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  1. You did a great job organising it all!! 👍With help from @crazyfool1
  2. Tht was a fun day yesterday!! Lovely to meet people in person!! See you all in June!! 🥳
  3. Would love to go to the secret bar but will give the hot tub a miss!!! 🤣🤣🤣
  4. Our team do thursday and saturday 6pm to 6am or friday and sunday 6am to 6pm! But with all the changes this year who knows!!! the new campsites will add an interesting take on things!!! im wondering if Acadia may be a bigger space which is why have put moved extra public camping in the stewards camping in diary!
  5. As its Mental Health Awareness Week!! Take a minute out the day to smile at someone, say hello, send them a text. Ask them how are they are. But most importantly Notice them!! You may be the only person who does even for a minute but it may make a lifetime of a difference. 😍
  6. This one is the same for me!!! Hobo is a Glastonbury tradition!!!
  7. I think we are going to get lots of surprises and changes this year!! makes it harder to predict where and when!! Ive a feeling we are gonna see new venues pop up!! its all very exciting just waiting!!
  8. Absolutely crying my eyes out at reading these stories! I dont know what it is about Glastonbury but whatever it its the most special thing tht exists! This year Im going to be an emotional wreck after a crazy three years for myself and making some incredible friends from here Im probably going to cry at everything! There are to many songs tht remind me of too many things!!
  9. Enjoyed that then got lost down a rabbit hole of playlists on soundcloud of tonight and previous competitions
  10. That's it must be getting the two confused!! Doesn’t take much to confuse me!! Good luck to all anyway!!
  11. Ahh is it the earlier rounds you can get tickets for??
  12. Im now asking myself why I didn't get tickets for this!!! am enjoying the conversation though!! enjoy your evening!!
  13. Hes going to the fish and chip van for his tea later!🤣🤣
  14. Put the tent up and waterproofed hopefully!! Still debating fresh and black tent as even this morning it was already an oven inside!!
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