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  1. See your GP, ask for Fexofanadine.
  2. I hate days where I know there is no Gav's Glasto weather update at 7pm
  3. THX_1138

    D&B acts?

    A slightly abstract recommendation would be Stenny. Check this recent tune from him! This is a very blatant example of garage from him and in reality it will be more techno, but I expect heavy garage and broken beat influences in that set. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KIm8Sq0hPug
  4. THX_1138

    D&B acts?

    This. Also want to see Kasra B2b Randall, Aphrodite, Kings of the Rollers.. All seem to be getting mentioned. I want to see all of it haha
  5. Dreaming of Duck Burger in my face.
  6. Pretty much this. Last day though
  7. Hi all I'm sure most people have this in check, but on the offchance.... Me and my 3 friends no longer have a need for our parking pass. It's available for £25. Message me if you want it Alan
  8. I love Calibre/LSB/Seba quality liquid D&B - But I think those tunes come to life when they emerge from a sustained spell of dirty tunes. Brief, beatiful ecstatic moments that are special because you smashed through the rotten tunes Ha. Whole sets of it leave me cold.
  9. Must be nearly time for Gav?
  10. Hype B2B Randall will be mad vibes! There are 4 of us going, and 1 who really is only into very floaty liquidy... almost commercial D&B and moans about hard D&B. He mostly wants to see acts in the Beat Hotel. It's going to be interesting as he's well outnumbered haha
  11. I also have 1x Car Parking. My group are all staying in Bristol and getting the train now. PM me
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