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  1. Is it from 8pm or 7pm!!! 🤔
  2. Everything crossed tht everything is ok! Look after yourselves and each other!
  3. The back way across the moor is quickest ypu just have to get off a diferent motorway junction than the SAT Nav tells you!’
  4. Great opportunities for young people!
  5. Great idea!! I cant drink so can be the safety crew!!! 👍
  6. Im up for a Bristol meet!! This is the Boomtown Bar!! https://m.facebook.com/outerspacebristol/ @vintagelaureate
  7. Was lots of fun!! hope you had a nice birthday @Seldom Seen Kid
  8. My annual leave is in!! Not tht they will agree it for ages!! I’ll be at Glastonbury in the South East Corner what ever happens!!! 👍
  9. Going to watch on catch up tomorrow!!! Very excited!! Spent the evening with lovely people at the virtual meet!!
  10. Ive got a Christmas pudding but no ale!!!
  11. 🙄🙄🙄 i know!!! Annoyingly i had been awake since 2am!!! Then must have fallen back tp sleep around 8!! Think i had fallen down the you tube rabbit hole of glastonbury clips yesterday and was in a different time zone!!!
  12. I will have another watch had only just woken up and switched tv on!! 😴
  13. Think Tom Walker may have just self confirmed himself for Glastonbury on Sunday Brunch!
  14. Happy New Year Everyone! 🌟🌈🍄
  15. It certainly is!!! Whoop whoop!! 🥳🥳
  16. No worries @Ayrshire Chris ive not been able to get on the forum so hadnt even noticed!!!
  17. Ha ha!! look forward to meeting you in person in a field in somerset!
  18. This place has got me through alot this year and some great friendships have been made!! the virtual meets are lovely to pop in and say hello and stay as long as you like everyone is welcome!
  19. Sorry to hear you have had a rough time well done for giving yourself a Christmas present hopefully the future will be a little brighter for you!
  20. Ouch sounds painful hope you feel better soon!
  21. This is fantastic news!!! Congratulations to you both! 💖👍
  22. Merry Christmas!! 🎄🌈
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