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  1. I actually like this. I am trying to be objective given that I love them and am bound to say that but I’m genuinely not finding much to fault. Not going to be the best thing they’ve ever written (that would be a hard one) but an above average output that I am deffo bopping to. It actually sounds a bit Hot Chipp-y to me. There is talk of a new album (despite this being for the film), so I’ll look forward to that!! 😀😀. Good times
  2. Listening to the new Groove Armada single - Lover 4 Now (don’t think I like it- anyone else?). Can’t see Phoenix’ release yet anywhere
  3. What!? I hadn’t seen this!!! Exciting. Sad no Philippe Zdar though 😞.
  4. Phoenix Girl

    Hot Chip

    Do you know, I actually nearly did a few years back. Really regret not doing that now and renting it out. Apartments quite close to the sea front were ridiculously cheap at the time- probably some of the cheapest property in the UK. Gone up quite a bit now though :-(.
  5. Phoenix Girl

    Hot Chip

    I bought a streaming ticket. I would absolutely love to go though, with Margate being my local venue pretty much. It’s who you know with these things though isn’t it
  6. Just skimmed 15 pages and picked this to put on. Sounds great, thanks BSR
  7. Gaga > Taylor > Billie but I’d be there for all three for sure. Billie is a colossal star, of course she can headline.
  8. I think there’s a balance here. Not rushing to a pub this weekend but want to support my local economy as soon as I can (safely). I don’t really go to pubs to drink anyway, but hope to be able to go for food...
  9. This is impressively disciplined nikkic, I’m in my 40s and I don’t do this. One meal a day is all I manage and it’s deffo after booze. No wonder I’m suffering for a week when I get home.
  10. Hi Woffy! Hope you're well. When my husband and I first went to Glastonbury together in 2009, we thought we'd try and be a little bit healthy over the weekend rather than coming home feeling like complete death. So, we decided to take packets of nuts and seeds with us as snacks, instead of the more sensible option of crisps and chocolate. Needless to say we never opened them
  11. Ah well I haven’t been on here since Glastonbury but had to pop on to say cheers for the mention @Woffy. It’s been a blast! Right back atcha ?
  12. Sprocket, I never once doubted you.
  14. Yourself, Pilton Digger, big dog, the sticky stick and the well all got a shout out. ☺️
  15. Thanks @Greenelk, that was ace. Loved the big dog shout out.
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