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  1. information as at 31/5/2020 Australia Coronavirus Cases: 7,192 - Deaths: 103 United Kingdom Coronavirus Cases: 272,826 - Deaths: 38,376 But estimates by the Office for National Statistics suggest there are currently 8,000 New cases per Day in England alone. Seeing that most people in the UK have been under lockdown for 69 days its the number of new cases that is the big puzzle. Sure things can change but I am not certain there will be a Glastonbury 2021 and even if there was I am not even certain if I would risk attending unless there is a vaccination. its been 77 days since I was last on a Bus or the tube and I am out for 40 minuets per week to do my shopping { Lucky enough I live in a Tower block attached to a shopping arcade } as I just cant risk catching it as I have had two previous heart attacks and no way would I survive if I caught it. Time will tell but we are in uncharted waters.
  2. just ran into a few more of my shots the top one is from 1986 { I can tell by the yellow wrist band } - bottom one 1986 or before. Now 1985 was very muddy and 1987 was very wet { but not as muddy as 1985 } but as you can see 1986 was scorching ' and it was the first year that the WBC ran all the main bars ' 1986 was also the very first time The Mutoid Waste Company was at Glastonbury - I have tons of shots of their art work. People I ran into in 1986 who had never been before ' just did not believe me ' when I told them how muddy it had been the year before. and People I ran into in 1987 who had never been before ' just did not believe me ' when I told them how scorching it was in 1986. I must dig out some more photos { but not this Month }
  3. it was the early 80's { I can be that close as I can still picture who was around our Camp fire - and yes as a Old Boy scout it was set up correctly and even had stones to contain the spread } - anyway we were all standing about this cracking fire when a single space Cadet was staggering past and he came close to us and said ' I cant find my tent - have you seen my Tent ? ' - well funny enough No as we had never seen this Joker before - I asked ' what Colour was it ? ' and he said Blue which really cracked us up as every third tent was blue - anyway I pointed to the right and said - well there is some blue tents over there - and away he walked - wind forward two or so hours and this joker appeared again and repeated his question - he had not a clue he had asked us before so this time I sent him to the left and he staggered away # but this time did not return # so perhaps he found his tent or perhaps he is still there trying to find it. so I take it you did not burn down the cabin - did you use one of your fancy fire holders ? { the split down lawn roller } at least your still standing. No dates for the images .
  4. My god you do have it bad - I am sure you were out in your back garden with a big bonfire !!! good to hear you got a injection of cash and I am sure it was a good night. Which leads me onto a Glasto story - this had to have been 1987 or a previous year because 1987 was the last time I camped in public camping so it was the 80's - we were camping ' not in our usual spot { which was by the red dot } - fuck knows why we could not camp there - so it was close to { blue dot - or the next field { sorry did not take a GPS reading } - so could have been 1986 or 1987 anyway it was still when people could have a fire ' outside their tent ' which was always a great concern # if it got close to our tents # One morning { very early morning } I heard two space Cadets clearly fucked out their head and one said to the other ' lets have a fire ' !!! - at that I got dressed as they must have been camping next to our tents and I was worried these two jokers would not spot if it got out of control - Lucky I did check - they were well out of it. ## at first they were just staggering about and no way were they prepared to have a fire ' as they did not have any wood ' but I just sat down having a smoke - making sure they could see me ## But then space Cadet #1 said to space Cadet #2 - I know the quickest way ' lets burn down our tent ' and at that one set fire of their bloody tent. ## lucky enough this was about 8 feet to out nearest tents so no real danger but I hung about just to see when it would sink in on them that they had burnt their tent including sleeping bags etc etc ## Funny enough it was not a big fire but embers were being blown about but ' away from our tents ' I am sure it was a Friday as I did wonder how the hell they were going to survive for another few days. not sure what the space Cadets were on but clearly it was not doing them any good by making such a daft decision.
  5. Funny enough one of the people who was with me in 1979 is called Kev ' and No it was not you ' !!!! The bunch { - it was a Folk band and the female singer was Kevs girlfriend } all ended up with a free pass so I am not even sure if they issued wrist bands in 1979 as I can only find this bunch { although I have the paper tickets for the missing years } and all the rest are crew wrist bands { but sadly no tickets for most years {they were not issued to WBC crew} top image is from the 80's - I must process more 35 mm negatives as I have loads but its a time consuming job. Out of that bunch who was with me in 1979 they all gave up Glastonbury in the 80's mainly due to the quagmire of 1985 - that sealed the fate for many. so if you cant remember the year - can you remember which decade ? Happy 6th wedding anniversary {yesterday} sorry it had to fall at such strange times.
