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  2. Hawros

    2019 New Music

    Thanks for the reminder - that's next up.
  3. Ahh knew he played there but wasn’t aware he was an exclusive. Thanks.
  4. Just sent them this on Facebook 'The lack of band announcements or a headliner two months before the festival is really aggravating your paying customers and I dread to think what day ticket sales are like for the Friday. But the worst part is the total lack of communication from your PR team to assure people that announcements are on the way. Drip feeding us one band every few weeks is just annoying everyone. Think hard about how you communicate with customers in the future' Looking forward to the 'stay tuned' reply 😏
  5. Padjeq

    Taylor Swift

    I've been in and out on Taylor for her entire career but I love this one. Nice for the video opening to explicitly herald the end of the unconvincing snake era.
  6. jyoung

    Taylor Swift

    Reputation stadium tour was insane. The album got a lot of stick but that Etihad show was so much fun. Agree with everything @GETOFFAMYLAWN says above.
  7. wish i was a glory hunter (support leeds because of my dad, might never forgive him)
  8. mpdow2

    Hot Chip

    Anything more on the DJ vs Live Set debate?
  9. Ayrshire Chris


    I hope the doors still clang shut with that iconic noise that’s so part of the festival!
  10. If what they had announced up until now was decent, I wouldn’t be bothered waiting. But they really are taking the piss now.
  11. But he initially started supporting them for the glory. I would say anyone that supports a team where they don’t live, or has no family connections(example your dad supports the team) is a glory hunter. Unless you live in the city or family connection, what other reason is there to support a united or a Liverpool? Hey I started supported united in the 80s when we won virtually fuck all, that doesn’t change that I was attracted of the glamour of a big club. Rather than support a Birmingham or Walsall. Why fans get so offended by being called a glory hunter is beyond me.
  12. Incredibly frustrating, it better be worth the wait.
  13. Looks to me like there's a gap between YM@6 and Wombats... or a may just be overthinking it. Good Charlotte did hint they'd be back in the UK this summer.
  14. I'm pretty sure they put a request out in 2017 asking people not to post photos and info about the festival build, is this the first time they've actually put it into people's contracts?
  15. I'm underwhelmed and a bit disappointed. It's...ok.
  16. I fully blame you for the fact I've just ordered a selection of their beers, as I went to their site to look at this. They didn't even have the Bloody 'Ell in their shop either!! Free shipping offer at the moment though, so at least I saved some money...
  17. I was well too hungover for that Moonlandingz set. I was well too drunk when I saw them at Live at Leeds a month or two beforehand. Nailed it on the third occasion in Manchester a few months later. Proper Goldi-lagered it.
  18. You're right... Friends are tempted to cancel the trip now because of it...
  19. Same, gotta be a reason they are holding back the 2 names missing from main
  20. I like what I've heard on the radio, not got round to listening to the album yet. So much to do, so little time.
  21. shoptildrop


    Lots of action going on in the Greenpeace field
  22. not many of you lot seem to be giving the new Aldous Harding a listen. I can strongly recommend it.
  23. So much good stuff coming out - loving the new Kevin Morby on first listen.
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