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  1. Anyone see the 'glitter lasers' on the Nucleus stage? They looked like white lasers but with glitter shimmering in the beams. Maybe there was lots of shiny stuff floating around and it was picking up on that. But it looked cool!
  2. I felt fine this year with hangovers and tiredness compared to the last 10 years of festivals I've been going to. The only thing I can put it down to is going vegan. They say it makes you recover quicker. And the food there was amazing. Between 3 of us we had Poutine, African stew w/ fried plantain, Katsu curry burger, falafal & houmous in pita, Tibetan curry, giant sushi maki roll, mac n cheese, pie n mash, asian noodles, some super healthy tofu burger w/ mixed grains & watercress.
  3. Is this Four Tet next to me in 1st class on the train home or am I just really tired? He's listening to "New LP 2019" and has Ableton on his laptop.
  4. Anyone else's partners dusting and hoovering before leaving? 🤣
  5. Coming via the train station and the shuttle bus drops off at the West Gate.
  6. Just upgraded to Skylark 😎. Dreading the walk from West Gate though!
  7. Sorry for more questions. But as a 1st timer I've no idea on the size of the site. Can anyone help me with roughly how long it would take to walk from the West Gate to Lions Den camping vs West Gate to Paradise Heights camping? I've heard LD fills up fast. Is there any point in trying to find a spot there on the Wednesday? Would it be easier just to head to paradise Heights?
  8. Just listening to Four Tet's Glasto set back in 2016. And completely forgot about his Eric Pridz' Opus remix. Only seen it once live in Space, Ibiza. Man I hope he plays it again!!
  9. Anyone seen any times for The Bad Apple Bar? I don't wanna miss Eats Everything and also wanna check out Strictly Whitney! There's nothing on the app. Or will it all be in the paper program?
  10. Are there any areas onsite which have better phone signal? I need to meet up with some friends that are taking some of my heavier items in their camper van.
  11. Back to the weather topic. Are walking boots goo enough or will I need wellies? I've heard the rain drains away quite quickly unlike Glastonbury.
  12. UB40 Salt n Pepa clash 😭
  13. I think we've decided on camping at Paradise Heights. But we have some friends in the campervan field which seems miles away. Can normal campers even get in to the campervan field?
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