that is it
  7. What's the Tesco thing by VG1 about? Also, there is disagreement between the new car park map and the fine guide map: Campervans East covers a larger area in the car park map compared to the fine guide map. I think the car park map is likely to be the more accurate, because Campervans East was expanded in 2017. While the fine guide map-maker re-sketched over the 2016 map, instead of the 2017 map, so they appear to have mistakenly ended up with the old car park boundaries.
  8. They do taste a bit horrible and I believe she sells both types of brownies. The special ones are at the bottom of her box, so you need to ask specifically for what you want.
  9. selotape

    TBAs 2019

    When the lineup times first came out Annie Mac was down as playing somewhere in Shangri-la, possibly the Gas Tower if i remember correctly. This was going to be with Todla T and someone else. But then they revised the Shangi-La times later that day. Either she's now a TBA or she's pulled out.
  10. Looks really good! The only thing I spotted is that I suspect the Bimble Inn and the Ribbon Tower might be the wrong way round. And the Pharmacy has moved more to where the Brown and yellow lines meet. The pedant would also say that there isn't a path between Strumerville and the Crows Nest, but it looks nice with the Jubilee line added!
  11. selotape

    Other Stage Opener

    Bloc Party are playing Bristol on Friday evening.
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