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  1. glasto-worker

    Volunteering options

    if you hang about there can be all sorts of transport show up - depending on how many is there ' and what shows up ' may prompt questions - I believe Oxfam tends to use a minibus { say 9 or 10 seats } - I know some people who hired a taxi even although they did spot others waiting - they just did not speak to each other so never found out what was going on.It all hinges on - how many seats are available as to if they will filter the queue or not.
  2. glasto-worker

    Volunteering options

    yes that makes sense - you should find out by the end of March from WaterAid A few years ago someone was posting who had applied for 3 different volunteer jobs ' where he had to pay a up front deposit for each ' - sounds crazy but he was willing to lose two of the deposits just so he could pick the best offer - apart from anything else ' his actions could have prevented a genuine volunteer # as it turned out he bought a ticket in the resale # so really was not a genuine volunteer in the first place . The best of British luck - by the way if you intend to go via Castle Cary Train Station on the Tuesday - you may be lucky as there is a Volunteer shuttle bus { I think its for Oxfam } - say 1 per hour { or close } and if they have space ' they may give you a lift ' - have never used it myself as the WBC has London Coaches direct to the site but I have met other Volunteers who chanced their arm and they got a lift - if you don't ask you wont get.
  3. glasto-worker

    Volunteering options

    you don't state the terms and conditions { as they are all different } but applying for two volunteer jobs at the same time may not be the smartest move just in case your picked by both as you will have to pull out of one and that may affect things in the future if they keep a list of people who has pulled out. You need to look at things ' from their side ' and even if they don't ask for any up front fee there is always a cost in processing applications - so they are not going to be all that pleased if you apply and then pull out at a later stage.I allocate places for my Team and if someone tells me they want to do such and such a festival and then later on pull out they better have a bloody good excuse as I will drop them if they don't ' and they all know that ' - so I hope you only get one offer. I know that some people may be tempted to apply for anything that moves but its better not to take any chances as the people processing the applications for 2019 will be the same people processing the applications for 2020.
  4. glasto-worker

    Has anyone met Michael /Emily Eavis ?

    that was very good of you - shame it did not work - but at least you tried. here is one of the times he called in - as far as I know - none of them ' knew him ' - you can see by his face ' what you cant see ' is most of the mob - { see below } so poor ME just played along all the people below standing are waiting to get a shot with him I was going to chat to him as he had to get to the back of my bar to leave but by sods law as he was walking towards me the WBC Council called me up so we missed each other - after all those photos he looked happy to be able to escape.If I had knowing I would have grabbed a pint rather than a 1/2 pint.
  5. glasto-worker

    Has anyone met Michael /Emily Eavis ?

    Kev ' he will talk to anyone ' { not that I am claiming your anyone but you get my drift } about anything # but wise to stay away from # who is playing next year ? Drugs - he just does not get it and he genuinely cares for people but he cant understand why someone gets wasted and misses a big chunk of the festival. He will talk for Hours about the infrastructure although I have noticed his health has been declining ' and his stutter is back ' well he will be 84 this October. Its a remarkable achievement he has made - ' most others would have exploited it ' so I have take my hat off.
  6. glasto-worker

    First to arrive.....

    Some but not all as there is workers there for many weeks doing various jobs. Goose Hall Crew Catering is open from the beginning of June to the middle of July.{ when the festival starts they cater for 900 for each meal } I think it works out at 7 weeks. see http://www.glastonburyfestivals.co.uk/site-snaps-tipis-and-tattoos/ as many shots are from Goose Hall. Its one area that I have never been in - the WBC has its own Catering Company and they share a huge tent with the WBC Crew bar where I work.
  7. glasto-worker

    Glastonbury Virgin

    Yes I have thought about it. You wont be aware but I am a retired University Lecturer in Computer Science so I know how to do it and what equipment is involved but that is not the stumbling block On line service demand ' each strip must be scanned in full. ' so with 8 negatives to a strip that works out at £1.60 per strip - say about 12,000 strips and that adds up to £19,200 which in my book is a bloody lot of money + unlike today's photography ' we had no facilities to review a shot with a SLR ' so there will be a lot of dud photos. I can buy a High Resolution 35mm Film Scanner plugged into my PC for under £50 but its the time factor - it would take years to do it all . Some shots of us in 1986 - I know that because it was the only year Bud { standing by the bike went to Glastonbury } there was 4 adults in that mini and it got us from London { boot was full of drink } and got us back again.
  8. glasto-worker

