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  1. Lovely to see people and welcome the new faces!!
  2. May have to come and visit a bit later!! This weather is just too nice!!
  3. @ian the worm Im still memorised by the rolling. ball sculpture!! Really looking forward to the next edition!
  4. funkychick2007

    Dr Martens

    Mite be because I dont tie mine up very tightly!! And I agree like you say one pair is definitely not enough especially with all the different designs now!! 👍
  5. funkychick2007

    Dr Martens

    This they need lots of breaking in!! i would also recommend buying a pair of Goretx socks as even though you waterproof the leather the water will get in between the lace holes! Breaking them in is the priority though wear them in everyday to June!
  6. @guypjfreak Hope thing improve with baby Eliza soon!! Take care of yourselves!! Look forward to meeting you in June your pictures still look great on my wall!!
  7. Bird and Blend tea is one of my favorites near the other stage!! And I do like a hot cup of tea from many different places!! Im not a coffee drinker but believe there are some good choices!!
  8. All my festivals are sober!!! I have just as much fun as anyone!’ And theres loads of non alcoholic drinks around!!
  9. MOT must have fallen down the rabbit hole!! 🤣
  10. Hes inspirational he came and spoke to us on one of training days and work with some of our care leavers! definitely makes you think!
  11. The shifts arent bad if your not bothered about the main acts!! And prefer places like Arcadia and South East Corner!! Co Op had their campsite in the diary ground last year with their own tents! if i was younger I would give it a go better than not being there at all!! volunteering and working is a completely different experience to being a ticket holder! Both are great and you cant really compare them until you have experienced them! i would struggle to go back to a ticket holder now!! id say give volunteering working a go!! Its also great to give something back!
  12. @plaskins hope all goes well and keep focused on tht positive light you have got shining!! You are doing well moving forward you will get there take each day as it comes and celebrate every achievement even the smallest and keep talking to people. @squirrelarmy Thts so sad what a shock! You know where we are!
  13. On days like these One of my songs that gets me through the tough times Sadly Ive missed seeing them play twice will never be the same again now! So sad!
  14. Whoop whoop!!! Theres a party happening in Taunton!!! @crazyfool1 And one in the North @vintagelaureate🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳
  15. From someone who lost their best friend to Cancer 2 years ago this made me cry!! The difference you will have made to someone out there will be more than you can ever imagine!! Be proud of yourself as I am sure the person will have been of you that inspired you to do this!’ A lovely thing to do! 👍💜
  16. https://www.glastofestfeed.com/news/refresh-west-recruiting-glastonbury-2022-bar-crews/ Apologies if has already been posted!
  17. Absolutely amazing news well done!!
  18. Could anyone post the link for @Brave Sir Robinplaylist please? Thanks👍
  19. @guypjfreak A lovely picture!!! Congratulations again!!
  20. Congratulations! Sounds like you were nearly at the birth as well!! Hope your all doing okay!! Dont they say the Grandkids keep you young!!!!!
  21. Ashcombe park has camping and parking but dont confuse with Ashcombe Farm caravan club site! You can camp and park car next to tent! Then short walk to main gate D!
  22. Im pretty sure if you emailed they would allow you to swap the coach ticket as there will be lockdown babies tht were not here when the tickets were originally bought!! the same with change of names due to marriages!! they put in place adjusting the under 12 ticketless system so no doubt will be flexible for other circumstances!
  23. @danbailey80This is great!!
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