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  1. Simpo

    LCD Soundsystem....

    And then the bassline from Barbarism Begins At Home at the end!
  2. Simpo

    LCD Soundsystem....

  3. Simpo

    2018 New Music

    Saw him on Tuesday, quite impressed. But my loves The Rhythm Method supported, and their World Cup song, which they were born to do, is a belter! (Video guest-starring Ellie & Theo from Wolf Alice, and Austin from Swim Deep)
  4. Simpo

    LCD Soundsystem....

    Jeezy Creezy, Wednesday was so so good. I miss it terribly.
  5. Simpo

    LCD Soundsystem....

    "Hopefully, yeah!" Al will defo be DJing at Crows Nest too, said he missed Glastonbury a lot last year. He's the nicest feller, gave me some of the band's tequila, bloody good stuff!! And oh my LORD what a gig! I'm afraid I can't agree that new songs are poor, I felt infinite when they played How Do You Sleep. Wow, wow, wow.
  6. Simpo

    Tour Announcements & Upcoming Gigs

  7. Simpo

    Tour Announcements & Upcoming Gigs

    It actually opens in September, they'll probably have an afterparty there.
  8. I thought this would be a good conduit for discussion in the fallow year! I often daydream, or reminisce about Glastonbury, and think about little things, and I wonder if they cross anyone else's mind? Or just see a fun little video! I just caught this tonight, the opening of the newly enlarged Temple at last year's festival! That DJ's heart must have swelled when he saw everybody stream in! Also, I like that every John Peel stage band is filmed with static camera shots, no cameras on cranes going over the crowd. Look at a few sets and you'll see what I mean. Now that's a niche Glastonbury thought!
  9. Simpo

    LCD Soundsystem....

    Manchester is £12.50, and has the advantage distinction of being at the White Hotel.
  10. Simpo

    LCD Soundsystem....

    Now Wave announced it a couple of hours ago! Good old Now Wave. They announced today that their own venue on Charles Street is gonna open in September too. https://www.seetickets.com/event/official-lcd-soundsystem-afterparty-feat-lcdjs/the-white-hotel/1229230# On sale there or Dice tomorrow at 9am.
  11. Simpo

    LCD Soundsystem....

    I was hoping to avoid any setlist news, specifically How Do You Sleep, but it's of little importance! Of more importance is this after the Manchester gig. I think I'm gonna go!
  12. Simpo

    Arctic Monkeys 2019

    Something was buzzing around in my head about Ultracheese, and I think it's that LCD Soundsystem did a similarly structured song but a bit better and about Christmas. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R3kPH2MJzlg
  13. Simpo

    Your favourite Glasto images

    Whoops, the last word of my last post should read sunrise... x
  14. Simpo

    Your favourite Glasto images

    That post-headliner feeling That 1am feeling. The possibilities are endless. That middle of the night feeling. That Sunday evening feeling. One more night. That Monday morning feeling. Telling Glastonbury we'll see it in two years, in front of a beautiful sunset.