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  1. wise advice - Was working at Glastonbury 2009 with friends from Iceland { long story } by sods law early Monday morning there was a heavy downpour as we were packing - the crew Coach dropped us at Clapham Common and it was nice and dry - as all the camping gear was mine I was keen to dry it out so we dried all the stuff in the park and even put up the two tents . we did attract attention from a local Police car so I went over to chat to them to explain we were just drying it out and we would be gone within the hour. The photo is of my Icelandic friends just after we had packed.They
  2. well the link is active again - looked 8am 22/8 before I spotted your last post and its open again so is there some reason why its been reopened ?
  3. Thanks for that I met Keith Richards for a few seconds sometime in the 70's either at the Glasgow Green's Playhouse {renamed the Apollo that closed in 1985} or the Glasgow Odeon as the Stones played at both venues on a regular basis - I was in the Managers office as I knew him and his phone rang and as he was speaking when Keith walked though the door and asked me where the Changing rooms were - I pointed him to the back of the stage and he walked out - amazingly he was carrying his own Guitar Case and walked down past all the fans getting into their seats and because it was dark no o
  4. super shots by the way with regards your comments for as many years that I can remember there is always one or two fighters who happen to rocket past. there is a few postings about that from previous years. https://www.efestivals.co.uk/forums/topic/211753-no-fly-zone-over-glastonbury-site/
  5. Many years ago { 1970/71 or close } I was able to get a job in Thor Recording studio in Glasgow { at the time there was only 2 Professional studios in Scotland and Thor was one of them } - I was a trainee sound engineer. The studio was taking over in 1974 and renamed Ca Va Studios.They have recorded Westlife, Belle & Sebastian, Paolo Nutini, Robbie Williams and Take That, The Script, Ed Sheeran, Snow Patrol, Avril Lavigne, The Black Eyed Peas, Texas, Jessie J, The Proclaimers, Rage Against the Machine, Travis, Red Hot Chili Peppers, David Byrne, Mogwai, Eddi Reader and The Fall, amo
  6. Sorry to read your sorry tale - I hope you got to see it at a later stage. Live Aid Wembley Saturday 13 July 1985 { 35 years ago } tickets were £25 but ' we ' { April and I } thought there was a ticket limit. { in the newspapers they claimed there was a limit } so we only bought two. anyway on Friday 12 July 1985 ' April's Young niece {17} showed up from Glasgow - right out the blue so I decided to let her have my ticket. { she thought they could be bought at the door } Just as well as it was such a hot day so they were knackered when they arrived back - they had sp
  7. Why would you be worried ? as its far safer there than in the UK They at least have been tracking everyone https://www.icelandreview.com/society/first-community-transmitted-covid-19-infection-in-two-months/ You are aware ' you will have to pay for the test ' ? as per https://www.gov.uk/foreign-travel-advice/iceland/entry-requirements All passengers arriving by commercial flights in Iceland can chose to be tested for COVID-19 or self-isolate for 14 days upon arrival. From 1st July, the testing fee will be ISK 11,000 (approximately £65) or ISK 9,000 (around £53) if boo
  8. sadly no matter how much we may want it - 2021 has to be in doubt as we are certainly not though this yet. let me jump to Iceland - it will make sense at the end Iceland has had 10 people die with the virus ' in total ' for weeks and weeks No one tested positive - there was no one in Hospital and no one in quarantine. but a football player came back from the the USA on 17 June and tested negative for COVID-19 when she was screened at the border. She proceeded to play in several football matches after that. After it was discovered that she had come into contact with a COVID
  9. that was the first time I had seen London Stadium - but many years ago I did see it before some of the houses were demolished in 2007. That Stones concert was really good although if I recall inside the bar was card only. think BBC radio is there just now { or were there } - would have been murder in a hot tent anyway - I prefer when its Overcast but dry.
  10. Yes I know - problem was as it was a Tuesday ' My team had a late shift that night in the WBC Crew Bar ' so we had to stick close to Gate D so we only went to Arcadia in the Crew Bar { which as you know was packed - so packed we were spread out over 3 tables } I know by Sods law you had been in that bar and must have just left close to when we arrived. But I did try to arrange to meet you Saturday night but you were unable to make it and yes I did show up just in case. anyway provided we don't drop down dead and there is a event next year we will meet up.
  11. Bloody hell ' at least you know you were at that one ' - you should have stayed. Glasto 2000 - I do recall because 'They had the Pyramid stage back' { the 3rd version } so I was keen to get it on film { images around 2000 } My team was allocated the bar 1/2 way between the Pyramid area and the Acoustic area. which gave us a good view of the flow of people and it was busy and then very busy. Sadly as it was a new Manager I could not fix the shifts but on Saturday Staffing was after 6 of my team to move to the Guest tent { - behind the Pyramid stage - and I did hear they wou
  12. information as at 31/5/2020 Australia Coronavirus Cases: 7,192 - Deaths: 103 United Kingdom Coronavirus Cases: 272,826 - Deaths: 38,376 But estimates by the Office for National Statistics suggest there are currently 8,000 New cases per Day in England alone. Seeing that most people in the UK have been under lockdown for 69 days its the number of new cases that is the big puzzle. Sure things can change but I am not certain there will be a Glastonbury 2021 and even if there was I am not even certain if I would risk attending unless there is a vaccination. its been 77
  13. just ran into a few more of my shots the top one is from 1986 { I can tell by the yellow wrist band } - bottom one 1986 or before. Now 1985 was very muddy and 1987 was very wet { but not as muddy as 1985 } but as you can see 1986 was scorching ' and it was the first year that the WBC ran all the main bars ' 1986 was also the very first time The Mutoid Waste Company was at Glastonbury - I have tons of shots of their art work. People I ran into in 1986 who had never been before ' just did not believe me ' when I told them how muddy it had been the year before. and Peo
  14. it was the early 80's { I can be that close as I can still picture who was around our Camp fire - and yes as a Old Boy scout it was set up correctly and even had stones to contain the spread } - anyway we were all standing about this cracking fire when a single space Cadet was staggering past and he came close to us and said ' I cant find my tent - have you seen my Tent ? ' - well funny enough No as we had never seen this Joker before - I asked ' what Colour was it ? ' and he said Blue which really cracked us up as every third tent was blue - anyway I pointed to the right and said - well th
  15. My god you do have it bad - I am sure you were out in your back garden with a big bonfire !!! good to hear you got a injection of cash and I am sure it was a good night. Which leads me onto a Glasto story - this had to have been 1987 or a previous year because 1987 was the last time I camped in public camping so it was the 80's - we were camping ' not in our usual spot { which was by the red dot } - fuck knows why we could not camp there - so it was close to { blue dot - or the next field { sorry did not take a GPS reading } - so could have been 1986 or 1987 anyway it was still wh
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