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  1. glasto-worker

    Beer Prices

    well to me £5 is cheap but I live in London and £3.40/£3.60 for a pint is a bargain. some of my team were at the Foo Fighters at Etihad Stadium - Manchester a few days ago and Pints were £6 but what they were drinking I cant say. I am working at Finsbury park next weekend so it will be interesting to see what the price are.
  2. glasto-worker

    Glastonbury 1998.....memories. 20 years ago this week!

    I do recall that but dates are not my strong point I just wished I had kept a Diary - some of the crew was going on about the Mud but of course none of them had been to 1985 because if they had they would know how bad it got . I am sure that is the year the WBC moved camps - always a right pain in the arse because the first year of a new crew camp is very tricky so lets say as we arrive the crew entrance is facing west - its only after everyone arrives that the WBC Council get together - they can argue for five hours over what should be on the breakfast menu. now of course everyone is pitching tents facing the entrance/exit - always happens the first year of a new crew camp but the people I was with that first night were not aware ' that there was a very good chance ' that by morning - it would be all change some of them # had prime spot to entrance/exit # I did warn them that they may be in for a surprise the next day - none of them believed me - I don't blame than as it does sound a Mad claim but none of them had been in the WBC for that long. The next morning - shock - horror - the entrance/exit which was facing west has now moved and its facing South. all that crew camp is planned out Months before but I knew the entrance/exit was in the wrong place so I took a gamble the Council would see sense and on that occasion I was right. So while I know where the crew camp was { we were there for 7+ years } I cant recall what bloody bar we worked on and with not knowing that its difficult to recall what we went to see apart from a few big acts. Now I moved 6 months ago so there is tons of stuff in boxes but if I find the right box I may find my old allocation sheets and if I do I will be able to work out which bar we ended up in and who was on my Team that year - they are younger than me so they may have a better idea what we did. I did spot there was a ' Workers Beer Stage ' in 1998 and it was a good friend of mine who ran it so that would have been the bar we worked in we had straw down inside the bar ' But a Fire officer showed up and told us to remove all the straw even although we had imposed a no smoking rule in that tent - he cracked me up because a person would need a blow torch to start a fire as it was so damp but rules is rules so we had to dump the straw. the Workers Beer Stage was only a platform for people who were willing to play for free { although they did get a drink out of it } the bar was near the meeting point so closer to the acoustic area so I expect we spent most of our time up there and on that Friday the stars were ' The Australian Pink Floyd ' - they were fantastic Saturday Robbie Williams and Sunday Dylan - there will be other people but it all fades into a distant past - thanks efest if I had not spotted that about Workers Beer Stage I would not have recalled all that - the WBC did not have a stage again as far as I recall
  3. glasto-worker

    This time last year I was....

    well I was stuck in a Intensive Care Unit at the Royal Free Hospital Hampstead I was under constant watch by two nurses 24/7 who did not leave me alone - blood pressure test every two hours - blood samples taken every four bloody hours - look on the left near my hand that cable with what appears to be blood - in fact it is blood - I had four drain pipes connected to me so that meant I could not get out of bed - only up side was morphine injections every four hours - the only bloody year I have missed since Glasto 1979 and I was looking forward to watching it on TV but due to all the machines there was no TV set and no Smartphones allowed so I missed the whole thing. I don't make a good patient but thanks to the Nursing staff and the expertise of the Surgeons the Operation was a success but for me it was sods law it was Glasto week.
  4. glasto-worker

    Rolling Stones

    My Icelandic friends who bought full price tickets { £100.45 each } Months ago flew in to London but they had not received their e-tickets { should have arrived two weeks ago } - they have been sending e-mails and phone calls to the Promoter but no one answered - I gave them a few numbers and they got though to a Human being - but for some strange reason they have been instructed to go to the box office tomorrow - trust me if those tickets are not waiting there he will go ballistic so if you see on the new ' Mad Icelandic senior policeman goes on the rampage ' then that will be my mate.
  5. glasto-worker

    Lost in vagueness..on TV tonight

    the flim credits I meant
  6. glasto-worker

    Liam Gallagher finsbury park

    The WBC tends to use the same draught beer supplier for the whole year so there is a very good chance it will be Heineken lager at Finsbury park ' that weekend ' this is a shot taken at Labour Live { and no I was able to duck out of that one } and that is a Heineken tap - sadly the price list was not in shot so have not a clue the prices there is a very good chance they will be selling ' Trade Union Pale Ale ' - have never seen it before but that was also being sold. yes for sure there will be other drinks but I wont find that out until the Friday.
  7. glasto-worker

    Lost in vagueness..on TV tonight

    by the way at the end there was a long list of Kickstarter names - have you checked it ?
  8. glasto-worker

    Lost in vagueness..on TV tonight

    thanks for that - I have Virgin cable TV and Sky Arts is in my package - I have not seen it either
  9. glasto-worker

    I Hate Spam

    Look at all this bloody spam - yes I know it will be gone soon ' but it should not be so easy to post in the first place.'
  10. glasto-worker

    Beer Prices

    take a step ladder the next time - Christ sake how bloody tall do you have to be to read the bloody thing ? I like this one - from 2012 Hyde Park not for what you can see - could not believe it ' big demand was the £65 bottles ' and many were not just buying one bottle - some were asking for three bloody bottles - I had to stall a few Customers as there was a frantic search for more boxes out the back - How the other half live - no way would I pay £65 - They were not even blinking when I asked them for £195
  11. glasto-worker

    Beer Prices

    well she works there 3 or 4 nights per week and I know she was there on Monday 4 June { see below } so it was that night she was speaking about - perhaps they banged up the price just for that night.
  12. glasto-worker

    Beer Prices

    I happened to mention the prices at the Stones concert and Kate { who is on my WBC Team and also a Volunteer for the Roundhouse } did mention that lager prices were £8+ at The Roundhouse - Now that is close to 02 { Millennium Dome } prices - when you moved to get closer at the Stones Concert the four males who sat in front of me bought ' 8 pints each ' - I think lager was £6.40 so they paid out £204.80 - and even worse ' they left a few pints when they moved to the standing area ' which was kicked over by the next lot who took over their seats.
  13. glasto-worker

    1.3 million - does Michael Eavis know something we don't know ?

    well its not clear as the interview was cut up so they edited out the question he could have been asked ' how many people try to buy tickets ? ' or 'how many people attend ? ' try to watch it and see what you think.
  14. on this Michael Eavis said ' before I moved it was 5,000 and its now 1.3 million ' Now I have never heard this figure quoted before its being repeated Come Together: The Rise of the Festival Sky Arts (122) Thursday 14th June 2018 - 22:45 to 00:15 Documentary examining the evolution of the music festival, from Newport, Monterey Pop, Woodstock and the Isle of Wight in the 60s to modern events such as Glastonbury. (New, Stereo, Widescreen, 2018) well worth catching
  15. glasto-worker

    All Points East Festival 2018

    A shot from Monday 28/5 during a downpour - I was offered to work there for the duration but I will be busy this weekend.