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  1. bakon


    It doesn't look like they are there anymore?
  2. bakon


    Looking like they got them the wrong way round first time? Blue/white tent now in the rough position of the multicoloured one
  3. That's great to know - thanks
  4. With all the recent flight cancellations/delays happening it's making me a bit nervous about not getting to Bristol on time and missing the coach. Has anyone any experience or knowledge of what happens in this scenario, surely it can't just be sorry you missed the coach, tough luck?
  5. I've just got my resale Bristol ticket
  6. bakon


    I didn't think this thread could get any better!
  7. When I noticed (2016 or 2017) that the solar panels around greenpeace were just for show and not wired into an inverter....
  8. Do you know if the coach tickets are emailed to the person who booked for a group or to each person individually?
  9. I'm happy I can easily read this poster.
  10. Daft Punk 68 Elton John 50 (-10) Kate Bush 30
  11. I think everyone had a tear in their eye with Damon Albarn at the pyramid on brexit morning, very raw
  12. Hobos doing Levellers One Way is usually an earworm for the rest of the festival for me.
  13. Daft Punk 70 (+10)Elton John 90Kate Bush 86
  14. Daft Punk 100Depeche Mode 0 (-10)Elton John 72Kate Bush 98
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