  6. very strange - first saw them in 1967 or 1968 in Glasgow and I thought Mick sounded good { taking in his age } Ronnie Wood was funny as you could see he wanted to get stuck in - Not what I was expecting but a few months ago I did not expect all this Pandemic that has affected so many people. I am watching it on TV { ABC} but I believe https://youtu.be/87-ZFjLfBAQ allows you to rewind { I tried it and it works for me }
  7. I mentioned a few things but went into details about something that happened in the early 80's when I was a ticket holder and its a very funny but true story. this is my second attempt because BBC Points West asked me to do a live interview ' in advance ' { they had been in touch for months } at Glastonbury Friday 27th June 2014 - God knows why they wanted to do a live televised interview - anyway that is the day there was a power cut https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-28056363 so they cancelled the interview and now its cancelled again due to this bloody Virus. anyway will see how it pans out this time.
  8. same here from Matt Tasker was sent 2:52 PM Thursday 19 March think I replied ' No problem and if I am still alive then please contact me either 2021 { or 2022 if Boris is wrong } '
  9. I am a retired University of London lecturer and for some period of time I used to teach statistician's who were doing their PhD's and many were using Predictive analytics so I know how crucial it is to input all the correct data and as far as I can see no one in the UK has the correct data so any predictions are bound to be flawed - everyone should keep in their head GIGO {garbage in, garbage out} I hope I am wrong but we may find that in 12 months time 'we may still be in uncharted waters'
  10. its Claimed that it will be Wednesday 23rd to Sunday 27th June 2021 Although at this time I do have my doubts that we will be out of the woods and we could end up with Glastonbury 2021 also being cancelled. Time will tell - this is going to rip though the festival scene and I reckon that many well knowing festivals will go under.
  11. No its not a headliner - in fact its a Group that is not well knowing at all and they did not appear on a stage !!!!!!!! they were called The Flying Patrol Group this is one track http://www.fpg.ecrp1.com/in uniform.mp3 From http://www.fpg.ecrp1.com/tracks.htm http://www.ecrp3.free-online.co.uk/fpg/Fpg_pics.htm https://youtu.be/UeP472l4KJ8 it was the 80's and I was on a wander - very late at night and I was sitting having a smoke and I could hear a band playing but could not work out why the sound got louder and then out of the darkness the two of them appeared { and they had portable speakers } It really did capture the soul of Glastonbury - it was really very special whenever I saw them. Not my Image
  12. glasto-worker

    Volunteering 2020

    although this was some years ago {when there was not a balls up over recruitment} but the 2 people I know who were called up who were on the wait list ' got called up very close to the event in June ' so while it may look that the wait list is called up in April {this year the deadline is 31 March 2020} they may have others who pull out much closer to the event. They were not even 1st and 2nd on the list - Shelter had called up others but they were moved to Voice mail so they wanted to speak direct to the person as ' they had to confirm they could make it straight away ' so try not to have your phone on Voice mail.
  13. the odds are NO I could take any image and change the DOB on it in seconds so a image proves nothing. the key part of below is ' If you look under 21 ' so a person who was 30 could still be asked as the bar person has a split second and most will not take any chances.
  14. Thanks - it will be a long slog but at least I can still go. in that wing there was about 42 patients and 75% or close ended up having a amputation - I still have the form that I had to sign agreeing to a amputation if required !!! so when I woke up ' that was the first thing I checked ' I can still walk but its limited { due to the nerve endings that died } so that restricts where I can wander - although they do drop me down on a buggy to various areas. image is from Thursday 22 June 2017 { shame she missed out the other machines - never did find out what they were doing }
  15. I was well pissed off because I had a previous bypass a few months before that so I was fit and well and even booked a hotel next to the Coach pick up point so everything was prepared and then the bloody bypass blocked up at the start of June so ended up back into Hospital but facing a far more dangerous Operation where there was a 50% chance that I would die and a 70% chance they would have to amputate my bloody left leg. So I wont forget that one in a hurry - and the worst thing was ' the only possible year that I could watch Glastonbury on TV ' but I was stuffed as TV is banned in ICU ' and they had a block on Smartphones so I never saw a thing. But on the plus side - I still have both legs and my place is secure this year.
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