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  1. No worries at all @Funkyfairy!is a lovely person to be muddled up with. Ive run out of reactions for today!
  2. @Supernintendo Chalmers lovely to have you join us! see you at the next one! lots of Glastonbury talk its really happening!
  3. Lovely to see and catch up with everyone!!
  4. @Supernintendo ChalmersAre you going to join us I need some local support!! Any new people going to join us?? We are a lovely bunch!!😀
  5. I may be a little windswept in appearence!!
  6. Yep ive got the Glastonbury gas cooker out!!
  7. They are being put on Poster Drop thread as well!! Not wasting anymore time on these people who are just unhelpful to say the least!
  8. Cancelled it out for you!! Ridiculous use of a downvote unless it was a press button error!
  9. Doesn't the Rabbit Hole change its position each year within The Park! And the secret bar!!! Which Ive never managed to get the password too, but its good fun trying to get it!!
  10. Im pretty sure theres going to be a be a selection of tickets in the resale inc accommodation!
  11. Even the nominees and awards are not turning up!!
  12. Think Im getting old I dont recognise half these songs or people!! 🤷🏼‍♀️
  13. This is still on my watch list along with many others!! Interested to watch Chloe later on itv as filmed where I live!!
  14. Is Reacher the Lee Child books ive read some of the books but not in any particular order so might be useful for me to watch the series!! The boks were very good!! Nine Perfect strangers was a good adaption although it ended very quickly in the series! The book i enjoyed more!!
  15. This is going to be my new destress at work!! Its so relaxing completely draws you in!
  16. What a lovely way to spend an evening talking about Glastonbury sharing stories and making plans! Its really gonna happen this year🥳
  17. Thts seems quite a good deal do you reckon its tall enough to sit a chair in the middle bit if it was raining!!
  18. Great news!! Its a little bit windy!! how long you here for??
  19. funkychick2007


    Stuff like this makes my day!! 👍
  20. Thts what we were told but it could ne different for charities such as WaterAid Oxfam etc!! i guess if you really love Glastonbury your not going to do a runner where as if its something you just wanna do once you probably dont care about not going again’!! Plus theres the money the charities lose by people not doing a shift’!!
  21. And getting a ticket in the sales ever again!
  22. Tough little cookies these children mentioned above and their families!! Real inspirations!! 👍
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