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  1. My god ' you have gone over to the dark side ' - last ticket I bought was in 1987 - weekend ticket £21 bought at a CND office in London and the bottom photo was when we met up to hand out the tickets to my mates. If I could not work it - I just would not go - you know what its like. No rush over the PM - keep well ps - Today Thursday 22 January 2009 until Friday 6 March 2009 was when I had daily Radiotherapy - it came up on FB - wont forget that time
  2. Hi Mark - it is understandable as it could all appear to be on ## and then its Off ## as its impossible to know what it will be like in the summer - will send you a PM to fill you in. So ' if this was a normal year when does the Avalon/Shelter procedure start ? You should have no problems ' even if the red tape has been delayed ' - good luck.
  3. love it - That is a amazing Opportunity for some young people - I ended up in the Production office of the Mean Fiddler at the Phoenix Festival ' on loan for two years ' dealing with press/VIP Access { sometime between 1993 and 1997 } and what really surprised me was ' Security had 90 seconds to try and take in at least 90 Security passes ' - they were on a wall and they bundled in waves of Security over and over again - at the time it was not a wrist band - see photo { that part scrubbed out was the ' onstage part ' } and they all had different Colours. Which may explain why at Glastonbury one year - I could enter the backstage Compound though some gates but was not able to enter though the gate near The other stage - it was just not worth arguing as I could enter though a different gate.
  4. while what you write is correct - full list is at https://www.workersbeer.co.uk/volunteers/current-organisations/ its highly likely that official Teams will be cut back this year and its likely that Team organisers will allocate places to Volunteers who have been doing it for many years. I would imagine that a trade union would be a better bet than a community group although the sooner they are contacted the better.
  5. It was Packed and I reckon a big proportion did not have tickets ## its the year Boris showed up - I kid you not ## https://youtu.be/7TYre_n4aSw 25/6/2000 Glastonbury Wild Is the Wind China Girl Changes Stay Life on Mars? Absolute Beginners Ashes to Ashes Rebel Rebel Little Wonder Golden Years Fame All the Young Dudes The Man Who Sold the World Station to Station Starman Hallo Spaceboy Under Pressure Ziggy Stardust "Heroes" Let's Dance I'm Afraid of Americans
  6. A Youngster at the time !!!! - so you will not have heard of T1 {Terminal One Club St Enoch Square} and there was a place near the Greens but I forget the name - both very safe as they refused to allow in gang members although I preferred the T1. Clouds was not just a disco !!! { renamed Satellite City at some later stage} Simple Minds played their first ever gig at the venue which also had Elvis Costello, Stone the Crows (supported by the Sensational Alex Harvey Band) and Midge Ure's Rich Kids but it used to attract many Nutters. funny enough I have a connection to Ayrshire my parents were wardens of a Caravan site { Dutch House Monkton which is still there } started going in 1965 { or 1966 } at that time it was possible to walk over the runway to Prestwick Airport { controlled by a "level crossing" } so I know Prestwick - Irvine and Ayr well. I missed out Bowie before 5 January 1973 £1 { stalls } 18 May 1973 £1 { stalls } 19 June 1978 £6 { stalls } 20 June 1978 £6 { stalls } 21 June 1978 £6 { stalls } 22 June 1978 £6 { stalls } by the way the first time I went to Glastonbury was 1979 - first time it was over 3 days and the weekend ticket was £5 so a bloody bargain.
  7. Alice Cooper I think was there twice 10 November 1972 tickets around £1.20 { divans } and 19 February 1982 tickets around £6.00 { circle } but lets see the Stones 8 March 1971 tickets around £00.70 { stalls } 16 September 1973 tickets around £2.20 { stalls } 17 September 1973 tickets around £1.10 { balcony } 10 May 1976 tickets around £2.50 { circle } 11 May 1976 tickets around £3.50 { boxes } 12 May 1976 tickets around £3.50 { stalls } 27 May 1982 tickets around £6.50 { circle } ----------------- Did you ever go to Clouds ? - I was on the guest list { though a DJ who used to drink in the Lunar seven } but when I went to go in there was a massive battle with security and Punters - bugger that so I never ever reached it - I know Tiger Tim , Emperor Rosco and Richard Park used to do their bit in there. looking at those ticket prices - these days the bloody booking fee is even more ' and they don't send a ticket anymore ' once in London I soon found the Hammersmith Odeon - very close to the old Greens Playhouse.