    Glastonbury Virgin

    I still recall us driving down that tiny lane and coming up to what looked like a Garden shed { near where the red dot is } - it was so laid back although many were tricked out of their tickets by two jokers who claimed they were Security who would attempt to stop cars before they reached the final bend and then walk away with their tickets and vanish into a hedge and then pop out again behind the cars to sell the tickets on - they tried it on me and I told them to bugger off and I warned other people in the queue not to hand over their tickets - must have been loads who were caught out if they did not know the procedure.In fact they still used the same shed for many years ' until they changed the entry point ' which was about the same time { or close } to when Oxfam started providing Stewards and that stopped many of these jokers. One of these days I will start going though my negatives - I have thousands of shots of Glastonbury during the early years but its a major task to digitise them. Sadly cant find my bands for the previous years { but I do have the programme's I bought for 1979 - 1981 and 1982 } and all the rest are Crew wrist bands .
  9. glasto-worker

    Glastonbury Virgin

    well I was a Glasto Virgin ' 40 years ago ' so I know how you feel but the big difference between 1979 and 2019 is in 1979 there was no Internet and in fact you would be hard pushed to find anyone in London who even knew there was a festival and certainly there was no Tort's guide and none of us had a clue where Pilton was . It certainly did not appear on any normal A to Z car map ' and no GPS ' or mobile phones nor lock up's and there was not even any Oxfam Stewards. So really even although you have never been ' you have at your fingertips ' all the information you would ever need. So I have been going 40 years and I still have not seen everything. You can plan everything out but there is one thing you cant plan out and that is the Weather. It has a huge impact and there is bugger all you can do about it and it can have a huge impact on the ground even before you arrive. If I was planning to go for the first time I would make up a plan A/B/C but I would leave it very flexible time wise as the ground conditions has a major impact on time. Be realistic - I have a friend who is into a wide range of music and will have detailed times of which stage - all looks great on paper but he never gets though the list as things happen beyond his control. just remain flexible and take in the whole thing.
  10. glasto-worker

    Jeremy Corbyn

    one advantage of being stuck in Intensive Care Unit was that I missed Jeremy Corbyn as I know he was inside the WBC Crew area and did some photos inside a few Bars.I just cant stand him and I know if he ever gets into Power ' very little will change ' just posting to push Spam down from the top spot
  11. You will be able to show off your wristband I agree with you Kev - I in the past due to shifts { for many years I had no choice over what I ended up with } have been in a situation where I had 8+ hours one evening and then 8+ hours starting at 10am the very next day so while I did not have the hassle of travelling I did miss a big chunk of Glasto - its just the gamble that volunteers and workers have to take so really ' its not the end of the World ' and that way ' everyone is happy '
  12. glasto-worker


    just stay away from the Bars - it may look fine but put it into a UV Box # and its easily spotted # - you could be unlucky because the Bars are inspected by local officials and if they are there and you get caught out - they may want to get the Police involved so one second your at a festivals/concert and the next your at a Police station and they wont let you go until a Parent comes to pick you up - I have seen it happen - many Bars have cctv and they will ask for a copy - sure its unlikely you will be charged with Fraud but it does mean you may miss the rest of the event. many people don't know but 'It is a criminal offence to use false or borrowed ID to gain entry to licensed premises or to buy alcohol. The penalties for doing so can lead to a maximum punishment of £5,000 and 10 years imprisonment.'
  13. glasto-worker

    Festival Website

    in general these ' researchers ' only ever tend to make a few posts and then they ' vanish ' is it not strange they are only interested in Efest for one specific reason ? what I want to know is ' how did researchers do their work before 1989 ? ' { the year the World Wide Web was invented } although I do already know as I was a University lecturer in the 80's and I know they did it with hard work. they did not have any option ' and could not get other people to do their work for them ' Researchers are taught how to draw up a Survey and the very first rule is KISS Keep it simple, stupid - first used in the 60's and its as true now as it was back then.
  14. glasto-worker

    Has anyone met Michael /Emily Eavis ?

    as far as I am aware he gives up bevy a few Months before Glasto - well that is what he used to claim - he has been to loads of WBC Crew parties ' where there has been a free Bar ' and no one on my Team has ever served him a drink although he is normally being showing round by the WBC Committee so one of them could have slipped him a Ale or Cider - when we used to see him at the Back stage Guest Bar he would be drinking Tea or Coffee.
  15. glasto-worker

    Has anyone met Michael /Emily Eavis ?

    Yes I have ran into Michael and Jean lots of times from the late 80's onwards when they used to do their inspection of the Guest bar { sadly Jean died in 1999 } - they used to come in the back to get away from people wanting to photograph them - He is not a big drinker but Jean used to shift white wine - We would discuss various things and how the festival has changed from the late 70's - I moved from the Guest Bar to the Crew Bar many years ago so don't see him much now but he has called in at various WBC Parties held on the Tuesday before the event.I have never ran into Emily { who I believe was born in 1979 } - Its some achievement as many others would have kept all the money and really he should have been given a Knighthood years ago.