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  1. I know about Reading but my Team ended up on the other side { we used to do the guest bar but there was some change of tent Manager so ended out with the punters } - I have been going on for years about ' parachute Managers ' - friends of friends who don't have a bloody clue - last time my team worked in a public bar I chased them away - we took over a few stations and did everything apart from cash collection - sure not many are allowed to do that but it worked . Did you see the new tilling system ? it was on trial at three of the smaller bars - will find out how it went at the next Council meeting
  2. I know what you mean but after trials in Hyde park using a barrier system to create a organised queue 13 years ago GFL { they have a new name this year but you know who I am on about } rejected the idea due to health and safety issues. shot taken on the first day { we were there for 14 days } and we soon worked out it was quicker holding people back so there was less people at the counter - so none of the problem on which Customer you were serving. over the time - the front line staff would give a wave when they wanted the next customer who would arrive ' just as the current customer was leaving by a separate exit.' ----------- sure they take up space but I know they are worth it + a extra bonus - Security would check ID as well. working in that heat is no joke - so what bar were you in ? I am lucky as I am allowed to pick where I work hence why I stick to the crew bar where there is only one busy night - Sunday.
  3. I am not getting into beer contracts as its a very complex subject - there is nothing standard about prices and that is set very close to the event - The WBC may have made a trading loss at Glastonbury 2019 - Yes I know it did not rain but very hot weather reduces demand.
  4. some wbc bars did sell San Miguel and some other Operators - not sure what you are on about.
  5. well in London prices vary by a lot more than that - my local Pub has a special offer on Carlsberg - £2.60 and its not a J D Wetherspoon's but within walking distance its £4.50 or £5.00 - each independent Pub has its own deals. Now I know why some bar operators at Glastonbury are able to reduce costs as they pay their Volunteers less than the WBC does - its a complex issue which I am not going to go into. Some bars that used to be controlled by the WBC is not now controlled by them.
  6. I posted about this in Questions over two hours ago - the order was issued about Noon so whatever GFL Claim water to the showers in Crew areas and some other places remain OFF until the word goes out that they can be switched on again - will have a word with head of Production later to see what the score is
  7. glasto-worker

    Red Arrows

    But if the failure happens just before it the results are unthinkable
  8. glasto-worker

    Is It Too Hot?

    WBC Executives are convinced they sell more when its hot - I know that is not true - best sales are made when its overcast but dry - glad I am not stuck in a Counter bar as they are murder when they are hot - today I am staying in the shade until 7pm and then walking up the crew path to Arcadia (its in shade due to the trees) and going into the crew bar for a cold drink - stuff doing that in the afternoon.
  9. Well you may not have a choice !! GFL has asked all Crews to cut off the water to showers this morning - not sure if this ban is site wide
  10. It is true that these tickets dont have a photo on it but it does say ' only valid for the named person ' - I got a lift up in a car with a onsite pass ( very rare ) and at VG4 they did want to see tickets but did not ask for ID but not sure what would happen if I was on foot - each ticket is issued with instructions as to the gate but in WBC case the actual Crew wrist band is not issued until later - its very risky to buy a ticket this way as you may discover or not !!
  11. glasto-worker

    Red Arrows

    Well there has been fighter jets flying over from 1981 or close and each year some spokesperson has claimed ' there was no jets in the area ' - this year they did not fly over the normal route so perhaps that may happen tomorrow - looks good but each year I do worry if one had mechanical failure then it could be deadly
  12. glasto-worker

    Bar Prices?

    Its on the far left of the menu near the top - its because of your post I looked and was surprised it was listed
  13. glasto-worker

    Bar Prices?

    Spotted some on sale but its a crew bar ( Arcadia) have a look at public bar in Arcadia area as they may be connected !!!
  14. does it have this on the ticket ? they may point to it as its very clear. you must have knowing you were going to get one . so why did you not apply for a id card ? https://www.validateuk.co.uk/FAQs ## There is a guaranteed overnight service which means that you receive your card the next working day after we have received your application form in our office. ## you could be selling your ticket to anyone and lending them your bank card so it proves nothing. I have been in charge of a festival VIP/Press unit { not at Glastonbury } and anyone who could not prove their ID with photo ID was stuffed.
  15. so how many show up at the London one ? - WBC London pick up - first one is at Noon tomorrow - there is five Coaches leaving at that time so that means there will be 250 bodies + so many others who have booked the 3pm coach and who will try to chance their arm. I have been a Coach coordinator before and anyone who does not have a Noon booking is stuffed.Anyone who has excessive luggage is told to think again as there is just not enough room. WBC ' in theory ' will attempt to split the large group into 50 bunches - My suggestion that each would have a coach and seat number tattooed on them were rejected - they now hand out a ticket but its very diffcult to work out ' in which order they are in the queue ' some coaches will stop - some don't - I do know that a few years ago when a coach stopped for a break - 50 left the coach and 48 got back on and no one had a clue who was missing so the coach departed. I now know what happened to them - the missing two - walked on the wrong Coach ' and they failed to notice it was not typical volunteers and managers ' - the only time they worked out they were on the wrong coach is when they saw # Blackpool tower # as they were on a SAGA tour { so coach was full of OAP's } - they did get to Glasto but it took them a bloody long time to do it. ------------ anyway have a save journey down and I will be in touch with you when we are going for a wander.
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