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  1. It'll be 6 years since my last Sziget. Has anything interesting or important changed in that time?
  2. What is Prime? Just a load of merch or is the ticket price cheaper as well?
  3. Capaldi's old news. It's Sam Fender now!
  4. I've just remembered I had a dream about them last night. I was trying to ask them what they were selling but they were all asleep
  5. I just had to google the meaning of snus & schtick
  6. I also didn't see one person in there besides the bored looking staff the whole festival!
  7. Next time we'll be taking a camper and driving straight in!
  8. It didn't help that I had to come in through the West Gate (Shuttle Bus) and camp with my mates next to the East Gate (Campervan fields).
  9. Ah that makes sense if it was rain. Looked awesome.
  10. Anyone see the 'glitter lasers' on the Nucleus stage? They looked like white lasers but with glitter shimmering in the beams. Maybe there was lots of shiny stuff floating around and it was picking up on that. But it looked cool!
  11. I felt fine this year with hangovers and tiredness compared to the last 10 years of festivals I've been going to. The only thing I can put it down to is going vegan. They say it makes you recover quicker. And the food there was amazing. Between 3 of us we had Poutine, African stew w/ fried plantain, Katsu curry burger, falafal & houmous in pita, Tibetan curry, giant sushi maki roll, mac n cheese, pie n mash, asian noodles, some super healthy tofu burger w/ mixed grains & watercress.
  12. Is this Four Tet next to me in 1st class on the train home or am I just really tired? He's listening to "New LP 2019" and has Ableton on his laptop.
  13. Anyone else's partners dusting and hoovering before leaving? ?
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