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  1. There is variation in the provision of the jab in certain areas. For example I live on the boundary of Swindon and Oxfordshire. Oxfordshire has currently vaccinated a higher proportion of their 80+ than Swindon. So there may be some regional variation. However, it is true there is general distrust from BAME communities towards the government and for good reason given recent events. This is reducing take up in these communities
  2. Ah well, guess we move onto 2022 resale! The pressure builds 😵
  3. Not sure there would have been any point getting to the division lobby stage of the vote. Would just get passed by everyone shouting aye
  4. I am one of the selfish people who left London last night, and to be honest I feel pretty bad about having done it. I live in a flat with my girlfriend who had planned all along to go back with her parents yesterday and they were on their way when the news broke. I then panicked and just said I'd go with her. In hindsight, we probably should have both told her parents to turn around. And if they were picking her up today or next week I would probably argue for us to stay put. But it happened so quickly yesterday and it was as bleak as news has been since march which scared us I think.
  5. As a lurker, lurking and going gold goes together very well!🥇
  6. Here we go again! Thanks to all those who are helping 😁
  7. I have little hope for October, it was already looking grim for a normal resale this year but October is going to be hellish 😭 May all of us in the resale club be lucky 🙏
  8. Kendrick Lamar - 66 Diana Ross - 30 (-10) Lets get this done
  9. Absolutely agree, she is just foolish to retweet that given the constant furore over anti-Semitism sure JC's rein. Hope was to move on and become a much more considerate party in that regard, and now she's screwed that up she had to go
  10. Somebody, do something!
  11. Can't sit by and watch this happen Kendrick Lamar 45 (+5) Dua Lipa - 45 Diana Ross - 100 (-5)
  12. Bovla


    Haha I mean yea, ULTRA MONO but with the choice of stereo, and it's cheaper in stereo too!
  13. Bovla


    Why would someone want the album mastered in mono...
  14. Can't believe they didn't roll over! This club is surely big enough to bring some hope though 😁
  15. A marmite egg?! Like you I like marmite, I like chocolate, but the two together is an atrocity
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