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  1. glasto-worker

    Drug use at Glastonbury

    There used to be some so called dealers who would go tent to tent in the 80's but some of them were just using it as a cover to rob tents !!!! - the most amusing thing I have seen was this guy stumbling about ' who was clearly out of his nut ' and this Welsh Guy walking behind him shouting - ' He bought the pills from me ' - he was selling fast but then he lost his 'stumbling guy' so I imagine sales declined.
  2. glasto-worker

    Who was the first act you saw at Glastonbury?

    Funny enough No I don't have a clue but it was over 39 Years ago but I do recall the highlight in 1979 which was Glastonbury Fayre's first ever Supergroup !!! - Phil Collins - Alex Harvey - Nona Hendryx { distant cousin of Jimi Hendrix } - Steve Hillage - Peter Gabriel - John Martyn - Tom Robinson all on stage at the same time but there was a second drummer but don't know his name you don't see many line ups like that these days. weekend ticket was £5 { three day event }
  3. glasto-worker

    Festival Survey - Dissertation

    The WBC tried that at Glastonbury once but ' it was a right rigmarole ' step 1 - they checked photo ID step 2 - handed a Crew ticket { no photo on it } step 3 - Coach enters red gate step 4 - GFL officials come on so had to show the ticket and photo ID again { note they already had a list of the names of the people on the Coach - supplied in advance by the WBC } step 5 - they handed out a crew wrist band and they left step 6 - the Coach moved 40 feet and then security came on and checked crew wrist bands step 7 - the Coach moved 40 feet and then security came on to check the bloody tickets step 8 - the Coach moved 70 feet and then security came on and checked crew wrist bands step 9 - the Coach moved 40 feet and then security came on and checked crew wrist bands all this checking even although most of it was unnecessary as it should have only required one check - so if they do that for people they know I have to wonder if a Promoter would allow it for ticket holders who they don't know.
  4. glasto-worker

    Oxfam  priority status for 2019

    With regards the WBC Crew site due to its layout ' Campervan places are very limited ' and it would mean a Campervan would have to arrive the weekend before so the places tend to go to the set up crew rather than Volunteers or Managers - For many years most staff will be transported by a free Coach from various locations so even a car parking pass { to general crew parking } is very rare unless they have mobility issues.
  5. glasto-worker

    Oxfam  priority status for 2019

    update from website To qualify for priority status in 2019 you must have done one of the following: Volunteered at 3 festivals in 2017 Volunteered at 2 festivals in 2017 and 1 festival in 2018 Volunteered at 2 festivals in 2018 (the normal priority rule) Oxfam campaigning or shop roles can count towards this, providing at least 1 volunteer experience has been stewarding and you have completed stewards training. Experienced/long-term returning stewards will qualify for priority status, if one of the following applies: You have held a supervisor role at festivals for us, for the last 2 consecutive years. You have volunteered in 4 of the past 5 years and have volunteered 8 festivals within that period. You have volunteered at 10 or more festivals in the past 10 years
  6. glasto-worker

    Smart Festival Study

    University of Alaska - bloody hell was not expecting that . the big question is how researchers at Newcastle University and Roehampton University linked up with researchers from the University of Alaska ?
  7. glasto-worker

    *****Paul McCartney*****

    super - I was lucky to get a good spot but there was one idiot behind me who was on their phone speaking to someone who was not there ' and then was giving a running commentary ' but by good fortune they dropped their phone and it was lost. I see that some people are not happy at some of the songs but ' he has a impossible task ' trying to pick a list that will keep the majority happy. I was well pleased to be there.
  8. glasto-worker

    *****Paul McCartney*****

    I was concerned as to the track mixture before the start but it was a fair old list so I don't think anyone was disappointed. of course by Sods law it started raining on the Saturday but it was not a complete disaster
  9. glasto-worker

    *****Paul McCartney*****

    Trust me I tend to miss most acts at glasto but I was not going to miss him so was able to fix the shift and saw the whole thing. set list from 2004 - Jet Got to Get You Into My Life Flaming Pie All My Loving Let Me Roll It She's a Woman Maybe I'm Amazed The Long and Winding Road In Spite of All the Danger Blackbird We Can Work It Out Here Today All Things Must Pass Yellow Submarine I'll Follow the Sun Calico Skies Eleanor Rigby Drive My Car Penny Lane Get Back Band on the Run Back in the U.S.S.R. Live and Let Die I've Got a Feeling Lady Madonna Hey Jude Encore: Yesterday Follow Me Let It Be I Saw Her Standing There Encore 2: Helter Skelter Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (Reprise) The End https://youtu.be/2U_uWPSFja8
  10. glasto-worker

    Glasto as a Tourist

    Good advice Good advice as well - these days I work in a Crew Area - We could open up our own phone store with the amount of phones that is handed in - On average we will have ' 5 ' each day - cant work it out myself because my phone is always zipped up in a my trouser side pocket - all the people you see in this photo ' would have wandered away had I not pointed out that is not a wise move ' - I tell them to stick their name on their phone as it helps if the phone run out of juice - each year we hand over 21 phones that were not claimed to the WBC office and if they are lucky they will get it back but they would be better just zipping the bloody thing up and not leaving it on a table - better not to lose it in the first place.
  11. glasto-worker

    Glasto as a Tourist

    well ' it depends ' - if the people issuing the challenge 21 wristband does their Job Correctly most bars will accept it. But there has been ' problems ' in the past. If bar staff suspect - I will have to use a technical term here - ' a balls up ' and they think that they have been issued incorrectly ' They will demand to see photo ID ' Yes I know its a pain in the arse but in the past we have seen 15 year olds swagger up and they think they will get away with it - they wont - sure in some Bars they may as they may not give a Monkeys . In Law {Licensing Act 2003 England} Bar staff can be fined ' does not matter if they have a arm full of challenge 21 wristbands ' because the Law makes it very clear about ID and its at ' The point of Sale ' I Know it may sound strange but in that Act - there is no challenge 21 wristbands or challenge 25 wristbands mentioned. So the person handing out the challenge 21 wristbands incorrectly is not breaking the law but if the Bar staff ' has been told not to to accept them ' and they do accept them ' then they are breaking the Law =============== But all is not Lost - any problems then you should ask for the ' deputy Tent Manager ' and they will use some common sense. its a funny old world !!!
  12. glasto-worker

    Map listing stalls as well as venues

    I have sent you a Efest PM so check in your in box ' which will explain everything '
  13. glasto-worker

    Map listing stalls as well as venues

    that is not the full size version { that is 11MB's } - most of the hard work was done by Gordon and a handful of people from efest { you can see them listed on the bottom left } but we used a different forum which now appears to be no longer there - they gave us a secret area so that we could edit the map - took us months - and it was decided just to wrap it up ' so that looks as if it may be the last version '
  14. glasto-worker

    Glasto as a Tourist

    well that was a Result - just keep the lights off the next few days !!!!
  15. glasto-worker

    Glasto as a Tourist

    That is a shame because I was going to suggest that you also get a place for Carl (Your neighbour) - that way you and Carl could have ' 6 long nights of Chats !!! ' its the main reason why I volunteer - people get that wasted I can slip away for a kip at 1am and come back at 5.30am and none of them have noticed ' I have been away '