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  1. But it happened to me - I am in Priority Risk group 5 when the Government claimed they were working on Priority Risk group 4 and above and I was contacted Monday 25th of January and as I live on my own I am not a adult carer nor have I ever been one. so that was 3 weeks before the Government target { set for Priority Risk group 4 and above } so in my case this is long before they started working on Priority Risk group 6. the three people I mentioned also don't have a clue either. so its a mystery as to how we were vaccinated early.
  2. except the three people I listed were not called out the blue being offered a specific slot at a specific GP Hub - they were sent a text which had a link for various GP Hubs for various days and times. so whatever is going on ' it was not a late replacement. ' it happened to me end of January when there was tons of people in tier 4 in London still to be giving the first vaccination even although I am in tier 5. Sure there is situations where they call people at short notice and offer them the vaccination but that was not the case with my three younger friends.
  3. Although the BBC claimed today ## People aged 60 to 63 in England to get jab invites from Monday 1/3 ## Which is odd because I know people on my Wbc Team ' with no underlying health conditions ' and a person who is 40 was Vaccinated 26/2/2021 lives in Solihull West Midlands and there is two others who are 46 Vaccinated 19/2/2021 and 23/2/2021 one lives in Stotfold Bedfordshire and the other in Birmingham. None are Volunteers in St John Ambulance or the NHS. although in each case it was their GP Hub rather than the larger National Hubs. so it may come sooner than you e
  4. yes I am on that site with various years covered - problem is I have thousands of photos stored on 35mm negatives and some time in the future I will scan them but the big problem is dates as a time and date was not a option with older SLR's so its a major project to get them into a good order I can work out who was with me but there was a clear split some was with me 1979/1981/1982/1983/1984/1985 but the bad weather that year just made many of my friends decide they did not want to attend 1986 etc etc. so I can divide them into 1985 or before and 1986 onwards. but
  5. glasto-worker


    Impossible to know at this stage if Glastonbury will be held or not The Clapham Pub also has its own stage on the ground floor They also took out a lease for a second Pub near Kings Cross ' they thought had a music licence ' but then discovered it did not - all sorts of legal issues and in the end they pulled out. this is the back part of the bar - note the banner on the wall - its the BWTUC Banner - that goes with us when we are at demonstrations - we had to fly to Dublin for the annual Kells convention { its all connected to Jim Connell - who wrote "The Red Flag" } and I thou
  6. Volunteers who are being trained to help the NHS with the rollout of the Covid-19 vaccine will now be given the jab themselves. The St John Ambulance says this is because, in helping, they have become front-line health workers. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/av/health-55819364
  7. I was expecting to be called in late February as well but on Monday I received this text Dear Mr Carson, This message has been sent on behalf of Rainbow Practice. You have been invited to book your FIRST COVID-19 vaccination only - and a link to a NHS booking site ' I knew it was genuine as soon as I saw this - Rainbow Practice is in the same building as Evergreen Surgery. I was given the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine yesterday. Have not a clue why they asked me as I am only 67 { Tier 5 } They are doing about 5,600 jabs per week - very well organised and did not spot any g
  8. glasto-worker


    you mean The Bread & Roses 68 Clapham Manor Street SW4 6DZ its a freehold Pub owned by BWTUC {Battersea and Wandsworth Trades Union Council} who on 14 May 1980 organised a free open air festival and running a bar on Clapham Common. For the next five years BWTUC ran bars and festivals in Battersea Park but it was not until 1985 they set up The Workers Beer Company to be the trading arm of BWTUC. Melvin Benn used to be the president of BWTUC { although they now have a Chairman and not a president } I was told that at one of these events is how Michael Eavis first met BWTUC and
  9. glasto-worker


    sorry to read that - my drink was certainly not spiked when I was 21 but I got extremely drunk so I made my mind up never to get drunk again. I never got down to the Bread and Roses in 2019 as I cant walk far - the crew site is near Gate D so its a fair old tramp - such a shame as I have knowing the Tent Manager for about 25 years. I think ' its the only WBC Bar that I have never worked in ' but these days I work in the Crew Bar as its not far to walk + I can make up my own Team shifts { impossible to do that in any other bar } photos - Bread and Roses on the Tuesday in 2011 and t
  10. glasto-worker


    Even although I was born in Glasgow I have never been a big drinker and in fact the last time I was drunk was in 1974 {at my 21st birthday party hence how I can work out the date} so I am not keen on strong lager so I would have to be crazy to buy stronger lager. We were not to know that the Bar concession was giving to the WBC in 1986 at Glastonbury {one of their first bars taking in 1986 and at the bottom the WBC Crew site} hence why we brought our own cans with us. Funny enough I lived in Wandsworth at the time and discovered the WBC were being run by BWTUC {Battersea and Wandsworth Tr
  11. glasto-worker


    it was either the winter of 1986 or the winter of 1987 - my ex and I drove from London {Photo is from Glastonbury while we were watching the Cure on the Saturday evening 1986} and we stopped to take some shots - {sadly all my colour paper photos were stolen Years ago but I still have the 35mm negatives and if I ever find time I will scan them into a PC} it was very weird to walk though the site when it was completely empty and to see it covered in Snow was so weird. We got up on the Pyramid stage and found the room under the stage - not as plush as we had imagined - no fancy seating -
  12. Well I had expected it as I really could not see it going ahead this year and when I was notified today about the Royal Albert Hall {The Bootleg Beatles show { which was meant to be held 8/4/2020 } that had been changed to 25th April 2021 at the Royal Albert Hall London has been rescheduled to Friday 22nd October 2021.} I knew if they were going to change that there was a good chance Glasto would be shifted. be it 2022 or 2023 I will be there {subject to me still being compos mentis}
  13. well done I bet you are pleased. it does look that it really depends where you live ' and how lucky you are ' latest claims care home's 40% vaccinated { Priority Group 1 } over 80's 45% vaccinated { Priority Group 2 } but I know they have started on Priority Group 3 and Priority Group 4 as my Brother who is 75 and his wife 74 both were vaccinated Friday 15/1 and just to really wind him up ' his wife ' was injected first - she had the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine and when it was his turn they ran out so they had to switch to the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine. They
  14. My Brother is 75 so he is in the 75-79 Age group but his wife is in the 70-74 Age group Anyway they are both getting the first jab 3:15pm Friday 15/1 they were sent a text and they had to call a number . it would appear that other NHS areas may not be using the same system and some are sending a letter so a person has to book online. -------------- while it would be great if they can get up to 3 million a week ' they are not there yet ' details from Yesterday People vaccinated First dose 2,431,648 Second dose total 412,167
  15. sorry to read that { and your previous post } - sorry for your Mother and you - I hope it all works out - Have Faith .
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