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Best bar to work at?


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8 minutes ago, zahidf said:

One of my friends is working the glasto bars this year for the first time. She wants to know what the best bar is to work at? Preferably to hear bands and which is most fun


She won't get to choose a bar - it depends who she's working for.  If it's Avalon then I'd say probably Stonebridge bar would be most fun. 

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Stonebridge Bar would be a good crack, but how much you'd get to enjoy what's going on is debatable.


I've worked the Meeting Place bar, which is dead in the evening and the Backstage Bar which was more fun, but lots of w*nkers in there.


It's supposedly paid professional bar staff only who work back stage, but we were asked to stand in when they had no shows.  The staff they had there didn't seem any more professional!

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Depends what she's into and who she's working for. I'm with Avalon and gone for Park. West Holts has a lot going for it, namely being closer to camp. Glade and Stonebridge will have party vibes if she prefers that. 

If she's Workers Beer Company I'd definitely go Woodsies or Silver Hayes. 

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5 hours ago, zahidf said:

Cool thanks. She went for cockmills

Good choice. Not necessarily the most up to date acts, but not crazy loud in the bar and the clientele in there are nice 🙂 If I was choosing a bar to work in, which might be next years plan, that’s the one I would want to work in.

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On 4/24/2024 at 8:47 PM, MEGATRONICMEATWAGON said:

If I had a choice, I'd prefer working in either the Park or West Holts. 


West Holts because I generally like the music there the most. The Park because it's just so chilled and friendly there. 

Would agree about the Park Bar - I was allocated that bar in 2008 {That is one of the bars that is now run by Avalon Bars and Events - years later} although I would imagine that area is now a lot more busy than it was in 2008.But it was a bloody long walk from the Crew Site. I have lost count { well its over 35 years } of all the bars and have also worked in the Guest bar { now called the interstage area } for about 8 years but the area for me was the bar in the Acoustic area but more tricky to work it as it was mainly real ale although that was many years ago. 


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