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  1. Well at least I know the date for certain on these - Glastonbury 2008 It was the last time I worked in a public bar at Glastonbury - The Park Bar By good fortune I can pick where my team works so I decided that year I was not willing to walk miles to a Bar { at that time the WBC Crew camp was next to Gate A } so it was a long old tramp to the Park Bar and just by sods law the tent Manager { the boss } was someone I had knowing for 20 years and she was short staffed that year and she would have been upset if I got a transfer so I did not request a transfer - its not me being lazy as that time I had trouble walking a far distance { took me over 2 hours to reach it} - it was only years later when I had my first stent operation to try and cure a blood blockage in my left leg did it really get bad and that operation had to be terminated due to a Blood clot and in 2017 I had a full artery bypass hence why I was unable to attend Glastonbury 2017 and I was looking forward to watching Glastonbury on the TV but in ICU they don't allow TV so I missed the whole bloody thing - very annoying as in 29 years it was the only year I could watch it live on TV and I missed it !! WBC Crew camp can be seen ' top left '- looks closer than it is. bottom image
  2. The WBC were the DPS that year so they were contacted by Mendip Council and Trading standards { who deal with underage drinking and other duties } and they were going Ape shit so at first there was a ban of ' all Cider sales ' including draft in every bar - there was a problem with Brothers as there was no Licence Holder on duty and none of the staff had a clue where the Licence Holder was !!!! - its claimed that the Officials had found a whole stack of 2 litre bottles { could have been 3 litre bottles - I don't like cider so did not pay attention to it } being drunk by underage people so after a bit of a discussion that a ' festival wide ban would be imposed over the sale of 2/3 litre bottles ' and that ban started right away - The Brothers staff was unaware of the power of the DPS and at that first they were reluctant to stop the sales but it was pointed out that if they kept on selling them the DPS would shut down the whole Bar. Anyway they got the message and there has never been any sales since then. all that took place and still they did not find their Licence Holder - I was working that night so I missed the action but I know the DPS { Terry Butkeraitis - A ex Miner - RIP } and he was shocked at how many that were really Pissed and it was clear where the problem was. thanks for the mention @crazyfool1 and here is my first one - middle 80's shot taking behind the old Pyramid stage ' which at that time was not fenced off ' and we were able to approach the helicopter without a pass ' as it was landing ' - the pilot got out and then was having a cup of tea but did not mind us getting close.No way even with a crew production pass could I do that now.
  3. Although I know Michael Eavis well I doubt if we have ever discussed photography so doubt if he is aware I have a huge collection and I have never met Emily Eavis. You have not seen anything yet !!! - problem is that many are stored on 35mm negatives and to convert them all would take take many years - I used to have many printed out as 8"x10" or 8"x12" Photo's and some much larger than that but though moving I lost 30 odd large boxes {24"x24"x24"} but I know I still have the negatives - its not shots of the bands but the people and strange things that you and I always see at Glastonbury. Here is two - that is the Pyramid field { left as you look at the stage } - now what that van was doing there I am not sure but I was told they tried to drive though when it was busy and the Crowd attacked them - I did not see it until the morning so don't know the full story - they { whoever they are } then tried to tow them but I think the boggy ground defeated them. They must have pissed off someone because that night it was set on fire ' but the photos of the burnt out van is within one of the negatives.' I wonder if they got their deposit back. Some of my photos has been used by WBC Production. Some day I will start transferring them but its a major job + just to make it more tricky I also moved again so not even sure where the negative boxes are but some day I will find them again.
  4. yes your right - at least then I just parked where there was space - a few shots of us wandering about early in the morning - Bud had already started his 6th joint of the day - got some good shots of Bud standing beside some of the art of The Mutoid Waste Company but the bloody images are in a box packed away somewhere - they will resurface at some point in the future. You can see the tents are not packed together - and I know that is the public area as its before I started working at it.I can tell it must have been wet and a bit muddy as I would not have been wearing my riding boots if it was not muddy
  5. Re ' people leaving midway though a event ' - Highly Unlikely - they may not have had Police inside the festival site # but they were waiting at the exit # once people were parked and tents up - they remained until the end . + there was not all that much vehicle movement once the event was under way so it was never a problem - the trick was to park near the exit path # but not right beside it # because if it was muddy ' such as 1985 ' any car next to that path would be covered in mud - bottom shot was us { 4 adults and all our gear } on our way to Glastonbury 1985 or 1986 - Bud {denim jacket} claimed he was unable to reach South London so we went to Notting Hill Gate to pick him up - for some reason he had two hats hence why I was wearing one - anything to get him in the bloody Mini so we could depart - he even claimed he suffered from car sickness so he could get the front seat - still we made it there and the Mini did not break down ' there or back ' !!!
  6. I have a ton of negatives from 1984 showing the Mutoid Waste Company as it was so Mad Max { came out in 1979 } - it was not just a static exhibition as they also drove some of their work though the site 1984 was the first year they had specific car parking areas with stewards employed to direct the traffic - think it was imposed by Mendip District Council as they had been upset over Glastonbury 1983 but we just parked as normal beside our tent and no one pulled us up { red dot } which was close to the very heavy Reggae Tent that claimed to be a cafe - if you were not stoned when you walked in ' you would be bloody stoned by the time you walked out as they were all puffing away ' - no smoking ban then think I saw Joan Baez Friday 22 June 1984 Not sure which year the main photo is - for sure in the 80's { note there is no big interstage area } well worth the £13 for a weekend ticket.
  7. I cant say - all I know is Vince was shocked when they found out the Councils requirements for the Phoenix as they just made it impossible for him to continue - there was plans for a further 6 or 7 events and I had thought the contract had been agreed but then the Council bombshell blew up and Vince just could see no way to continue with it.
