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  1. Its looks so much fun!! Really glad so many families are going to get to enjoy this!
  2. Thts another thing thts random the buses!!! 🤣
  3. Somerset weather is random Im 30mins away from Pilton not a glimmer of sunshine!! Warm though!!!
  4. Bet you dont leave without tasting some!!!
  5. Yes Riches Cider at Watchfield!! If you come off at Junction 22!! You can taste as well!! I would offer to get for you but wont be able to drive at tht point!!! Fingers crossed!! https://richscider.co.uk/ They supply the festival as well I think! Nice resturant and play area for kids too!!
  6. @Yoghurt on a Stick sounds like a big drinkey woo is needed!! Well done you!!
  7. @ian the wormHow is the worm household doing hope you are all feeling better!
  8. Its crazy!! Im happy to pay a admin fee which is sensible!! But not all the extra bits and pieces!! Id be very rich if i got paid for every bit of my job which would count as extras!!! i wouldnt mind paying it if it went to the band or stage crew etc!! i just hope gigs concerts etc dont outprice themselves and people dont get to experience live music!!! And call me me old fashioned I do like to have a paper ticket an actual ticket tht you can hold in your hand, a bit tht gets ripped off when you attend then can keep the rest forever!!!
  9. Very true!! Sorry at @Gilgamesh69 probably shud not have asked publicly! 🤣🤣
  10. Are you packed and ready to go to Latitude?? what happened with the coffee and the neighbour?
  11. Yeah i do a bit but as it was premier inn thought they could cope!! Sad for the independents though!!
  12. Sounds good!!! Something to look forward too! 👍🏻
  13. Somerset is lovely place I hope people come and spend a weekend here anyway!! I had only booked rooms as I may not have been able to drive at tht point!! I only live 20 to 30mins away!!
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