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  1. elbongo

    Car park ticket

    Get one on the gate £50
  2. elbongo

    Glasto hacks 2.0

    Just to remind fowks... If you want a lost phone back get the number you want called to stuck on the phone. If the phone dies and makes it's way to lost property. They won't charge it. Goes in a bin full of uncharged phones. As in some kind of sticker. Yeah knows
  3. We is old. And that sounds orrible
  4. You the Simon says... wish were about for 94? I bang on about it and bore whoever is listening about 94. The first one is always the best. And at the time. 17 years old I loved the levellers. And orbital on the Saturday. Sound systems all over the place. No curfews. Crazy times.
  5. 2015 for me... literally no idea who played. That's normal tho. I literally only really remember 94. Since then it's all a blur. And I mean a blur. Not.. Yeah
  6. 😂 Happy birthday! I lied... Stevie was the last pyramid headliner
  7. Orbital the night after. 94 the year that hooked me in forever. Ever year since
  8. Levellers 94 my first year. And I loved em
  9. Prodigy 95 on the nme stage. Never oasis 😏
  10. I haven't seen a pyramid headliner since Radiohead 97. I don't why I'm watching it now. Fuck she's annoying
  11. Watching Lost In Vagueness on sky arts instead. Seen it before. Very interesting Guy is that Roy fella.
  12. Everyone gets dragged into the randomness of those runs... it was the same last time out. And all the times before. This is why NFRNFC started. Someone at some point was right. But it's all speculation
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