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  1. 1. The Reytons - Stylus Leeds 2.Kid Kapichi - Key Club Leeds 3. Beans On Toast - Near and Far Camden 4. Alabama 3 - Beautiful Days 5. Frank Turner - Camden Roundhouse 6. Damon Albarn - York Minster 7. Undercover Hippy - Book Club Leeds 8. Lottery Winners - Key Club Leeds 9. New York Brass Band - Crescent York 10.The Lathums - O2 Leeds
  2. Far too shouty, they've got that covered with Shame. Could do with a little indie in the mix. Hopefully one of the up coming bands, any from The Reytons, Lathums, Snuts or the K's would suit me.
  3. Not TV, but went to see the new Ridley Scott film, the Last Duel. Much better than the reviews I'd read, despite Affleck's incredibly bad acting at times. Watched Old Henry, a fantastic western, if you like that genre. Now just waiting for Yellowstone to drop at the beginning of next month. The season 3 finale was phenomenal!
  4. That's very true, they do seem to cop for an absurd amount of stick on here. They have released some great music, some shit music but most of it is somewhat in between. What can't be denied Is that they do deliver a great live performance. I was really excited for their performance and they delivered, helped by a storming set from Faithless beforehand. Saw them again when they headlined in 2016, mainly because there weren't a lot of options elsewhere. However, the light show was immense and they gave it their all. I wouldn't pay to see them again but if they played on the farm again, I'd consider seeing them again.
  5. Probably,my best mate said it worked when they played a small, intimate gig. He does have a good voice, and that section was my wife's favourite bit. The energy just faded and left the room and didn't come back until the band rejoined him on stage.
  6. The penis fencing flat worms! Two pronged penis at that
  7. I was excited to see them, they were supposed to play Y Not, and along with The Reytons and The Snuts, they were the new bands I was really looking forward to but alas it never happened. What do you think to the acoustic middle bit, I'm really unsure. They seemed to get the audience going and bring them down again. My wife loves those songs but with people talking over them, they seemed to lose the crowd something. They definitely lost the crowd in our vicinity.
  8. .First thing back for me was Beautiful Days, first time for us, but it's been on my wife's bucket list for ages. It was lovely to be back in the fields with like minded folk,but can't say we'll be rushing back. Too close in the calendar to Boomtown and not enough late night activities. Stand outs were Frank Turner, Alabama 3, 4 Poofs and a Piano, Lottery Winners and Imelda May. Bizarrely, the first gig back a couple of weeks later was the Lottery Winners in Leeds, this had been scheduled for March 2020 and many times since. Tom is a fantastic front man and has a great sense of humour. Definitely worth checking out live. It was great to be back in a small venue again. Made me realise how much I'd missed it! Two weeks later it was the Lottery Winners again, this time supporting Frank at Lost Evenings, it was a great day. Frank was, as always, on form. Personal highlight was a surprise gig by Beans on Toast, which I found about from Jay himself, over a beer in a bar. He's an absolutely lovely bloke and we exchanged a few Boomtown stories. I'd only popped to the bar to get a drink, my wife thought I'd got lost. The Reytons were next, this has been my favourite gig since the return. Great crowd, good venue. One of my most listened to bands over lockdown and they didn't disappoint. Think early Arctic Monkeys. Someone on here described it as Indie landfill, but they're much better than that! The Lathums followed at the O2 Leeds. Venue is stupidly overpriced on its drinks and does a terrible selection. It will make me think twice before considering this venue again. Crowd were also a bit meh, a lot of bad mannered folk who talked over the acoustic numbers. The lead singer is incredibly talented but it felt like two different shows. One with him solo, and one with the band. The latter was definitely better! Bootleg Beatles on a freebie ticket followed. A very strange, seated gig complete with screaming teenagers. I kid you not! It could be one of my more surreal gigs, and I've had the misfortune to see Henge! A couple of weeks off and then a busy November. Living being back watching live music.
  9. Boomtowner

    The Reytons

    My best mate was there tonight, glad you enjoyed. We just need to see them together now. Hopefully, that will be on the Farm
  10. Lucky you, I was 11 when they broke up so never got the chance. A couple of mates got to see them on the final tour but they were a couple of years older than me.
  11. It is isn't it, I was trying to explain it to a mate and it shouldn't work but it does. I love the Roy Kent character. Looking forward to the end of series two this weekend.
  12. That's brilliant news, loved the first two series, something to look forward to!
  13. Is this the right thread for controversial opinions?
  14. I like Suck it and See, that's why I liked @Gnomicide theory. Not like the first, but a good album. But Humbug...
  15. It is, and continued with Setting Sons, even now after over 40 years of listening to them both I can't decide which of them is my favourite Jam album. My elder brother always had them blaring from his little box room. It's the music of my childhood, Dig the New Breed was my first ever vinyl purchase, when I was a kid.
  16. As you say, polarising. Loved every song off the first album. It's between them and Stone Roses for the best debut album of all time. I don't think there's a single song from Humbug that I actually like.
  17. Love the theory, and it definitely works for many band, looking at you Arctic Monkeys! Doesn't work, in my opinion, for my favourite band The Jam, albums 3 and 4 are far better than 1 and 2.
  18. I think Alice in Borderland edged it for me but my wife preferred Squid Game.
  19. It doesn't impact me, it's not a festival I would have taken my kid to, but I do understand the frustration of some of those families that rolled their tickets over. As you say, we'll see what they come up with. It will be the highlight of my year again, as it has been each year I've attended. I did enjoy chilling out at Whistler's Green, sad to see it go but excited by what might replace it.
  20. Lots of outrage on FB over the decision to curb the family orientated areas. Not sure how they will police a curfew on children after 7!
  21. It was cringe worthy, but at least they didn't get too much screen time. Didn't detract too much from the overall quality of the series.
  22. The Lottery Winners were awesome, due to COVID, our gig dates all got rearranged and ended up seeing them 3 times in 4 weeks. They were my first gig back (rescheduled so many times), saw them at my first festival back (Beautiful Days) and then they played Lost Evenings. Tom even twerked me in the queue! Frank was also excellent.
  23. I thought that they would probably headline one of the stages
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