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  1. With or without a ticket!!! June or September! It is going to happen!! 100% hope shines brightest in the dark!!
  2. Hope all goes well!! Have to say with my experiences of hospitals recently they seem to be doing quite a good job of meeting non urgent/urgent appointments!! Annoying we have had to wait but I think they are doing what they can safely!
  3. I could be very wrong but I suffer with migraines and they hang around for ages!!! They can be horrible and have lots of side effects!! look after yourselves both of you!!
  4. I hope you are taking good care of yourself!!! Honestly the waiting times for the tests results are inexcusable at times!! I’m sure the anxiety does not help people’s recovery!
  5. It’s pouring with rain which means I have the best excuse not to go out and stay in and watch films all day! And eat rubbish food!
  6. @QuarkInterestingly they really struggled with us doing our admin from home!!! We literally had to record every move we made!!! Strange to be trusted to make life changing decisions but not working from home! It’s interesting how the private sector and other companies have adjusted to working much better and more supportively!!!
  7. Can’t wait to hear about the escapades!!! Have fun!!!
  8. Believe me thts one of the things we don’t really give a dam about which is why we take the piss!!! We are frontline so have much more to deal with from the generally public than we get from managers!!! My team is amazing and would find it hard to get a better one!! Local Authority is a whole different story!!! let’s just say life is is interesting but lockdown has given us many more stories to tell!!! 🤷🏼‍♀️
  9. When we are in the office!! We all move each other mouses so managers don’t know we are not at the desk!’ Despite our calendars saying wen we our doing admin and when we are doing visits! They still question if we go to the loo or make a cuppa!!! 🐭
  10. Ahh made me cry!!! Reminded me of what we missed then what we have to look forward too again!! Such a legend!! I’m lucky enough to have met him and heard him speak before!!! Really is a proper gent of a farmer!! Ax
  11. These stories are hilarious they brighten up my day!’ Better than any tv!! All joking aside I hope Two Hats is okay!! I await this weekends escapades!!
  12. Thanks this is great just sent it to my sister for my nephew to look at!! He gets a lot of his Star Wars lego from toy fairs!!! He is loving the new hidden side range at the moment!
  13. @Padgey I will happily take the campervan off your hands to create space!!! My nephew has been pestering me for years for one!! Couldnt blag one from vw garage when I bought my car either!!!
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