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  1. Finally! A Wet Leg gig that you might actually be able to buy tickets for and doesn't sell out in seconds!
  2. Yeah I think we've got the top four on the Obelisk, which is good that they've given us a bit of day / order splits this year. With the tent headliners having over an hour, it seems really inconsistent which bands get it. Some bands that you'd think would get over an hour don't, and some do. Like Everything Everything getting over an hour but Primal Scream, who've been around since the 90's only getting the standard hour.
  3. Foals are pretty widely accepted as the Friday Other headliner.
  4. I don't think there was any reason to think she wouldn't be Friday. There's three on the top line and they're not alphabetical. If she's only given an hour set I'll be annoyed but I think it's likely. She deserves 1h 15m at least. I don't see any reason they give tent headliners less time.
  5. Miyn

    2023 Headliners

    If they have an album as big as a Brief Inquiry, they'll be back up there. The main problem with the last one was it was too bloated and long. It would have made a great 10 or 11 song album. I think this forum underestimates their chance of headlining, maybe because a lot of people don't like them. But then people like Little Simz get suggested as a future headliner etc.
  6. She clashed with The XX / Radiohead on Friday. I've got tickets to see her on tour, which I'm considering selling if I can see her at Glasto. Her stage set up with the big box looked great.
  7. Miyn

    2022 Must Sees

    On a quick glance: A) Paul McCartney, Diana Ross, Black Midi, Squid B) Noel Gallagher, Phoebe Bridgers, Wet Leg C) Dry Cleaning, Foals, Fontaines D.C., Holly Humberstone, Inhaler, Lorde, Olivia Rodrigo, Sam Fender, Wolf Alice, Arlo Parks D) Crowded House, Elbow, Girl in Red, Haim, Idles, Little Simz, Primal Scream, Sigrid, Beabadoobee, Metronomy, Pet Shop Boys
  8. Miyn

    2022 Must Sees

    I thought it was worth making a thread as everyone's had a bit of time to digest the line-up. There was a similar thread two years ago, and it was interesting to see who people were excited for. So stick your must sees here, or if you want you can put them in the suggested categories: 1) Who are your must sees this year? (Wouldn't miss for anyone) 2) Who would you really like to see? (Would only miss for must-sees and would be gutted to miss) 3) Who would you like to see clashes permitting? (Would really like to see, but wouldn't be heartbroken if clashing with ones above) 4) Who would you be happy to see if nothing else was on? (Wouldn't mind watching, but equally don't really care about missing) I've basically nicked the ideas of the categories off dental from two years ago, so you can find the original post and topic here:
  9. Black Midi, hopefully on the park stage.
  10. There's different stage announcements between now and end of May. Biggest ones that announce are West Holts and Park. Full schedule usually comes out end of May.
  11. For about 5 seconds, I thought it meant coming out as the way I wrote it. I was watching a video of his Glastonbury 2019 speech yesterday and it made me think of it.
  12. Guessing most played live is done through setlist.fm? Is it most played live recently or of all time? Great work on the playlist by the way, will probably have it on repeat for a while.
  13. I think they were in the JP playlist for 2020. No reason to think they've moved.
  14. I think he's already announced he's gay.
  15. The thing with Glasto, is the more they manage to get huge artists in small, low paying slots, the more they'll be able to get artists in small, low paying slots. When they're trying to convince someone to take a lower slot and fee, they can say: 1) Your career will have a big rise, one of the most watched music events on TV / YouTube 2) All the artists who've taken a lower fee, when they have a huge list of artists who would normally be mega expensive to book only getting 20% of what they normally get, it can be a convincing factor for a lot of artists. 3) All the good work they do for charity etc. They don't try and maximise profit. So it's kind of a cycle as the more artists they add to this portfolio of: big artists playing lower slots for less money, the easier it is to add more to it.
  16. I think the vocal effect is really annoying. Especially during the chorus.
  17. Wet Leg Ranking: Too Late Now Chaise Longue Wet Dream Angelica Oh No
  18. I thought Wet Leg would, but I think they're fairly busy. Somewhere on the Thursday, Bristol? And then Dublin on the Saturday.
  19. Are they a similar size to Fontaines D.C. in 2019? They did a WG, Left Field and a JP (only because Sam Fender pulled out, I'm still annoyed by that one). Think Yard Act will definitely play more than one set over the weekend, surprised they're not on the poster.
  20. I wish Yeah Yeah Yeahs and LCD being exclusives were a lie though...
  21. Can't wait for people to listen to the playlist on shuffle, something like Billie Eilish is playing, so they turn it up to hear the vocals more clearly, and then out of nowhere, black midi's "953" comes blasting out through their speakers.
  22. LCD would make my weekend. I'm pretty annoyed they're not coming to Manchester, got excited over the prospect of a UK tour.
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