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  1. packed my camping gear { including my tent mallet - I reckon I will need it this year } - due to the tube strikes it means getting to South London on Monday staying with a friend { who lives close } overnight and she will drop us at the Crew coach pick up point Tuesday morning - Once we get all the tents up we will go on a wander out to a few Crew bars Never really keen on a Scorching Glastonbury { such as 2010 } - it slows me away down so tend only to come out in the late evening. sun hat and sun cream already packed. Hope you all have a Good Glastonbury
  2. well spotted - just a shame the guy was blocking the view of the bar as I may have been able to work out its location.
  3. Silver Hayes is Closer but time and day is also important and also weather conditions. + we have no idea if the layout will be the same as 2019 - wait to the 2022 map comes out and then ask again.
  4. Love the links - well done - will go hunting later I was nowhere near the shooting but it was all over Security radio on that Saturday Evening - bar was roughly 1/2 between the Pyramid and the Acoustic area. Any incident near any Bar and the message is sent to every other Bar and for a short period the Tent Manager {the boss of that Bar} Closed the bar I was working in - time for a smoke out the back and then the all Clear message came though and the Bar was reopened again ## Big Note here - Not every bar closed ## Bar Security { real name 'Specialized Security' although most people call them Scottish Security - the mob you see at the barrier of the Pyramid } was on high alert although most Customers I doubt would have knowing anything had happened. but by the Sunday there was loads of people claiming they had seen it - I doubt they had. A news report of it
  5. When the new map comes out ' look at that general area ' as you may discover that Dairy Ground { Crew Camping } is not like 2019. a good proportion of it was used by the WBC for 10 or so years and various Security Companies but I know for 2022 the WBC Crew Camp will not be in that area so it may be occupied by other crews or it may go to general camping. In the past {well in the past 34 years} previous Crew Camps that had been used as WBC Crew Camps all over the site are mainly now general camping {or VIP Camping in one area} so its very possible that may happen again. A shot from a previous year - the shape has not changed in 10 years .
  6. as you will know it was stuck there at least two days before someone decided to set it on fire - I have photos { well 35mm negatives } of it being burnt out. I kept well away as it could have gone up like a bomb.
  7. My friends { mainly from London } went with me 1979 - 1981 - 1983 - 1984 but were well upset over the Heavy Mud in 1985 so very few wanted tickets to 1986 but I was able to get more back in 1987 which by Sods law was another year of the Mud - I am still in contact with a few ## and I know out of that group of friends ' None ever Visited again ' ## I am sure they think I am completely Nuts to keep going back. 3 photos from 1987 - B/W is not my photo but it gives a good idea of what it was like - that was a hired van but they tried to drive it though the crowd { next field to the Pyramid stage } why I don't have a Bloody clue but it upset enough people so the Van was attacked and the next day it was burnt out - I wonder if they got their deposit back !!! You will Note ' No photos from 1985 ' - at the time I owned a semi pro Nikon F2 SLR { worth a fortune } and there was no bloody way was I going to lose that in the mud - so no images from 1985. its a shame as some I am sure would have loved to have been a Volunteer but after 85 and 87 they were not prepared to return to Glastonbury.
  8. some year before I retire { from being a volunteer } I will wangle a place on the WBC set up crew so will get access two weeks before the gates open see photo { from 2009 } - most were staying in Portakabin's {at the back of the mess tent} and Campervans just so I can get some good shots of the whole build up. The first thing they set up is the Cherry Picker { that contains the radio equipment and wi-fi } hence how I knew that was the crew site { that was a new location that year } I have seen bars been set up before but I have never been there weeks before.
  9. well done - After which also check out The Tow and Hitch (Arcadia Crew Bar) I believe was open from Thursday 20th June 2019 to all festival crews so 6 days before the Gates Opened. May look empty but as time marches on does get busy. + there is various crew bars all over the place { always ' check with Bar staff ' as some issue their own bar pass which you may need once the gates open }
  10. The Bread And Roses should be displaying the prices Monday 20th of June - its the only main bar that opens days before the Gates open - shot from 2011 ' the day before the ticket holders could enter.' The prices will be the same in all the main bars.
