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  1. First time for me too Found this map on the planning application site
  2. Simpo

    2023 legend slot

    If Fleetwood Mac are never gonna headline, how about getting Stevie Nicks to do the legend slot?
  3. Good year for late nights it looks like. No hot hot morning sun to force you awake and out of your tent, for us non-fresh/black types, so hopefully able to get recharged and make the most of our Glastonburys. But it could all change!
  4. Popped into my head that they'd be great later on at The Crows Nest. Really hope that happens now I've thought about it.
  5. 1 transaction - 1 delivery fee - 1 delivery
  6. From the official site's West Holts page" "Bicep are bringing the most spectacular production we’ve ever hosted and will pull off a closing party to remember." It's gonna be the full beans.
  7. Simpo

    San Remo

  8. Simpo


    As good a thread as any to mention that the official website's section for The Park was updated again at some point, and confirms Tricketts Bar will return at the top of the hill
  9. Hooray! It's always a bit of a scare when an area as sacred to Glastonbury lovers as The Glade announces there's gonna be any kind of change. But that's part of what makes the festival continually so good, always the same, always different. Now then, just looking at the map, and the fact it seems the Spike no longer has acts of its own... Is the newly rebuilt Spike Bar actually going to be a balcony viewing area for the new position of Glade's main stage?? because I love the idea of that, and how it could meld with the Glade's atmosphere.
  10. Real Lies - Lad Ash Fontaines D.C. - Skinty Fia Bob Vylan - ...Presents The Price Of Life
  11. That is Paolo, who asked about potentially getting press accreditation here: (I found him on another festival forum where he's a more regular poster, and he applied)
  12. Simpo

    Arcade Fire

    So do we still reckon there's a chance of them coming up north on the weekend, or do busy schedules dictate otherwise? They had to announce this show, with it being streamed etc, so that doesn't rule anything out. Think I'll head to Manc on Sunday anyway, a few heads, including two Doves, spinning vinyl on the roof of Yes from the afternoon.
  13. Simpo

    2022 New Music

    That Hot Chip tune is funky fresh.
  14. Simpo

    Drug Testing on Entry

    It seems to me that that article completely misunderstands what was actually being discussed. "Front-of-house drug testing" is what some other festivals have, a public-facing tent in which punters can come and make sure what they're holding is safe. Not, as the article kind of insinuates in the first paragraph, a vial of piss to be submitted and analysed before you can get your wristband! Interesting, though, that it is the festival that doesn't want a tent for The LOOP, or whoever, stationed somewhere. I always thought the council would be the ones resisting that.. And also interesting that the festival's security guy thinks front-of-house testing doesn't work as a deterrent/makes things noticeably safer, in his experience.
  15. With talk about how smaller areas could be improved, I really don't think it'll be long until Pyramid mk.4(3? 5?) is built. A bigger one, able to accommodate larger production, larger screens. The current one is close to 25 years old after all.
  16. Simpo

    The Avalanches

    With Avalanches' latest album We Will Always Love You being a bit of deeper experience than Wildflower, it seems apt that they've gone back to more of a DJ set live show. And with them playing what I expect to be the sunset slot on the Park Saturday night, it could create a vibe like that of Jamie xx in 2015. However, they can be hit and miss, so it's tempting to have Saturday be the night I hang out with a big group of friends at the Pyramid, and ensure a good spot for Macca. They usually never allow themselves to be filmed, so here's a rare chance to see what we could be in for from Coachella: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tWN3p6gtBi4 There's 20 minutes of footage if you go back to 6:52am, so back 6 and a half hours or so to catch it. Looks mint tbh.
  17. Simpo

    Arcade Fire

    This has confused me, sorry, has it been released?
  18. ConMan is April For me: Destroyer - Labyrinthitis Bodega - Broken Equipment Yumi Zouma - Present Tense Honourable Mention to Charlotte Adigery & Bolis Pupul - Topical Dancer Four great albums.
  19. Both giving nothing away about 2022, but West Holts and Shangers have updated their sections of the official site. It previously listed their 2019 plans. https://www.glastonburyfestivals.co.uk/areas/west-holts/ https://www.glastonburyfestivals.co.uk/areas/shangri-la/
  20. After looking into it, even though they have nearly the same name, this Festival Apple Cider might be different to the Festival Apple Still Cider I've had. Would be weird if it had a distinctly un-Brothers taste though, so who knows.
  21. No, Brothers Festival Apple Cider is an existing product, that I enjoy. It is not the same as Malletts cider, which I tried in order to ensure their Glastonbury 2019 competition, (and all I won was this most t shirt) which I didn't enjoy. I had a couple of cartons of the Brothers stuff on the coach down, the last time I was at the festival in 2017. It looked more like a carton of juice than any kind of alcohol, so I know even a strict coach driver wouldn't notice. So yes, this is proper Brothers gorgeous sweet stuff. Edit: I say that. But what I had was their festival apple still cider.. You'd think it'd have the same basic taste thought right?
  22. Kendrick is Sunday. I'm expecting an Avalanches-Gallagher clash. I was looking forward to a nice Saturday evening settled in front of the Pyramid, but Avs are one of my big faves.
  23. Simpo

    2022 New Music

    Yumi Zouma, how nice is that?! Saturday or Sunday afternoon on The Park please.
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