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  1. Unless that scenario is covered by insurance, I don’t know how it couldn’t go ahead? Would be financially ruinous otherwise… Unlike football matches you can’t shift major festivals dates at such short notice. You just know the right wing press would have a field day with it though 😐 And the BBC coverage might look very different.
  2. Surprised there’s not been more chat about Superstate. Had it on repeat today, absolutely loving it - one of my favourites of the year. Just me? 😏
  3. Ah hah, got it - Spotify’s shitty search strikes again, wasn’t listing that track as live but found the album. 🙂
  4. Great shout! Alas the Brixton live version ain’t on Spotify for the playlist. The original OK? Or alternatively Glastonbury ’92 or ‘94?
  5. Another 3 weeks to go until What If…? 😭 How will we cope! Think this is the longest break since Wandavision kicked off? Marvel have been spoiling us.
  6. After Endgame I was a bit unsure where the MCU would go next. The Infinity Saga plot arc had guided things for so long that I thought there was a real chance it could all go tits up going into phase 4. Wandavision did a lot to reassure that the wheels were staying on, but now with that Loki finale I’m very confident that phase 4 will deliver 🙂 Like you say, the Kang link immediately pulls together the next raft of movies and it feels like it’s all falling into place… I’m also now super excited for What If in a few weeks time. I’d assumed it would be fun but basically throwaway stand-alone entertainment with no real connection to the “main” MCU timeline. Now we’re fully into the multiverse? I reckon there will be a bit more to it…
  7. Ooops, sorry! I meant to ask if the original was OK… but I forgot. My bad - it’s added now.
  8. This thread has gone in directions I never expected but it’s brought up a collection of absolutely top songs. 😃 Once again this forum is the best place (outside of the Thread of Despair anyway… 😂) Thanks to everyone who’s got off the fence, taken the plunge and committed to a single favourite track. I’ve updated the playlist and finally got the chance to listen through yesterday - it’s now up to 3 1/2 hours of absolute classics. Any more…? 🙂 https://open.spotify.com/playlist/339P2g4lOPuZc6uzUcvzmG?si=NvOrkS-wQYS3UTQqBlQ80Q&dl_branch=1
  9. Wasn’t there a brilliant post a few years back from some poor person who’d gone big on the Sunday night and woke up on Monday evening in a deserted field? I seem to remember they were still extremely dazed & confused, had missed their coach and only had a tiny bit of phone battery left… 😂 Sure it’s happened to quite a few people over the years.
  10. I had no idea of the answer so went looking, first result was this: https://www.theguardian.com/world/2021/jul/13/mixed-advice-driving-covid-vaccine-hesitancy-in-pregnant-uk-women Looks like it’s all a bit of a mess for pregnant people 🙁
  11. Yeah I’d agree with that. A mate owns a club mainly catering to students & has a party planned for 12:01 am on the 19th. 😂 Nearly sold out already.
  12. 100% - this horrendous government have been all too happy to leverage tacit racism when it serves as a wedge issue to help their goals i.e. Brexit. Criminally irresponsible and a total abdication of moral leadership. Once you’ve let racists out of their fetid little boxes it’s a lot of effort to stuff them back in again… Now that’s more like it. Might see if I can take my daughter to the opener 🙂
  13. Trolls gonna troll. Ignore and move on… 🙂
  14. Quite a few different versions of that one! I’ve added the 2009 remaster to the playlist, but shout if you prefer another version or a live recording - hopefully Spotify will have it… 🙂
  15. You’re very welcome - glad you’re enjoying it! 🙂 Thanks to everyone who suggested songs. I’ve not actually had a chance to listen through myself yet, busy day of Teams calls 😣 - looking forward to a bit more music time tomorrow hopefully.
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