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  1. glasto-worker

    Crew layout at Womad

    it was great to run into you - in fact there was a fair number of efest posters that did say high. Over time I hope to be more mobile although I was glad of a lift from the Oxfam Top man late last night as I was worried I would not make it though the mud { not up to Glasto standards but with having to use a walking stick any bit of mud is tricky } - glad the shop went well and I hope you got back ok.
  2. glasto-worker

    Crew layout at Womad

    yes we will arrive ' close to Noon ' Wednesday - I have one of my team mates with me who will be doing the running about as I wont be running anywhere - in fact its unlikely I will wander much into the arena - if there is a big tree I will be sitting under it - this is where its so different between Oxfam and the WBC because with the WBC I have access to a huge fridge truck { very handy to keep drink and food cool } and if it really gets hot ' we used to kip under the fridge truck.' - With this heatwave I am not looking forward to it so I do hope I run into someone I know who is working one of the bars so I can keep cool - enjoy your time in the shop { you never know - they may have a fan }
  3. glasto-worker

    British Summer Time 2018

    avoid the small bars - look for the large bar's selling Draught beer as its far cheaper. we tried to leave via the north gate - Stewards did not speak English - all the signs was pointing to Bayswater - no way was I walking to Bayswater { I know those exits gates } so we changed our arm ' and walked up the cycle lane - while everyone else was following the signs - in fact the path to Marble arch tube was not blocked so cant appreciate why the signs were pointing the wrong way.
  4. glasto-worker

    British Summer Time 2018

    I thought it was Oxfam doing it - so who is doing it ?
  5. glasto-worker

    British Summer Time 2018

    well they managed it in 2006 at Hyde park - it was open 13 days out of 14 { June/July } - as you walk in ' via general Admission the screen was on the right ' facing the stage ' I worked there every day but I know nothing about football or who was playing - they showed football but there was no sound - cant recall what days it was but I know it was on as most of the audience was facing the stage and others were facing the screen - all very bizarre I know it was Roger Waters on Saturday 1st of July and the Who Sunday 2nd of July - which was the last weekend . just cant understand people who buy tickets for a concert and then miss the concert to watch football.
  6. glasto-worker

    British Summer Time 2018

    The bar staff at Hyde Park is paid but the Volunteers at Finsbury park working the bars are not paid but what you have to appreciate is the Volunteers at Finsbury park ' did not pay a deposit ' - I suspect next year they will. the wristband and entry staff are volunteers at Hyde Park ' but they have paid a deposit ' so if they fail to show up - they lose their deposit. I wont know the full story for another week but I strongly suspect the balls up was caused by New Teams { by new - I mean brand new who has never worked at any event with the WBC before } who failed to appreciate that they need to show up - none of these new teams will be used for Glastonbury 2019 or Glastonbury 2020 - they will have at least a 3 year ban . certainly in the last 29 years Finsbury park last week takes the record - being down 200 Volunteers is no joke and it must have placed enormous pressure on the people working at them.
  7. glasto-worker

    Queens Of The Stone Age @ Finsbury Park

    The Mean Fiddler claimed it was the same number of tickets sold { cant recall if there was a Friday event as well } - I did not do go round counting everyone but I know it was bloody hectic The Madness lot was far more polite - funny enough I tend not to serve jokers who shout ' Hey c**t I want 6 pints of Cider ' I would not have a clue who Gareth Southgate & Stuart Pearce are and even looking them up - I still don't recognise them { I am not into football } I was also working at The Phoenix Festival 96 so got two lots of the Sex Pistols but I was transferred to Mean Fiddler Production so was working dealing with the VIP's and Press so I missed the action at the front of the bar so cant say what it was like .
  8. glasto-worker

    Queens Of The Stone Age @ Finsbury Park

    I don't know at this stage but its a very high drop out + those who dropped out without Permission have screwed themselves as there is no way will they get placed for Glastonbury 2019 and Glastonbury 2020 . These are not random people who can join a Team online as I am a Official Organiser - I have only taken on three new Volunteers in the last ten years and I make it very clear that unless they drop down dead or have a valid doctors certificate then they are expected to do the days they have requested - now these three have been excellent and they have never let me down. I have seen some crazy years - June 1996 with the Sex Pistols - sadly that was before there was barriers up where the volume of the crowd was so great there was a very good chance the reinforced bar and counter was about to cave in so the Bar Manager jumped on a table with a megaphone telling people to move back ' and they would not get served until they did so ' - at first they did not belive her ' so we shut the bar down - drew over the tent curtains and when the penny dropped people started backing off - that certainly was the busiest event I have seen at Finsbury park. Being down 200 bodies is something that has never happened before - the WBC did bring in Agency staff but they tend not to be all that enthusiastic but I can understand why they did it.
  9. glasto-worker

    Queens Of The Stone Age @ Finsbury Park

    please note that the WBC has been running bars at Finsbury Park since 1989 and I have covered most of them but this weekend as I have a cancer controlling implant with side effects that make me overheat I had to withdraw from this weekend as it was far too hot to work - it was all cleared in advance with the Director of the WBC. I was aware by Managers onsite letting me know that there was a huge drop out although its not clear why. The Promoter will specify how many bars there will be - their exact footprint and location and agreed staffing numbers. the WBC factor in so many extra Volunteers to cover staff shortage and illness and that works 99% of the time - if the extra Volunteers are not asked to work then they are told to go and enjoy the event. I certainly cant recall there ever being such a large shortfall at any event. If the WBC is given advance notice they will offer out the places to other Group Organisers so I suspect that this came right out the blue.If that is true they will be looking into what teams failed to show up and I suspect they will be new Teams who have not grasped the importance of only bidding for places that they are 100% certain they can cover { barring illness } as for Festival Republic putting pressure on the WBC - I certainly will not get into that one although its the very first time the WBC has had to apologise after a event - I will find out soon enough as the next event is in 11 days. if there was a issue with card verification machine { some are a right pain because if the signal drops - the whole verification has to be restarted from the start } and I am sure they are already looking into that. I am sure e-mails will be flying out to all the Group organiser who dropped out without permission. A shot before the bar got busy
  10. glasto-worker

