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  1. Simpo

    2020 New Music

    Sampling a guy called Alabaster dePlume, who I remember clambering over people wearing his sax while delivering poetry at the much missed Dog & Partridge in Bolton. His ascent is a bit mad, but good for him.
  2. Simpo

    2020 New Music

    RL covering the The Pogues. Just works.
  3. I love how Arcadia's fireworks line up with Lemon Twigs' drum fill from this video I took in 2017: Love bless the Crows Nest and all who sail in her. Back soon enough.
  4. Right you are!!! Excuse me, wine and covid apoplexy. It was the wording of Al;s tweet that made me think this was provisional 2020. Whoops. Errrrrm was anyone at that 2019 Al DJ set? I didn;t have a ticket.
  5. Should be so much bigger. Got any more of those Gavin Hills?
  6. Here's what Crows Nest had in store. If any other stages' lineups get found, let us know EDIT: I GOT IT WRONG LIKE A BIG OAF Still, yous having a good isolation aye?
  7. Needs some sort of miracle, some weird change that happens in the data at a certain point. But Glastonbury is the miracle factory! Can't get over how well South Korea are are doing though . . . . .
  8. Simpo


    My first gig was Manics in 2004, and it was around the time a section of fans from the foreverdelayed message board started shouting for Sleepflower at gigs. They got called cheeky fuckers, the song got called soft metal shite, and they even teased the first few bars of it... Then it actually came out for a few tours after that!! To much rejoicing. So the campaign to bring it back starts now!!!
  9. Simpo

    Other Stage 2020

    They played one or two when I saw them do an underplay show at Manc Academy once https://www.setlist.fm/setlist/queens-of-the-stone-age/2011/manchester-academy-1-university-of-manchester-manchester-england-73d3d655.html
  10. Simpo


    Dunno why I managed to leave it so long, bit I saw them last summer at Kendal for the first time in ages... (Went with Jack White in 2014, which was a minor disappointment.) Really unexpectedly, a few tears fell when they came on and played Motorcycle Emptiness. I was completely in my element for the next 80 minutes or whatever, rain be damned. Reallyinteresting setlist, Tsunami and Little Baby Nothing amongst the big hitters. Well done to them for the way they go about building their setlists after all these years.
  11. Got a new pair of walking boots! Gone for the harder material this time as you can see, but been loyal to the same type of shoe as they were good to me. I got a different, textile material boot last year, and they were not festival proof at all, my feet were in bad condition after Kendal Calling, an incredibly muddy but much smaller festival than Glastonbury. Glad I made that mistake in a year I didn't have Glastonbury ticket. They're the top result here if you're in the same budget range as me, and/or want to see other options etc: https://www.mandmdirect.com/01/karrimor/boots
  12. Simpo

    2020 New Music

    I love RL so much. This is the most anthemic one they've done since the debut album. Wistful vocals and lifting strings. The Detroit-y sample is gorgeous, and so is the "I felt like I was part of something" line, in that Mike Skinner-style speak-singing. Love love love.
  13. THE RHYTHM METHOD!! Archetypal band to stumble across at 2pm or 2am in a stage you didn't even know existed.
  14. It was actually this tweet that made me think of them when I saw this thread.
  15. Simpo


    Give them their own little part of a field to play for hours on end in, like 1992
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