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  1. I like the look of this!!!
  2. Ha ha this response made me laugh the mistakes are due to the limited mobility in my thumb when typing on my phone not wearing my glasses and efestivals not having spell check the essence of the message is dont worry take them! Oh and I work for the local authority dealing with school non attenders!
  3. Check the the school absence but im pretty sure it has ben more then 5 days before they can fine you and to do tht they have to take you to court which only the local authority can do wether the school is a acsdemy or not’ most local athorities will only do tht if everything else has been tried’ i widnt worry to much! Every child has the right to be edicated st home! Parents just have to provide evidence of doing this! Glastonbury is a great learning environment!
  4. i thought about this to for a while! No matter where or what im feeling in life if i can share glastonbury in life with friends and family my world is a better place! This quote from Micheal Eavis sum it up for me! "In the fields of Worthy Farm, everyone feels part of something - and no one cares about race, creed, or anything," "And it's the greatest time in the world isn't it?"
  5. funkychick2007

    Sober times

    Really! I was thinking more of a matcha ice tea! Enough caffenine to keep you going all day in a reusuable metal bottle of course!!!
  6. I completed my training online just email them and ask for a slot! The online training is good!
  7. funkychick2007

    Sober times

    Less to pack and cheaper! All my glastonburys have been alcohol free due! Its still my favourite place in the world, the atmosphere the people you meet and you remember it all! All my friends drimk and so do people around me! It doesnt bother me tht they do and they just automatically get me water! Glastonbury is incerdible for so many resons why wud you want to miss a moment everybody should enjoy it in their own way!
  8. A big reminder without reliable volunteers the festival wouldnt happen at all! And yes i am a volunteer steward and proud of it! Volunteering is a brilliant way of given back to the festival! Taking a space then not turning up whats your inside will do you no favours in the future there are consequences which effect you gaining entry to lots of festivals including trying to purchase future tickets!
  9. Having worked in the south east corner in 2017 its a pretty amazing place! Age wasnt an issue we found alt ofbthe younger age groups came in earlier in the evening! after the main stages finishes it gets pretty hetic till the early hours! I would say be prepared to explore and be enlighted to new experimces! As with the whole festival enjoy the experimce and keep each other safe! Inappropriate behaviour is not acceptable anywhere including a festival! Aplogies if tht sounds like nagging!
  10. Really lovely family just going about their everyday somerset lives! Do so much for the area outside of the media coverage! Mr E always gives a few minutes to stop and chat!
  11. Why wud you? Not really the spirit is it! Makes it harder for the other volunteers working, someone else misses out on a place, and sends health and safety into a panic and security and ultimately puts the festival at risk! I love volunteering! Its amazing being part of something tht creates an experience for others to enjoy! Even if just a small cog in a big wheel! Please dont take advantage of peoples trust and goodwill!
  12. Definately something different this year! No idea what but lots of people who are local and have gone rain or shine for years didnt get tickets! Things like the good weather in 2017 and no festival last year increased the numbers! Our group of six didnt get in we all live different places and did what we normally do and didnt get a ticket! I do wonder if its all about new customers now!
  13. Got to say i love volunteering its a completely different experience but by no means an easy way to see the festival! Its worth the hard work though!
  14. Possibly the high numbers of regular festival goers tht didnt get tickets! Lots of people have been asking who i work for who have not shown the slightest interest in working before! I would like to think it was because people want to raise funds for a charity! Without volunteers the festival may not happen!
  15. I wud love to know how many people in each area of the uk got tickets! Hardly anyone i lnow local to glastonbury got them! Heres to the resales!!!
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