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  1. A beautiful thing you did…. And some good advice! Glad you found him and wish him all the best in the future…. step by step day by day..
  2. Gotta love tht girl!!! Get on phone to each other girls!!!
  3. Anyone else watching an audience with Adele!!!
  4. Thread bump cause its getting near to Christmas and @guypjfreakhas a new calendar incoming!!!
  5. Ha ha!!! They all love you really whats the saying they do protest too much!!! 😜😍
  6. Happy International Men’s Day you lovely bunch!!! 😀
  7. Ive told Welly Im bringing the puppy to the meet tht should work!!!
  8. Might have to bring the new puppy!!! Will be chaos!!! 🙄
  9. What are you studying at uni? Sound interesting and interesting perspective? Definately lots of layers to this tragedy!
  10. Looks great though!! Your house is fab!!
  11. Definitely not i love a good box set currently watching Outlander!!! 🤣🤣🤣
  12. Ive heard lots of people say good things about it not sure why Ive never watched it!!
  13. I dont think Ive seen any steven merchant stuff before!! very cleverly written!! If your local you may have seen on the news the film set props lorry ended up in the Bristol Waterside after the finished filming it!! It was all quite dramatic thank fully no one was hurt!!
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