  8. Thanks - I try my best. I worked at The Phoenix Festival between 1993 and 1997 - it was a event set up by Vince Power - the Mean Fiddler Music Group { Long Marston Airfield near Stratford-upon-Avon } but somehow the Mean Fiddler Production was short of a office manager and somehow Vince got the WBC to lend me out and I was allocated the VIP and Press List . I was in the office when some security head did the briefing to a mob of security staff and he had a wall with over 80 crew and production passes and they only had a few minuets to take in all the passes - unless they had a Photographic memory there is no way they could take in all the passes. I was able to upset some VIP's who failed to bring their invite with them but Mean Fiddler Production asked me back the year later so they could not have been as important ' as they thought ' Shame the Council imposed so many restrictions that it made the event not viable any longer.
  9. I don't have the full story as I did not see him working but someone arranged for him to have a AAA wrist band so they must have thought it was necessary - His crew camp was near ours next to Park farm but we only were able to get out for a drink on the Tuesday - I am sure at some point he will spot this and will be able to fill in what he was doing.
  10. That is true but this guy had to float about all the main tents so it made sense. There is in fact two full versions - a AAA wristband and a AAA laminate pass - I believe Michael Eavis has a AAA laminate pass but he tucks it in his shirt. But just to confuse things further ' In fact there was two versions of the AAA pass in 2014 - one was area and time specific { which did sound strange but there is threads on it somewhere - I know it excluded the Pyramid backstage compound and guest camping } but this one in the image { the guy in the blue shirt } was a full AAA pass and going by the time/date stamp it was 21.30 - 24/6/2014 and I Know it was the Tuesday onsite and we met up at the Bread and Roses. sorry its not very clear but will try and get him to post a clear image of it. I have many production passes before { many years ago } when they were laminate passes - but one year it should have had ' on stage ' struck off but there was screw up and ended up with the full works. They are not like a normal back stage pass { or guest pass } - in theory they can get anywhere although I doubt if they work in certain crew areas who have their own Security and will be expecting a Photo ID Pass. Vince Power C.B.E.{ founder of the Mean Fiddler and used to be Melvin's boss } used to tell a story and I do believe this - at Live Aid Saturday 13 July 1985 Harvey Goldsmith { who as you know Organised it with Bob Geldof } was trying to get back stage at Wembley and he left his pass at home but a security guard pulled him up and Harvey Goldsmith went ballistic and the poor security guard got fired - now Vince used to claim he got Harvey Goldsmith to rehire him . Now that I am semi retired I don't work in the main areas any longer but will use a production buggy just to get in to the interstage area.
  11. There is various production passes but most are within certain areas - the pass that allows the most access is the AAA Pass { stand for Access All Areas } and in my 30+ years working at Glastonbury I have only ever met one person who had one and who does post occasionally on Efest. He had it as he was working with the main tent supplier. Super answer - in various years I would have a crew Guest wrist band to the area that used to be called ' The Backstage Compound ' { which is now called ' Interstage ' } - at one of the gates to get in there would always be some people asking Security ' does this pass get me into here ?' Clearly if they need to ask then its doubtful it was the correct pass but one year because a Van was leaving The Backstage Compound some people did manage to slip in - I did not notice at first but then my phone rang and stopped to try and hear it ' it was then I noticed 6 or 7 others behind me who also stopped ' - I walked on a bit and then stopped again and this lot stopped as well so it was clear they had not a fucking clue where the correct path is - I walked back and advised them to walk though the Guest camping { this is a few years ago } so I showed them where that was because if they kept on the path I was walking they would run into a second security point - They were in the right place at the right time although its very rare that its so easy.
  12. Well any drinks they attempt to buy ' are not actually drunk ' its all very weird because the people they use carry ID that has marked on it # this is Counterfeit ID # but they will only show it on demand. Trading Standards do these under age tests at all main festivals - they will do 10 random checks and then will report to the DPS { the person who's name is on the actual licence and who is responsible for every Bar { no matter who Operates that bar } if a certain bar has two fails ' then that bar will be closed for retraining ' but if its more than that its very likely to be closed down - the DPS has the power to do that. in my experience it tends to be younger inexperienced Servers who appear to be reluctant to ask for ID - Its really down to the ' front line Managers ' keeping a eye on them and it should be quickly picked up in a well run bar. The DPS has a small team that may pick a few random bars although that is not part of the Trading Standards checks and its more a ' Pre check ' before the real check is made. If its detected that Challenge 21 wristbands have been issued incorrectly then a Bar or group of bars may impose a extra ID Check I was at another festival and spotted two ' under 12 year old children' who had been issued Challenge 21 wristbands - they were not attempting to buy a drink they just happened to walk past me so for that event no Challenge 21 wristband was accepted.
  13. I still cant find any wristband before 1983 but I still have the tickets from each year up to 1987 { Crew tickets were not issued for most of the years } and 20+ crew wristbands and 20+ WBC passes which are all in a box somewhere in my new flat - some day I will find them. £21 the last weekend ticket I ever bought - and the map from the very first 3 day festival held over 40 years ago - no way then did I ever think I would be still going.
  14. Were you there ? did you buy the ticket in the UK ? Just could not get a ticket in the UK but Holland had double the allocation so got a friend in Amsterdam to get me one. Was with two Dutch friends who speak perfect English and German so that was a great help. We drove there and as they know Potsdamer Platz we were able to find a free parking space on a side street. { car was parked all weekend } Lots of people we ran into on Friday 20th of July 1990 in Berlin thought it was a Pink Floyd concert !!!! Amazing concert - shame about the loss of sound { some amps blew } - We were asked back to a Warehouse Party and as we were leaving - the band came back on stage and repeated the parts that were missing. what a cracking weekend and well worth the hassle over getting there. I think the tickets worked out at under £20 each.
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