  11. they had been asking me how I was able to get Volunteer places but I could not remember the web address of Festival Medical Services { or the correct name } but lucky enough a friend dropped in to ICU so she could take my phone outside and reach my Efest account as I knew I had sent that link to someone via Private message. I am sure its a bog standard question they ask ' just to distract the patient ' so you don't spot all the needles going in - I am glad my Consultant was able to track them down and pass on the message. ## if they had given me a bit more time I am sure I could have roped in some of the Surgery team as well ##
  12. You would not think so if you saw me now - I have the Flu {possible Covid} The Big question that always gets me ## last time asked Tuesday 20th of June 2017 in the ' Pre Operating Room ' at Royal free which was packed and someone asked me where I would be if I was not having a artery bypass operation ? and I said ' well actual I would be down at Glastonbury today' - Now there was 2 Doctors and 3 or 4 Nurses ## and None of them had ever been to Glastonbury but they all planned to attend sometime in the future ## and then the Killer Question !!!! how many times had I been ? - would be dead easy with no gaps but impossible to calculate within a few seconds I think I said 30 ' and I was out like a stone ' But I did get a message to that anaesthetics team Via my Consultant a day or two later as none of them was aware about https://www.festival-medical.org/ so you never know you may run into some nurses or Doctors at Glastonbury from the Royal free London { Hampstead }. seeing how difficult it is to get tickets { I imagine as I have never bought a ticket since 1987 } I am amazed that some people who have not worked at the event can clock up so many events. My last Drink I had in June 2017 {pub opposite the Hospital - Monday 19 June 2017 } - I had not a clue I would have the operation the very next day { it had been cancelled 3 or 4 times } My friend Oli {from Iceland} flew in and came to visit so we went for a quick drink - Oli pushed me out on a wheelchair and we sat down on a bench - by the time he arrived at Glastonbury on the Crew Coach Tuesday I already had the Operation but ICU has a block on phones so I could not send a message to my Team that I had survived. { and they also did not have TV's in ICU so I missed the whole live Broadcast }
  13. if its King Sunny Ade then it was 1983 - I am not into his music but I did spot his bright yellow suit ' with tassels' - he was running all over the stage shaking some ' stick with bells on ' the bottom close up shot - not sure the date but that does not matter - look at the ground - there was no barriers with line of security behind it and there was not much security on the stage as time and time again some people would climb up ' not to attack the act but just to get on ## for some reason they preferred the left hand side ## one act for some reason there was lots of people climbing up - not sure who was on but security ran away and came back with what appeared to be cooking Oil and poured it down ## but one person who was covered in oil managed to get up on the stage ## and there was a huge roar from the crowd. the other photo I think was 1981 £8 a weekend ticket and 18,000 were sold ## but if you ran a small stall - the cost was £40 { which gave entry to two people } ##
  14. don't worry Kev some people do know me as Brian {over the years I have met a fair number of people who post on efest } - I spotted wristband of a guy next to the notice board and it was yellow so had to be 1986. There was some crackers and some jokers used to place a drug advert - 5th tent on the right down drug alley - best Ganja at Good prices . Now I was told by a person who works in the information tent { Has Done For Many Years } that they used to clear the boards every 24 hours - now I did not see it myself but I would believe him - not sure if it was common knowledge but most people only had a 24 window for their notice would be spotted. By the way Jim { Who Lives In Thailand } he had the model before that - the one that came inside a attache case - he bought it { cost a bomb } but he rarely took it out from his car as it was so heavy ## and he was well happy when some Joker stole it as it was insured ## I got him to call the phone ' and the thief answered ' and he wanted silly money for him to return it when we gave him the good news ' that he was getting bugger all' and we got the phone switched off that same day.
  15. if you look at the 1979 map you will see a red dot and that was a camping field where you could park your car - in fact most of the site you could park and camp ' although you had to think about when you wanted to leave. I am not sure when ' they imposed the one way exit system ' so more important to camp near the back Exit {East side} went into a tiny Country lane ' and if it was wet there was a river crossing the path of the lane !!! so the first few years { when it was a 3 day event } we would park near the red dot and as it got more busy it made sense parking near east side exit. There was no real markings where you could camp so the trick was to park two cars ' next to the exit track ' but with a good gap so there was room to manoeuvre them out - if you only had one car ' you could be buggered if the car either side of you the drivers were out of it ' Clearly as it got bigger it made more sense to separate the cars from the tents but by then I was working at the festival so have no idea which year the rule was imposed to force people to use a car park. Its a shame they blocked off the original entry lane - its still there { I know because I used that lane to visit in the Winter - very odd seeing the pyramid field covered in snow } No way did I think that I would still be going 43 years later the photos { not sure the year as they are paper photographs so no date stamp on them } sometime before I snuff it - I will start printing some 35mm negatives - I have many thousands and its a major project to sort though them all - most are from 1979 to 1987 as I had more time to take photos during that period but they cover every year it was on. Hope you find more hand typed notes { they were very interesting }
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