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  1. Calling @PDAD and @Seldom Seen Kid and @Homer and anyone else who fancies joining! 😀
  2. Fantastic idea we can have a guided tour!!!
  3. You are just brilliant!! And your Grandchildren just love the memories you and Mrs G make for them!
  4. So far its been sunny all day and just gone cloudy!! So would have been Biffy!! BBC scotland are showing the Glasgow set at 10.30pm maybe we can pretend it was at the farm!! 😜
  5. I wonder how empty the Premier Inn is?
  6. Sorry to hear tht!! Have you been painting anything new lately?
  7. With those symbols an Ed Sheeran annoucement!
  8. @parsonjack what a comprehensive list!! I agree the independent market is fantastic!!
  9. Lovely too see everyone last night!! Enjoy tonights VM and for any lurkers thinking about joining take a jump and do it!! Its great to share stories of different festivals and gigs!! Amongst other things!! Everyone is very friendly and welcoming!! 😄
  10. You gonna bump i into our @WellybootAnd you got Cheese and Grain Wolf Alice tickets!! 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻!! Exciting they will be amazing there!!
  11. Are you at New Order too??
  12. Anybody welcome later!! Please come and join us!! 👍🏻😄
  13. @guypjfreak your stories of your Grandchildren always brighten up the day! 🌟
  14. Just watched this!! Beautiful!!
  15. @WestCountryGirl Great news really pleased for you! 👍🏻
  16. This looks great but think it deserves a look on the tv rather than my phone!! Will look forward to it!!
  17. I can do Friday! Probably not Saturday!! Cant wait to hear more festival and gigs stories!!
  18. I really enjoy the way some bands can produce the loudest absolute belters of songs one minute and then the next produce the calming raw melodic emotion of songs!! Biffy Clyro and Wolf Alice are particular good at doing this to me!
  19. Apart from tht really hot week in july did we really have a summer!! Amazing last year was so good in lockdown and those luckily enough were able to spend it in their gardens!!
  20. funkychick2007


    Are you dancing to them yet cant beat a dancing security man!! 🤣
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