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  1. My pet theory is that they're playing at Bonnaroo, have added that Miami date so they're not going over for just one show, and will start their UK tour with four or five sets at Glaston! 😉
  2. It is a bit odd... I'm still picturing a big UK tour in that gap, late June into July. They need to come back to Glastonbury to out-do their current record of three sets in one festival from last time! Edit: Right, I reckon they're playing Bonnaroo, and have added that Miami date so they're not going over for just one show. Then they'll come back over for five glorious Glaston sets the week after! \o/
  3. Reminder, for me and everybody else, that the remaining balance was (is) £215 per ticket. x
  4. I fear they didn't differentiate between video and audio-only full sets that would be available. Jeff Buckley's 1995 show is available now on... BBC Sounds
  5. Jain *demanded* we bounce on the Sunday of 2017. I was too exhausted, but I did my best. Maybe older demographic/more to do means more tiredness??? Also, Ed O Brien says
  6. Love the Manics... but the time they were most popular probably coincided with when they were least exciting as a live band.
  7. Can't imagine begging a sausage to cook on the softest flame ever willed into existence, or eating something that "tastes like it's been in the tin for a thousand years" at Glastonbury now (as on the 1999 highlights on BBC4 now). Fair to say the food offerings have improved a lot?
  8. One of the first big reunions, before it became a more common things for disbanded groups to get back together.
  9. Is she narrating the whole show? Cool!
  10. Also that as it goes on, we're seeing the same bands returning in bigger slots, with worse songs! 😄
  11. I've only just clocked that Karl Hyde always wears the same top when Underworld play live
  12. Not expecting a fun surprise like we had for Libertines in 2015. More likely to get the feeling of seeing Kaiser Chiefs's banner getting unveiled on the Other Stage at 12noon Friday 2014. That 2014 slot was supposed to be Lorde wasn't it, but in the end she couldn't get to the fest.
  13. This 90s compilation is a great use of footage they have that isn't a full set. 1994 Bjork!! Footage looks great.
  14. The popup channel has just started. Should be on the front page of your iplayer app, or the web version is here: https://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/p09m6bg0/glastonbury-live-from-1000-jo-whileys-90s-glastonbury
  15. For more viewing pleasure this weekend, here are about 250 "full" sets from youtube. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLPEH9n2NIpqyLh_f3rTfnCH7F2v0k9MUV Please note they are of varying quality and completeness, especially from the pre-televised era. If you find any that have anything wrong with them, or any I can add to the playlist, please let me know. I don't mind if I have repeat videos in there. 10am start on the iplayer popup channel then? Lovely.
  16. BBC radio will be chatting Glastonbury won't they? Could get on to 6music about doing a little feature. Go ed lad.
  17. For those of us who couldn't get tickets for 2019, it's 4 down, 1 to go. On the Monday morning of Glastonbury 2017, I stared out of the back of a still bumping Bimble Inn at the sun rising, and said to the place, "see you in 2 years". And now I can scarcely 5 years of my life will have ticked by instead.
  18. IICON field, according to the behind the scenes photo gallery on guardian
  19. One of Haim's backing musicians beating on conga drums at the stone circle is great, but I'm worried he hasn't had the requisite amount of psychedelics.
  20. Click through for the thoughts of Mr Al Doyle. Also: https://twitter.com/aldoyletweets/status/1381903541288247298 (Ok but Glasto is not the enemy here guys. But a lot of actual industry assholes would love it if it were.) https://twitter.com/aldoyletweets/status/1381904895255674880 (Couple of things here: a band that gets paid £50k per show will have a show cost of around £15k, so if they got £5k they’d be paying £10k to play. LCD and Hot Chip have both broken even/lost money playing Glasto...) https://twitter.com/aldoyletweets/status/1381910802240786434 (Again I think the economics of Glasto are a huge distraction from the problematic economics of the music industry at large. Both are super weird but for different reasons. Just like Michael Eavis and Daniel Ek are weird for different reasons.)
  21. Simpo

    2021 New Music

    My friend Toria has released this belter cover of Rocket Man today. Another friend Gold Thing on the piano
  22. Simpo

    2021 New Music

    Real Lies, for me have the highest ratio of great tunes to attention received in the last 10 years. This is so addictive, hints of Pet Shop Boys, LCD Soundsystem, and makes you dream of nights out. Great breathy vocals from both Kev and the guest on this Dominique Russell. Always thought they'd be good on The Glade..
  23. Simpo

    BBC Glastonbury

    Just in case anyone who fancies immersing themselves in Bowie missed this
  24. Simpo

    BBC Glastonbury

    In an alternative universe, Bowie never became ill and still plays live sporadically. He is announced as headlining Glastonbury 2020. "Why after such a successful showing in 2000, with all the songs you played, are you taking a risk returning?" "*Laughing* Well what about all the songs I *didn't* play?"
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