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  1. elbongo

    Boomtown Fair 2017

    Hey all... Could I please seek some advice. Never been to Boomtown. Very exclusively a Glasto goer. My son won tickets for Boomtown. But we know nothing about it. Saw previously a little information in relation to taking alcohol in. Actually first thing to ask is how does the camping work, as in is like Glastonbury where once your in your in or is it separated. Then. Alcohol allowed and how? Umm. So much, too much to still know.
  2. elbongo

    New security measures in place

    Fucking travesty if so. Bloody winding me these stories.
  3. elbongo

    New security measures in place

    Some fucking daft answers in this thread. All the things confiscated I bet will be sold in the shops. Maybe not penknives but as pointed out traders etc. Loads of em. Plus tent pegs more dangerous. It's fucking stupid. And don't hit me with that terrorism thing. I get the searches fine it's what follows. It OTT Fucking fun sponges
  4. elbongo

    New security measures in place

    I seriously think a message needs to be sent to Glasto Ltd or whatever stating what ridiculous shit is going on. Not the searches but what's been taken or whatever. It's OTT
  5. elbongo

    New security measures in place

    Of what?
  6. elbongo

    Gate B Status thread 2017

    Seriously pissing me off these security stories. For what flak I might attract the good ol days seem long ago. It's verging on ridiculous some of the tales of woe.
  7. elbongo

    New security measures in place

    Well they have worthy fm. How the fudge you meant to listen to it?
  8. elbongo

    16:30 Tuesday Gate D punter q report

    Queuing already... What's the world come to.
  9. elbongo


    I think I... i can just... make out... No. Nothing. I think they are trees in the foreground. Then again maybe they be ponies or some kind of bear.
  10. elbongo

    possible ticket cancellation..

    sorry to hear man keep strong x
  11. elbongo

    Weather 2017

  12. elbongo

    Weather 2017

    What Gav say? In text form if I may?
  13. elbongo

    Weather 2017

    An accurate take on the weather? You won't find that here
  14. elbongo

    Weather 2017

    The weather thread. Glastonburys official fun sponge...
  15. elbongo

    Weather 2017

    Fucking weather