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  1. I'm been thinking about this with someone in our group.. Instead of telling the first timer to come and do this thing or that thing, after you're set up and ready to go, place them at the front of your crew and say 'let's go'. Stop at the places they want to stop, take an unexpected left turn when they feel like it, etc. Discovery and exploration is such a cool part of a first glastonbury, and I'm thinking doing this will kinda recreate a bit of that feeling for the rest of us too.
  2. Thursday 24th March is before our clocks go forward - 6pm GMT (Toronto 2pm) Then Sunday 27th march, a few hours after our clocks go forward - 9am BST (Toronto 4am)
  3. Paid up last Tuesday morning.
  4. The Cribs, Manchester Academy last night Clearly loving being back playing live, the Jarmans tore through a great setlist, book ended with blocks of live staples and new songs, with a luxury filling of dynamite choices from older albums. These included My Life Flashed Before My Eyes and Baby Don't Sweat, which went down almost as well as everything else. Shows how many absolute tunes they have in their back pocket this far down the line. With the negative laddish kinda element now almost completely shorn off from Cribs shows, you're left with what is a mostly mega loyal fanbase (12th Cribs gig for me, a number which I felt was dwarfed by most around me). So it's still loud and raucous down the front, but it's all love. While the twins cut their usual figures, Gary really getting into what he was playing and singing, Ryan hunched over and round his mic with the occasional Rockstar pose, Ross was really feeling it, his drums coming through good and loud, and driving home how great everything sounds with live Cribs. I can never quite make out a lot of what band say between songs at Academy, but of what little they spoke included Ryan simply saying "I love it man" in his typical, almost shy manner and asking those chanting Yorkshire to be careful about starting a war of the Roses. But even those chants didn't draw any ire. Like I say, it was only love. If anyone was ever in any doubt during the long break between their tours, Cribs gigs always deliver, and leave you waiting for the next time you can feel that life affirming energy.
  5. Holodrum - Holodrum Sea Power - Everything Was Forever Animal Collective - Time Skiffs
  6. I'm taking a stab at it saying: with SFA's first festival appearance being 1997, as far as I can tell.
  7. I am unreasonably disappointed that there will be no Thursday night Al Doyle DJ set this year! That was the thing I set my mind on in March 2020, get to that Thursday night and remember how you felt when everything got cancelled. But you should never try to recreate previous experiences at Glastonbury anyway, hey?
  8. Being Despacio back!!
  9. Simpo

    2022 New Music

    An hour of tunes, vibes, existentialism and embryonic new music from RL just starting now. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FC45EfhN-AU I'm also seeing them at the infamous White Hotel in Salford soon. Joy!
  10. Last week, got surprised by a freebie to see HENGE, and my god, that's a unique brand of acid-house infused space rock that made for a very fun time! I can see why they played last Glastonbury 3 times in the middle of the night, same again this year please! Interestingly placed venue, The New Continental in Preston, down a dark road and the back room of a respectable restaurant/bar outfit. Last night, Dry Cleaning in Manchester Academy 2, pretty good, but the loud band/softly spoken vocals thing didn't translate super well to the live setting, especially an echoey one like Academy 2. Hmm.
  11. Simpo

    2022 New Music

    God, I've just been knocked for six by Holodrum's debut record. My favourite of the year so far. https://linktr.ee/holo.drum This lot are the former Hookworms, sans their frontman, who was alleged to have (TW)sexually assaulted his ex, and the addition of a few more members, including singer Emily Garner, to form a 7-piece disco rock band. Unabashedly devotees to the church of early DFA Records stuff, this is a must-listen for the LCD Soundsystem fans among us. Unfortunately with their guitarist Sam preoccupied with Yard Act's success, there aren't many gigs in the pipeline, but maybe they could fit in a Glastonbury appearance. Seems like a lot of good stuff came out yesterday then, gonna dig in this week!
  12. Kindly confirmed by the promoter! Edit: Could well mean a Glaston slot for the support, Folly Group, as well. Check out their song Sand Fight if you're interested.
  13. Simpo

    2022 New Music

    My faves Real Lies have announced their long, long awaited second album Lad Ash And there's a new song, about adolescent memories, that makes me feel a bit like a mellow Underworld song does All the best ones sound like longing
  14. Twilight Singers with Mark Lanegan at Leeds Fest 2006 was one of the most mesmerising, captivating gigs I've ever, ever seen. I met him afterwards as well, too intimidated in my youth to ask anything except which band he was on his way to see (Primal Scream) What a loss.
  15. https://www.glastonburyfestivals.co.uk/contact/press/ Just saw on another thread that applications for press are now open until late March. Good luck!
  16. 1. Yard Act - The Overload 2. Thyla - Thyla 3. Bonobo - Fragments 4. Aurora - The Gods We Can Touch 5. Eels - Extreme Witchcraft 6. Palace - Shoals 7. Elvis Costello - The Boy Named If 8. MØ - Motordrome
  17. Reminder, for me and everybody else, that the remaining balance was (is) £215 per ticket. x
  18. I fear they didn't differentiate between video and audio-only full sets that would be available. Jeff Buckley's 1995 show is available now on... BBC Sounds
  19. Jain *demanded* we bounce on the Sunday of 2017. I was too exhausted, but I did my best. Maybe older demographic/more to do means more tiredness??? Also, Ed O Brien says
  20. Love the Manics... but the time they were most popular probably coincided with when they were least exciting as a live band.
  21. Can't imagine begging a sausage to cook on the softest flame ever willed into existence, or eating something that "tastes like it's been in the tin for a thousand years" at Glastonbury now (as on the 1999 highlights on BBC4 now). Fair to say the food offerings have improved a lot?
  22. One of the first big reunions, before it became a more common things for disbanded groups to get back together.
  23. Is she narrating the whole show? Cool!
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