  8. Well I am older than many but I was lucky to get into the WBC at a very early stage - {in 1988 it was not easy to join} - if I had not joined then there is no bloody way could I have attended so many events - I used to work at most of the London events {Clapham Common - Finsbury Park - Hyde Park etc etc} at one stage it was 30+ events per year. Re ' The Greens and subsequently the Apollo was an iconic but dilapidated venue. ' - well your right there - they used to have rat poison and traps under the seats !!!! - Its only now with the Internet can I appreciate how well Glasgow was for Bands attending. I was transferred to London in the 70's so I was not aware it was demolished - I have been back although most of Glasgow is new to me but at least the Glasgow Central station is still there its only when I walk out I am stunned at the changes. # By the way I still have my ticket the very first time I saw the Stones and the price was 6 shillings and 9 pennies { for people who don't have a clue its just under £00.35 } # Artistes who performed at Green's Playhouse, 1967–1973 - just look at that list Alice Cooper Barclay James Harvest Beggars Opera Black Sabbath Captain Beefheart and his Magic Band David Bowie Deep Purple Donovan Elton John Emerson, Lake & Palmer Family Free Genesis Hawkwind Humble Pie Jethro Tull Jimi Hendrix John Mayall King Crimson Led Zeppelin Lindisfarne Mott the Hoople Paul McCartney & Wings Pink Floyd Rory Gallagher Roxy Music Slade Status Quo Stone the Crows Ten Years After The Faces The Groundhogs The Rolling Stones The Who Uriah Heep Van der Graaf Generator West, Bruce and Laing Wishbone Ash Yes
  9. well you were bloody lucky to get that advice - Bowie was amazing that night - as I was working at it I was already there but when I reached the stage I could not work out why it was so quiet so had a word with one of the security supervisors and was told it was a right Balls up ## but I did not see it myself ## - I quote wiki - 'Problems with the event reached a climax in 1996 when many festival goers missed David Bowie on the Thursday night due to problems letting people on site. Having sold out that year for the first time, due to the Glastonbury Festival taking its usual year off (once in every five years in a cycle), the organisers struggled to cope with the crowds and extreme heat. Temperatures on site exceeded thirty degrees Celsius on all days. The weekend was further marred with problems with water being unavailable in parts of the site. The event was notable for the fact that the Sex Pistols headlined their first major UK festival on that weekend.' I attended all of them and and did not mind Long Marston Airfield but I was not driving in on the Thursday but I could see there could be access problems ' if you were coming from the motorway ' ## The Crew site was at the back 'outside the wall 'at the rear and one year two jokers climbed over the crew fence not appreciating they had to have a pass to leave that site and also a pass to enter the arena so they did not make it ## amazingly Vince's Management team was after extra help so I ended up being transferred to the VIP and Press entry point { its a cabin where they get their wrist bands } and while there is a Guest list VIP and Press were told to bring Photo ID with them but some of them failed to bring them so they were stuffed - lots of ' I am a famous Radio 1 Presenter I don't need ID ' - but seeing anyone could claim to be Joe Bloggs - no Photo ID no entry - anyway whatever I did - the Management team asked me to do the job a year later. Completely confused a lot of the WBC volunteers who noticed I was not working in any Bar so they were keen to find out what the hell I was up to - I kept quiet until the Sunday Party.
