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  1. I think he’s meaning if testing provided by the festival didn’t work - they’d potentially be open to liability for anyone subsequently infected after false negatives or other testing problems, I guess? Different question to liability with no testing.
  2. Yep, I’m out of here for a bit, this thread is putting me in a right bad mood. 😒 I’m all for being pragmatic & facing up to reality, but too many seem to be wallowing in the misery of a potential cancellation - it’s not healthy.
  3. Out of upvotes (again!) but these are great - thanks for posting 👍
  4. From first hand accounts, what Italy have done is nothing like China. China had quarantine enforced by police and military, together with a compulsory phone app tracking where everybody was at all times. Western governments couldn’t get away with that even if they wanted to.
  5. Wondering how much impact the Scottish Parliament guidance on events had with this. Could it have affected insurance..?
  6. Airlines pretty desperate right now so should be able to get excellent cancellation/rebooking terms regardless. Read the small print but I’d go for it if you can find something at the right price.
  7. With the lineup announcement & inevitable clashes - what do you think? And to be clear, I mean deliberately splitting between two acts you really want to see and will enjoy - not bimbling off to something else ‘cos you’re not into it.
  8. If that happens in any numbers though... Secret resale in late May/early June? Assuming the festival goes ahead!
  9. Yep. https://www.snopes.com/fact-check/taiwan-experts-self-check/
  10. Or alternatively, other countries are being more swayed by public pressure to be seen to be doing something - regardless of its scientific merit. I’m not saying that’s correct - we’ll only know the outcomes in a few months time. I hope for our country’s sake it’s the right call!
  11. Out of upvotes @mttJ but that is a very useful piece of work - thanks! 👍
  12. Pretty sure the BBC and Guardian both saying Dua Lipa, Pet Shop Boys, Fat Boy Slim.
  13. So it’s not not happening, but we’re not sure if it is happening? Is there a gif for that? 😂
  14. Current long range Met Office reason for cautious optimism for the next few weeks... https://www.metoffice.gov.uk/weather/long-range-forecast Sunday 15 Mar - Tuesday 24 Mar It will start unsettled and windy. Although rain may be slow to clear from southern and southeastern parts on Sunday, brighter showery conditions should spread across most areas. The showers probably turning wintry on high ground and perhaps to low levels in the far north into Monday. Through early next week there should be a change to more settled, drier and often brighter conditions than of late, particularl
  15. I probably should log on a lot less, tbh. Self isolating from efests until the worst is past... 😂
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