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  1. Found it (after some lucky direction giving by a building inspector I met over Thursday lunch) for the first time this year. Ridiculously long queue on Friday night but we went anyway. Loved it, proper mad mayhem, funny comedian and good Irish banter. Proper Glasto moments in there...
  2. I have tears in my eyes again. (due to the above, general Glasto come down and the prospect of another tedious interview and a 4.30pm Fri afternoon meeting for an hour! Bloody Americans!)
  3. Lovelies of people, I am signing off. I really do hope to make it past the efests meet tomorrow. @deebeedoobee Thanks for the T-shirt inspiration. @Sawdusty Surfer Thanks for the thread! Hopefully see you in the field over the next 5 days!
  4. Went to spam for two of my friends (we had this last night)
  5. Done. All work apps will be off data as of 11pm too
  6. Anyone fancies doing my budget sheet while I have a snooze? I got too excited this morning and already knackered now. I think the ground is good now so let’s move back to general madness on the thread...😜
  7. Just got this from E20. Bit of mud on the paths, all green and firm otherwise. Should dry up
  8. I feel my sheer thoughts of not lugging my wellies to Glasto for nothing, has officially angered weather Gods already... They’ll go onto the backpack. Settled. If only to ensure from here on out the site doesn’t see a drop of rain again until Monday afternoon.
  9. So much love for this thread!
  10. I have really nice walking boots but they are really heavy. And really nice so don't actually want to trash them at Glasto. My wellies are rather comfy for me, plus I don't have some people's magic mud floating abilities. I tend to find the spot with hidden moisture and slot right in. Can't beat wellies for that. Also get cold feet very easily so in a wet-ish or muddy year, I don't mind the warmth of them at all. Still tempted this time around to leave them, bring the walking shoes (not the nice but heavy boots) and the funky overshoe thingys in case.
  11. I don't do walking boots at Glasto. It's more a question, of bring them wellies or not. At the moment in case of light rain, I got some funky over shoes, calf-length, that can go over my trainers if needed. So tempting not to lug wellies with me.
  12. I am going through the same thought process. Not bringing them feels like angering the weather Gods but current forecast means I can save myself a good kg of weight if I don't bring them. EDIT: I have no idea what I will do yet and likely decide super last minute.
  13. I’ll silently acknowledge your knowing stare. Lol. This has officially turned to the efests mad house and I love you all for it. Especially @Sawdusty Surfer and @deebeedoobee though for starting it all. (And Big Dog of course) now let’s get ourselves to those blessed and very dry fields...
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