  10. you have a good memory - if it was two shows { on the same day } then I suspect it was Friday 18 May 1973 at the Green's Playhouse { which was renamed the Apollo } As it was a Friday I was working that evening { DJ in the Lunar Seven 221 Buchanan Street } but I had time to walk my girlfriend at the time to it as she was Nuts over Bowie and after the show she came into the Lunar Seven. Just sods law the dates clashed but as I got older I saw Bowie many times including when he performed at The Phoenix Festival in 1996 on the Thursday to a near empty field { there had been a problem with Punter entry that day - have not a clue what happened but genuine ticket holders could not get in to park } - anyone who was there will know what it was like. But back to Bowie just look at where he was in May 1973 { ' over 196 scheduled shows ' on that tour } and to do ' two back to back shows ' is amazing. As you know the Green's Playhouse and the Odeon used to have some amazing bands and I am sure many will not believe me but it was possible just to buy the tickets on the door for most bands { including the Rolling Stones } 12 May 1973 Earl's Court 16 May 1973 Aberdeen 17 May 1973 Dundee 18 May 1973 2 shows Glasgow Green's Playhouse 19 May 1973 Edinburgh 21 May 1973 2 shows Norwich 22 May 1973 Romford 23 May 1973 Brighton 24 May 1973 Lewisham 25 May 1973 Bournemouth 27 May 1973 2 shows Guildford 28 May 1973 Wolverhampton 29 May 1973 Hanley 30 May 1973 Oxford 31 May 1973 Blackburn
  11. I have knowing Melvin for 33 years as he was Vince Power's {founder of the Mean Fiddler} main man and I do know he does know what he is doing. It is a surprise to see him back at Glastonbury so it will be interesting to see how it pans out and to find out Why !!! { although I suspect it has something to do with the licence }
  12. Happy New year and so did I - last track they ended with was Paul McCartney - 2004 ' and I was able to watch him on that night but what it does not show is ' it had been raining up to when he started ' I was on the right ' when this Joker ## standing right beside me ## got on his phone ' and was giving a running commentary of the event { shouting at the top of his voice } - the place was packed so there was no way could I move deeper in the crowd so I told him to shut up - funny enough ' he moved away at that point and slid in the mud and he dropped his bloody phone ' - as far as I could see he did not find it !!! so every time I see that clip it reminds me of that night - still cant work out why a person would be in that crowd and rather than watching the bloody show he attempts to shout though it.
  13. I know the cup you mean - its a small stumpy cup { less than half a 1/2 pint cup } I suspect there must have been a cup shortage as its not common to use that for coke. + the price should have been adjusted but I know in a busy bar pricing mistakes do happen { by the tent Manager }
  14. so you were with Avalon {shelter} and I am sure they would have had the prices on display on a Big board so really they cant Complain - sure they don't have a clue how much the actual production costs are but they could have gone down to the CO-OP Shop and bought the Coke there. Ice has always been a problem as it cost money to store it and to keep it cold 24/7 I used to stop people by pointing them to a local shop in Shepton Mallet - that soon shut them up. Actually most of the time Punters are not a problem at Glastonbury compared to some other festivals I have worked at - Reading used to be a right cracker but they tend to chance their arm with young female servers and would then get a shock when I would replace the server to take their order - I think it was the Glaswegian accent that would upset them but they soon stopped their messing about. The Stonebridge bar used to be run by the WBC - never worked it but did work in The Park Bar the first year it was open - smaller but No stage.
  15. it sounds like something Emily Eavis would have wanted but I could be wrong. it took time but I found it - the main problem is I know after 1987 I never bought a ticket again so I always had a crew pass { or passes } so if below is correct they had plastic weekend ticket holder wristbands up to 1998. going by https://www.idcband.com/about-us/ I quote ' ID&C stands for Identification & Control, which is the core of our business. In 1999 we introduced the UK's first fabric festival wristband at Glastonbury a product which is now widely used at festivals and events around the world. ' I have a feeling they kept issuing the plastic crew wristbands for some years after 1999 but at some stage they switched to fabric crew wristbands { they are different and they are a different colour } I moved to my current flat nearly 4 years ago and all my passes and wristbands - hundreds of them from many festivals are stored in a box but I have not found the correct box { it will surface at some point in time }
  16. Sorry but that claim is wrong as I was a ticket holder from 1979 to 1987 and although I cant find them all ' these were issued when you drove in or walked in ' now what happened from 1989 to ticket holders I would not have a clue as I never bought a ticket as I always had a crew pass I still have these and the paper tickets and I know 100% I was not working.
  17. I would not have a clue but ' if you spot any plastic style wristbands ' - some are not Ticket holders. A crew cloth ones is always a different colour to the ticket holder cloth one but if a person has to work say backstage they will be issued with a second plastic wristband ' and I know some people who end up with three.' For many years they did not issue a crew ticket but recently they have started handing them out { note there is no photo on that ticket } - but the more important pass is the bottom one - the WBC employ their own crew camp security and without that pass a person cant enter the crew camping area.
