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  1. Setting up in Big Ground now. Walked through Coach Entrance of Gate A and one of the questions they were asking was: "Got any crisps?". As well as the usual: "Got any glass?". I assume they were going to confiscate them if you said yes. We didn't have any, so we were fine.
  2. Miyn

    Secret sets 2022

    Hopefully see you down the front if they play! If there's something good on the JP, I'll definitely go to that though. But I'd head to the Park straight after, hoping to get as close to the front as possible.
  3. Miyn

    Secret sets 2022

    If any of: Arcade Fire, LCD, The 1975 or The Smile play, it'll make my weekend. If you have any info on the above, feel free to message me, I'd love to know.
  4. So The Lockup/Pit is the same, but it's called the FR tent now? What does this mean for the future? 3 days of FR style bookings next year? I'm not going this year, but a 3 day FR as well as getting the R1 to return might tempt me back... The FR usually books the most inline with my music taste, spent about half my day there last year, so it would be great to have it back. I'm not usually a big fan of the bookings on The Lockup/Pit, but it would be a real shame to lose that niche from the festival.
  5. Also at Beck in Manchester tonight. Probably my last gig before Glastonbury, unless some cheap tickets for something come up on Twickets before then.
  6. Miyn

    Secret sets 2022

    Bastille played 4th down in 2019. Have they really done enough since to be considered sub level? Are Mumford's active at all? I reckon they were subbing Taylor in 2020.
  7. Hopefully either: 1) In the coach queue. 2) Walking to Big Ground. 3) Starting to get the tent set up.
  8. It's hard to tell whether they're actually going to be cooking or not. On some of the articles it implies that Gary will be cooking, and others that he's just designing the menu. These sentences imply that he's just curating the menu: Each day, a much-loved face will share the food that brings them joy, in a menu they’ve designed exclusively for Latitude. - Website Latitude will showcase Gary’s skill for creating the perfect dinner menu as he presents “My Catalan Kitchen”. - Website Match of the Day presenter Gary Lineker, comedian and presenter Judi Love, Amanda Owen - the Yorkshire Shepherdess and award winning food writer Georgina Hayden will each curate a 3-course feast to be served, sharing style, in the beautiful new restaurant, and join the festival diners on the day sharing the story behind their dishes. - Facebook While others imply that they're going to be cooking: Each day a much-loved familiar face will take on hosting duties, preparing the food that brings them joy with an exclusive menu. Match of the Day presenter Gary Lineker, comedian and presenter Judi Love, The Yorkshire Shepherdess Amanda Owen, and award winning food writer Georgina Hayden will each create a meal to be served in the beautiful new restaurant. That last one could mean that they're just going to be cooking one portion of food before leaving the kitchen. I think they might have a small part in cooking the food, perhaps doing a bit here and there for the first five minutes whilst the cameras are there. Then they'll go and "join the festival diners on the day sharing the story behind their dishes". But to add to your point, yes. They're taking the fucking piss.
  9. New for 2022, we're proud to present The Guest Chef, where each day, a much-loved familiar face will share the food that brings them joy with the festival audience, designing a menu exclusively for Latitude, and joining our diners to share in the experience. Gary Lineker, Judi Love, Amanda Owen, and Georgina Hayden have been announced for the following dates: Thursday 21st July - Gary Lineker: My Catalan Kitchen Friday 22nd July - Georgina Hayden's Mediterranean and Middle Eastern Feast Saturday 23rd July - Judi Love’s Meal at The Guest Chef Sunday 24th July - Amanda Owen: The Yorkshire Shepherdess's Summer Roast The Guest Chef is an innovative 300 cover restaurant providing dinner service from Thursday, and lunch and dinner service from Friday - Sunday. Book now for an unmissable chance to experience delicious food and a unique experience with each of our Guest Chefs. https://www.latitudefestival.com/explore/the-guest-chef
