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  1. Their last album was a bit weak, but the two before were good. Possibly around for Glastonbury weekend.
  2. Yeah they were insane at Reading. I'm glad I was only there for the day though, can't imagine keeping all that dust inside me until Monday 😂
  3. Very easy to put up, absolute nightmare to put away if you don't know how, very easy once you figure it out.
  4. I bought one of these after seeing a recommendation on here last year: https://www.decathlon.co.uk/arpenaz-3-freshblack-tent-3-man-id_8357355.html Slept in until 2pm at Boomtown, lovely and cool and dark.
  5. Against Stormzy would be pretty nice
  6. Did anyone else pickup Noname tickets this morning?
  7. e9t3

    2019 Headliners

    The Strokes now on the rumors page, does anyone know where that came from?
  8. We were trying with two laptops connected to the Wifi as well as a phone connected to EE 4G. Only the phone got through, had to enter the reference numbers 4 times but eventually got to the payment page.
  9. Pusha T Spiritualized Car Seat Headrest Brockhampton J.I.D SZA TOPS Noname Joey Purp Anderson Paak (again, with new album and no RH clash)
  10. e9t3

    Foo Fighters

    Entered, hope I win
  11. e9t3


    Both their not Cross albums are a bit meh
  12. The Radiohead source said specifically Saturday, swapping RH and DP could have been something decided recently.
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