  18. I suspect you were not the only one to miss it as it was in the area the traders used to park in { so not in the collection of trader stalls } but ' what really stood out was the two Enormous doorman ' - trust me if I was not a Glaswegian I would not have entered as well - I have mentioned the rastafarian cafe before and someone did mention they came from Bristol - what I found very funny was ' no one was drinking tea or Coffee ' - in Scotland and certain parts of London ' they would be called a Shebeen ' - no way would they be allowed to trade now but a way back then there was not much checking as to what each trader was up to.
  19. yes I know - perhaps its the Boy Scout in me but ' no way would I go to a festival without full camping gear '. re ' punters wrapping a carrier bag around them ' - yes that was Very common and ' they were making it worse not better ' as they would slid all over the shop. Re ' Old market ' - did you spot the rastafarian cafe ? in a huge marquee tent 'near the top of the hill ' ## You could buy anything in there ## run by people from Bristol with a enormous sound system . they got a way with it for so many years but then GFL would not let them back on site sometime later in the 80's I used to drive down from London so found it handy being able to park beside our group of tents although I cant recall the year they stopped people doing that. Re Fires - one year two idiots who were well out of it ' dragged their own tent into their own fire ' - Not a second hand story - I was standing there watching them ' making sure they did not touch any of my friends tents ' anyway ' we survived 85 '
  20. not bad at all - Well so far I have been to 32 although each time I am asked face to face I struggle as its not easy to work out due to the gap years + if we go by https://www.glastonburyfestivals.co.uk/history/ the total would be 35 and not 36 - there was a year in the 70's where people showed up but GFL { right or wrong } do not count that. I know I was not aware of it in 1970 or 1971 and would not have had a clue about 1979 if it was not for a festival band booker who booked a folk band in the Half Moon in Putney that I was connected to - Pilton was not even showing on a AA Car Atlas ' but we were giving a rough map on a beer mat. 1979 was the first ' 3 day event ' weekend ticket was £5 - I kid you not all the people who went with me in 1979 just dropped out in the 80's - most after 1985 { A very wet and muddy year } - turning point for me was in 1988 when I was able to join the WBC so the last actual ticket I have is 1987 { I kept all the tickets but cant find all the wrist bands }
  21. sorry about that - its a situation out of your control. I know you have been staying over with your Mother for most days of the week # every week # looking after her - A task that many would not do. My Parents ended up with Dementia but they were under the care of a Hospital and by that stage I doubt they could understand much. I know from your e-mails that your Mother has some ' Good Days ' and really its best to focus on those days. Just keep on doing what your doing.
  22. Last time I was there was in 1985 an Anti-Heroin benefit concert organised by Pete Townshend with Hawkwind and ' wait for this ' Dame Vera Lynn !!! - I kid you not. http://www.fatreg.com/picsantiheroin/CPalace.html and by the way ' many did stay for Vera Lynn ' I had mates who lived very local and they knew the layout so some of them stayed outside - we walked in and went to a tree near the wall and after so many minutes { before mobile phones } they tossed over the bevy. ------------- shame about the old stage and we did not mind the lake. a very bizarre concert seeing it was a Anti-Heroin benefit concert and I would estimate that a good 70% was out their face on this that and the other. I think there was 8 of us at it - have not been back at a concert but lots of us used to attend the firework show on Bonfire night which used to be held in the same park.
  23. sorry did not spot your post sooner - Well that is a new way to do trading - at least you wont have to pay any tax on profits !!! glad you had a good time.
  24. Did you two make it ? and is the weather holding up ?
  25. well spotted but I did note ## Purchase from a bar outlet where Barclaycard credit card payment is accepted and offer signage is present and Advise the cashier that you are a Barclaycard credit card customer, present your card at till and pay with your personal Barclaycard(s) or Barclaycard Business card (MasterCard) ## ------------ as far as I am aware they are using many Agency bar staff so they may not be aware about this so its best to store that link on your phone. it will be interesting to find out if people were able to get the discount without hassle
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