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  1. Anyone else having trouble logging in keeps telling me passcode incorrect!!!
  2. @crazyfool1and @vintagelaureate We are going to get you there!
  3. Glad its arrived!!! 🌈💖🌟
  4. @guypjfreak thank you they look great on my wall!!! Thats all the walls covered in the lounge covered now! Oh and the dining room!! 😀
  5. Priscilla Queen of the desert! Every time!! Love it!! Cant wait till it comes back to Bristol!!!
  6. Super talented!! Beautiful backdrop! Tht must take some balancing holding playing it dancing whilst on the move! 😃
  7. Thanks for a nice evening!! Love a good glastonbury tale!! Anyone thinking of joining there a lovely friendly bunch! It will be one of the most positive things you do! 😃
  8. Not sure he needs perking up!! 😜
  9. No chance of dating the neighbour then!!!
  10. Great easter meet!! Wont be on to late though as seeing the parents on sunday and have to be up early for easter egg hunt!!! Day after second jab and everything aches like mad!! hope you feeling better @Gilgamesh69!!!
  11. Second Jab today!! So far so good!! Next week off work!!! 👍🏻🌈🌟
  12. I was thinking the word shit has been said more times in this thread!! 🤣🤣
  13. This is becoming the when will this shit end thread!!! As @Quark said Get over it and appreciate live nusic is coming back!! People like stuff People dont like stuff!! Best Quote of the day!
  14. I do seem to put my foot in it alot!!! 🤣🤣🤣.
  15. The way i see it is they have created a option for people to access live music and make a personal choice of how to spend an evening!!! Its good to hear by this date people will be able to make choices of how to spend their evenings something we havent had for a long time!! lets have some positivity folks about looking forward!!!
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