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  1. Good luck to all those running tomoro!👍🏻😎🏃‍♂️🏃‍♀️☀️🍺 ! Cant wait to get back on the farm in my welly boots and high Viz! Good luck all!
  2. Not sure if any of ypu are local but a day of sunshine here! Would be perfect weather! 😎
  3. It will probably take me tht long to get up to a suitable level of fitness!!! Looking goteard to helping out next wk! Msybe i should aim for walking the 10k route as a starting point! The weather is looking good! 👍🏻 Ax
  4. Im very excited about next week! Maybe next yr i will run it give me something to aim for! See you all next week!
  5. Fantastic! Well done you! We will be there to cheer you on!
  6. Anyone else taking part in or volunteering at the festival run?
  7. Really looking forward to volunteering its a bit like a glastonbury reunion and efestivals meet rolled into one as a bonus on top of the money being made by the dedicated runners and walkers and organisers!
  8. Are you looking for volunteers to marshall? Happy to help if i can where do i get the details! Seriously missing being on the farm in my high viz!
  9. Many will try their best to do it this way if your are working for the same charity/organisation!
  10. Completed for you! May be worth speaking to local police forces Glastonbury have a really good infrastructure around security and the law and working closely with the local support networks and professional bodies Wagon-shed welfare may be worth contacting!
  11. I go to the festival on the Monday walking round the site before the public arrive is magical watching it all develop and come together! Work 2 ten-hour nigjt shifts over the weekend! Catch up on sleep on Monday Tuesday Wednesday go back to work Thursday! Spend the next 12 months twiddling the crew bans snd remembering every precious moment! A festival can be whatever you want it to be! For my own reasons there is mo drugs or alcohol life is different now!
  12. Dont wish to sound like a nag but if you are going to volunteer then you should really throw yourself into it fully or let someone else have the oppurtunity!
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