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  1. Has anyone seen the new Glenfiddich advert. They age their new whisky Orchard Experiment in Burrow Hill cider (The Cider Bus) barrels. I wonder if they'll be serving that at the bus this year?
  2. Can anyone recommend a good adhesive to repair my walking boots? The outsole is slightly coming away on the front of one.
  3. Soul Summit = John Summit?
  4. payneruk

    San Remo

    That's my go to "I haven't sobered up from last nights Christmas party and I've got another in 1hr sort me out drink".
  5. payneruk

    San Remo

    What does this mean? Posted on their Facebook. I can't remember following them so it must be the old Beat Hotel page.
  6. Quick question re the SEC as I can never remember how the one way system works. When you enter via the late night entry. And follow the one way system around. When you get to the end. Do you have to leave and re-enter. Or can you loop back around? Thanks.
  7. Anyone listening to Dj Heartstring on radio 1? Could go down a treat in SEC.
  8. Any recent ish Dixon sets online? Preferably Mixcloud as my Soundcloud app pauses when the screen locks!
  9. Our 1st Nashtonbury. Gonna make it a yearly thing.
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