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  1. Bovla

    Sound issues

    Does anyone think that the sound issues were more common this year? It felt like more acts were complaining about it and it definitely detracts from the set I think. I remember hearing quite a few acts complaining about it. Of the top of my head: Billie Eilish, Lauryn Hill and Lucy rose but I'm sure there were more. In fact there was a running joke in our groups about pointing to mics and then up or down.
  2. My major miss was Janelle, watched the set on iPlayer and it looked amazing, gutted I missed it
  3. Agreed, I don't hate the chorus but the verse is very good. Sounds good against VB as well, shaping up for a decent album
  4. In the info tab it still talks about that feature, maybe it will come in an update
  5. Bovla

    EE app

    Website now says mid-June whereas previously it was May so obviously some delays.
  6. Bovla

    The Weather Thread 2019

    Verrrry negative, tomorrow's all day rain may cause a bit of an issue, but then intermittent rain to allow the ground to absorb it. 2016 we has successive days/weeks of tomorrow's forecast. Not seeing that in the forecast at the moment. BBC app even has Pilton being dry all next weekend.
  7. Bovla

    The Weather Thread 2019

    Down with the negativity, still 3 weeks to go, if we get to 1.5 weeks before and the site is looking boggy with more rain to come, then we can worry. For now, the only thing to worry about is clashes!
  8. Just waiting for the app now so all those clashes can fully crystallise in my mind 🙄
  9. Could it be that Wednesday is they day they can discuss it? Tuesday after the bank holiday is the norm, so could the embargo be the day after this to allow for Glasto to release it at a time they want?
  10. @eFestivals heard anything about a full lineup today?
  11. 10 days or so could be the full lineup though
  12. Oooo what's this quote from? The app usually doesn't come out until early June so that'd be swell
  13. 11am from London, anyone done similar and know how long it'll take to get there?
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