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  1. Bovla


    Last piece finally going on! She'll be dressed in no time
  2. Bovla

    Self-Confirmed 2019

    Yes but finished an Australia tour on 27th March, could have hung around for a bit of sun before flying back to start Belgium on the 13th
  3. Bovla

    "Moments" of 2019

    Billie Eilish could be a massive moment absolutely nailing a John Peel slot maybe
  4. Bovla

    Self-Confirmed 2019

    A chicken did say individual area announcements starting 10th April (tomorrow) so could be a time difference error like the Amazons in 2017 Makes sense to start them now to align with 1 a week until the full list towards the end of may/beginning of june
  5. 11 paid, 1 in the pot
  6. Maybe give a little more time per artist to make sure everyone who wants to can vote? Will also avoid any scraping of the barrel or running out. We'll hopefully be into weekly area announcements soon that will keep us going 😊
  7. Bovla

    Ticket Balance Payments

    Alrighty, good idea 👍
  8. Bovla

    Ticket Balance Payments

    Oh ☹️ guess I'll just wait until I get to the site then, not benefit in ordering it beforehand is there?
  9. Bovla

    Ticket Balance Payments

    Well there is only an option for a 'bottle' it doesn't give a size option, and a read somewhere that it's the 500ml. I think I will end up going for 500ml, I can always buy the bigger one on site if I think it's too small. As I have coach tickets I'm not sure when I'll get it, I guess when tickets are dispatched hit it'll be just the bottle for me. At least I'll get to take part in the 'its arrived' hype this year!
  10. Bovla

    Ticket Balance Payments

    Bit of advise needed: I want a bottle but can't decide between getting the 500ml one when I pay my balance, or buying a 750ml one separately online. They are both £10 but on the website I have to pay £5 postage, something I assume I don't have to do if I buy wih the balance. What do we reckon folks? Buy a bigger one now for a bit more, or a smaller one for slightly cheaper? (Could buy the bigger one now and get all excited!) P.s. can you buy both bottles on site, hence avoiding postage costs?
  11. Bovla


    A happy customer, so you all know, it's gone. Enjoy @dannym 😁
  12. Bovla


    I've got a spare tickets for the Saturday at Camden of anybody fancies it?
  13. Brilliant news 😁 look forward to it
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