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  1. These look perfect, had a quick google and they're available online from their website, free shipping if you order 12 (can mix and match flavours) and it comes to £39, so £3.25 a can. Not bad https://mothdrinks.com/
  2. Bovla

    Kendrick Lamar

    I think as others have said, it terms of immediate grabs from hooks etc. Damn. is probably superior. But pretty much everything else is better in Morale. Damn an 8, MM a 8.5/9
  3. Bovla

    Kendrick Lamar

    No King Kunta, how dare you
  4. Expect park and WH this week, they like giving them their own announcement as much as all the smaller areas - we also get smaller area posters after the big drop so might not get all the ones listed above before next Tuesday
  5. Bovla

    Kendrick Lamar

    Yeah I thought it was pretty big with the casuals as well, would help get a lot of people on side if he included it in the set.
  6. Bovla

    Kendrick Lamar

    I just want to say, because I know it gets some hate/teasing on here - I've loved reading your enthusiasm about this album and Kendrick today, great to hear people experiencing music like this. I definitely agree, it's a very very good record and better than damn. As others have said. 100% I'll be there in the pit Sunday evening
  7. Bovla

    Kendrick Lamar

    Mr Morale could work very well live I think, light show could be stronggg
  8. Yeah, if it wasn't for me already having all three days headliners sorted, I'd probably be there - his last run out at glasto on the other was pretty good from memory
  9. He has a few to promote the new music, including one tonight if I'm not mistaken. But no full on tour announcement yet as far as I can see
  10. He does have new music out soon I think, so would make sense in that way
  11. Back and reporting for duty 🤠 let's get these tickets
  12. Bovla


    Ah I didn't register in time, annoying! Anyone got a link they can share?
  13. Bovla

    Kanye West

    Great series that, I just finished the one on Yeezus. Fully ready for a Yeezy szn. Although after the last few disappointing releases I'm not getting my hopes up
  14. Yeah definitely agree, it will still be high in that group I would've thought
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