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  1. Got my covid jab tomorrow!!! Fingers crossed! 👍🏻
  2. Another trip to hospital today!!! Such a reality check the NHS frontline staff are exemplary in their professionalism!!! Smiles and reassurance putting patients first when inside they must be exhausted!!
  3. Out team of child care social workers got offered the first jab today!!! 👍🏻
  4. Oh dear floppy snowmen!!! The mind boggles!! The rain its on its way here too which means all round Glastonbury will likely turn into lakes will try and venture out next weekend and get some pictures!
  5. Im a bit of what you call a meat/animal product snob being a farmers daughter so tend to only eat if I know where its grown!! probably not the right thing to put on a veganuary thread I don't mean to offend anyone!! what it does mean I tend to explore the vegan and veggie options options in the supermarket more! Tescos plant chef range I really like! Im not very good with protein substitutes so will use beans and pulses alot instead!!! I do find the flavours alot more exciting than the meat based dishes!! Ive noticed i drink alot of fruit and herb teas as well!!! Which keep me hydr
  6. Fantastic news!!! Our NHS are pretty amazing including Mrs D!!
  7. ahh i would like too one day having a bit of an identity and confidence whack at the moment!! I enjoy following though and posting! Hopefully there will be a real meet in june? Also work in there strangest ideas have decided to social media checks on all is all! Which is most random!! I think its due to us having to use virtual zoom and teams for work and making sure personal accounts arent used on work devices!! Who knows?
  8. So glad @Wellybootgot to see the reveal of Arthur!!! 👍🏻 Sounds like you had a good night all!!! No puking!!! 🤮
  9. Ahh no i went to weston on weds next time is St Micheals!!! Hope Mrs D is okay!! They are all pretty amazing nurses!!!
  10. Ive started reading Victoria Hislops cartes postales from Greece! Not something i would normally read just liked the picture on the front of the book!! but im really enjoying the escapism from reading all the covid stuff!! Especially before bed!!! there comes a point for each individual where to much social media and screen time isnt good for one! 🙄
  11. @Big durbs i hope mrs D is okay i was very impressed by the way i was treated in hospital this week by bristol and north somerset trust!! @squirrelarmy hope the pre op stuff goes well!! My consultant was discussing timescales around me not missing Glastonbury if it happens!!! Bless him i could have hugged him!! Fingers crossed for you too!! @Wellyboot do you vomit sparkles and rainbows too!!! 🤣🤣
  12. @crazyfool1 everything crossed for them! Im sure you are being a great friend to them and they truly appreciate it! Look after yourself too!
  13. @crazyfool1tht makes me feel so sad!!! i dont care about the political side of covid this for me is the reality! please people just stay at home and only go out if necessary wearing a mask!! check in with people see if there okay its amazing how much of a difference a smile and a hello can make! Hope their families and themselves get through this! Take care!
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