    Liam Gallagher finsbury park

    sorry cant help - due to the hot weather I had to pull out { I have a cancer controlling implant that makes me overheat and is triggered by hot weather } - I have asked the set up crew to send me a photo of the price list ' but when their duties are over they will get hammered so not expecting them to send it tonight
  11. glasto-worker

    This time last year I was....

    I would not know - because I have never met God !! This is a more recent shot { early this year } when I was discharged a female friend looked after me for 6 weeks ' provided that I would let her cut my beard ' - sounded a good deal to me - except the bloody thing grows much faster now so have to go back for another make over but I am working this week at Finsbury Park with the WBC and then I have Roger Waters coming up { as a Punter } so not sure when she can fit me in But it will have to be done as I am working at Womad - I had planned a quiet year this year - just have to take it easy and see how fit I am next year.
  12. glasto-worker

    This time last year I was....

    funny enough no it was not a AAA band - I also had one round my ankle at first they tried to put it on my left ankle but seeing that was the side they would have to amputate if the operation went wrong I advised them to place it on my right ankle its a very weird experience being on a ward of 48 people and over a period of time about 38 to 40 had a foot or leg amputated - they all had what is called PAD {Peripheral artery disease} in my case the first artery bypass blocked so they had me in for a bigger Operation and if that did not go well ' they were intending to chop off my left leg ' lucky for me it did go well but it may take a few more years before I may be able to walk normally - its a long process. a shot a day before I was discharged - I now use a walking stick I do my first WBC work next weekend at Finsbury park ' although I wont be running about 'should be able to wangle a MDU { it pours 12 pints at a time } which will cut down my walking. will be back at Glasto next year although will have to get a lift on a supply buggie to reach anywhere.
  13. glasto-worker

    Beer Prices

    well to me £5 is cheap but I live in London and £3.40/£3.60 for a pint is a bargain. some of my team were at the Foo Fighters at Etihad Stadium - Manchester a few days ago and Pints were £6 but what they were drinking I cant say. I am working at Finsbury park next weekend so it will be interesting to see what the price are.
  14. glasto-worker

    Glastonbury 1998.....memories. 20 years ago this week!

    I do recall that but dates are not my strong point I just wished I had kept a Diary - some of the crew was going on about the Mud but of course none of them had been to 1985 because if they had they would know how bad it got . I am sure that is the year the WBC moved camps - always a right pain in the arse because the first year of a new crew camp is very tricky so lets say as we arrive the crew entrance is facing west - its only after everyone arrives that the WBC Council get together - they can argue for five hours over what should be on the breakfast menu. now of course everyone is pitching tents facing the entrance/exit - always happens the first year of a new crew camp but the people I was with that first night were not aware ' that there was a very good chance ' that by morning - it would be all change some of them # had prime spot to entrance/exit # I did warn them that they may be in for a surprise the next day - none of them believed me - I don't blame than as it does sound a Mad claim but none of them had been in the WBC for that long. The next morning - shock - horror - the entrance/exit which was facing west has now moved and its facing South. all that crew camp is planned out Months before but I knew the entrance/exit was in the wrong place so I took a gamble the Council would see sense and on that occasion I was right. So while I know where the crew camp was { we were there for 7+ years } I cant recall what bloody bar we worked on and with not knowing that its difficult to recall what we went to see apart from a few big acts. Now I moved 6 months ago so there is tons of stuff in boxes but if I find the right box I may find my old allocation sheets and if I do I will be able to work out which bar we ended up in and who was on my Team that year - they are younger than me so they may have a better idea what we did. I did spot there was a ' Workers Beer Stage ' in 1998 and it was a good friend of mine who ran it so that would have been the bar we worked in we had straw down inside the bar ' But a Fire officer showed up and told us to remove all the straw even although we had imposed a no smoking rule in that tent - he cracked me up because a person would need a blow torch to start a fire as it was so damp but rules is rules so we had to dump the straw. the Workers Beer Stage was only a platform for people who were willing to play for free { although they did get a drink out of it } the bar was near the meeting point so closer to the acoustic area so I expect we spent most of our time up there and on that Friday the stars were ' The Australian Pink Floyd ' - they were fantastic Saturday Robbie Williams and Sunday Dylan - there will be other people but it all fades into a distant past - thanks efest if I had not spotted that about Workers Beer Stage I would not have recalled all that - the WBC did not have a stage again as far as I recall
  15. glasto-worker

    This time last year I was....

    well I was stuck in a Intensive Care Unit at the Royal Free Hospital Hampstead I was under constant watch by two nurses 24/7 who did not leave me alone - blood pressure test every two hours - blood samples taken every four bloody hours - look on the left near my hand that cable with what appears to be blood - in fact it is blood - I had four drain pipes connected to me so that meant I could not get out of bed - only up side was morphine injections every four hours - the only bloody year I have missed since Glasto 1979 and I was looking forward to watching it on TV but due to all the machines there was no TV set and no Smartphones allowed so I missed the whole thing. I don't make a good patient but thanks to the Nursing staff and the expertise of the Surgeons the Operation was a success but for me it was sods law it was Glasto week.