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  1. Glastonbury Tor is always a good option! lots of lovely cafes to eat in the town its self. the Apple Tree inn does a beautiful carvery on a sunday! Just a few miles from red gate on the glastonbury rd! Opposite the ashcombe park caravan site!
  2. Its very wet here! Take a look at the state of the ground thread! locally pretty much is under water or very squelchy!! just like a glastonbury festival but a whole lot colder!
  3. I wonder how many people are looking at this thinking an announcement has been made!!!
  4. Saturday 29th February!!! In the evening!!!
  5. Ha ha not tht i wud post on efests during working hrs!!!!
  6. the whole line up shud be a surprise! You find out when you go through the gates!!! Oooh the suspense!!!
  7. There is something unique about a bigger band on a small stage!! You almost feel like they are playing just for you! Travis in crossiant neuf one year was fantastic!
  8. There is alot of work that goes into and around crowd control and safety all weekend! On the ground and monitored from above! This also happens around the rumoured secret sets and the unexpected moments in the sets! The stage managers and stars work really closely with the safety teams to do their best to keep things safe!
  9. I guess everyone has there own story about Glastonbury! For me reading the book was the families story and what it means to them! i have my story having gone there for a walk round the farm as a ticket holder past as a steward present and the future who knows and the end my ashes under the pyramid! Or at the top of the hill by the letters! I will always be there somewhere!
  10. funkychick2007

    Volunteering 2020

    What now as in at moment! Working behind the scenes is something im really interested in after stewarding for a couple of years!
  11. Totally agree!!! The leylines, jamestown brothers, two great local bands! And the skimmity hitchers!!
  12. I wonder who the special guests are?
  13. Massive attack and the levellers please!!! To be honest just to be back on the farm 50 years after it started is enough for me!!!
  14. funkychick2007

    Volunteering 2020

    There used to be a previous experience or extra skill box to fill in!
  15. funkychick2007

    Volunteering 2020

    Take thermal leggings and boot socks! No matter how hot the days are the temperature drops at night! The light wight packable down/wadded coats are great! Light but warm!
  16. Just reading the book! For some reason its making me cry! Tht place brings out so many emotions! The family insights are so heart warming! Was thinking how many previous entertainers will return and how many of the original crew are still around! I just love tht farm!
  17. Blimey you lot lot really go for it! Im starting with walking and yoga!!! Will have a rethink in a month! Last weekend was amazing weather for walking! Think i might be the slowly but surely one of the forum! All credit to you guys though!
  18. Walked 6 miles over 2 days!!! Have i got some work todo!!! Im knackered!!! Need to make some major improvements!!!
  19. I love this description! So true! Everyone is at a level of knackeredness! Its good fun trying to find all the crew areas and having a banter trying to blag your way into different areas!!
  20. Happy New Year Everyone! Enjoy life! Love everyone around you! 😃
  21. Started the preparations for New Years Eve countdown to Glastonbury 2020! And helpfully BBC2 have provided the entertaiment 1.15am to 3.20am the best of Glastonbury 2019! Happy New Year Everyone!
  22. Merry Christmas everyone!!! Stay safe and enjoy being around the ones you love!!
  23. funkychick2007

    2020 headliners

    Whats happened to Glastonbury having something for everyone! See you all at the farm next year!
  24. Fuzzydunlop -this is a great idea! Thank you for your time and effort! Merry Christmas!
  25. Wow they are missing out on a great time theres so much more to Glastonbury than the main stages!! Even though Macca will be fab! Check the ticket details but i think each individual ticket holder is responsible for their own ticket! Its not really down to you to pay back their deposit!
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