  10. I'd love to see it, as Radiohead are my favourite band of all time. But I don't think that Latitude would really go for them, or vice versa. Just as a bit of context, since 2010, they've played 10 times in the UK. 7 of which have been their own tour dates, 2 at Glastonbury, and once at TRNSMT. I don't think TRNSMT would book them again, as they've gone in the indie rock direction, so I think it could just be Glastonbury and their own dates from now on. I don't know how well they'd go down though, probably a few mums and dads who haven't listened to them since OK Computer going to see them and being very disappointed. It would probably be one of the fastest selling day tickets though, as they tour so infrequently as well as tickets being below the £100 mark, I think they'd fly out the door. I just don't think it's the kind of act they'd book. I presume they're reasonably expensive, and there's a lot more acts that would do the job for a lot less. I don't think Latitude is trying to book acts that are Glastonbury headline level anymore, like they did in 2017 and 2018, with Mumford's and Killers. It seems like they're going for smaller, but similar level headliners, that are around the Glastonbury sub or Other headline level. E.g. George Ezra, Lana Del Rey, Liam Gallagher, Chemical Brothers, Foals etc. I think 2019 was the gold standard for this booking style. I think they'll stay booking at this level, as it looks like it's working better for them. On a related note, I went to see The Smile last Thursday, and it was incredible. If you have the chance to see them in the future, I recommend you go if you are somewhat interested in them. They're masters of their craft, and know how to engage an audience in the music. I got there about 3 hours before doors, ended up 24th in the queue, and got a barrier spot right in front of Thom. I was transfixed for the whole gig. Also managed to get a setlist signed by Thom, which was incredibly lucky, my dad managed to catch it as they threw it out into the crowd. If they play Latitude this year, I won't miss them for anything, and they'll be my absolute must see for the whole weekend. Their EU tour ends on the Wednesday of Latitude, and APE implies they've got another UK festival to announce, surely it has to be Latitude???
  11. I think it's been: 7.00 Doors 8.00 Robert Stillman 9.00 The Smile I'm going to see them tommorow, wondering what time to get there as it seems there's a lot of people getting there before doors open.
  12. More of the comedy lineup announced:
  13. Yeah, I was jokingly commenting on the similarity between Albarn and The Smile. As in Albarn was in Blur, and is making depressing music as a solo project. As well as Thom and Jonny being in Radiohead and also making depressing music as a solo project. But to be fair, Radiohead were never really upbeat. I wonder if Gorillaz would ever get booked to headline, they seem the right sort of size and Albarn seems to have a good relationship with the festival. Also not many places for them to play in the UK, played Boardmasters last year, and are playing APE this year. I don't think they're likely to be at Glastonbury for the foreseeable future, they won't be given a headline spot, and probably don't want to take an Other headline slot.
  14. Quoting so people over here can see what's going on. Discussion was happening on this thread: This is the tweet people are talking about, apparently it's the same wording on the email as well: All Points East usually bloody love an exclusive, and try and bill acts as such when they are. They've listed Nick Cave and Tame Impala as UK exclusives this year, so the wording is a little odd. Yeah, due to the addition of Alfie Templeman on the Friday, we've got 8 acts that day and 7 acts the other two on the Obelisk. Shed Seven are billed as a "Special Guests" slot on the Saturday, so will probably be given a longer set time. But Sunday wouldn't be ruled out, although they'd look really out of place. If they're doing a set, I think it most likely won't be on the Obelisk. Waterfront Stage is a good shout though, although I think his solo stuff is a bit shit, Damon Albarn was really popular last year. Could potentially see them putting an act for the musos on the Waterfront again this year. Albarn was in a big band in the 90's, and is now doing a solo project making depressing music. So if we carry that pattern on, The Smile perfectly fit the bill. Sons of Kemet headlined the BBC Sounds Stage last year on the Sunday, the band that Tom Skinner drums in. Let's hope he had a fantastic time and told Thom and Jonny that they had to come and play this year. I'd absolutely love to see it.
  15. Is there space at Latitude? I've got a ticket so I'd love them to play, but it feels like they've announced the majority of the lineup by now, so I'd be ecstatic but suprised to see them announced. I don't think they'll play Latitude, but if they are, you can bet I'll be down the front.
  16. Nice! I've heard it's one of the best to volunteer at as a steward. It's a great atmosphere and site, and there aren't as many troublemakers compared to somewhere like Reading or Leeds. There's lots of hidden gems on the line-up for me, I wasn't really a fan of it when it came out, but now I've listened to some of the artists lower down on the bill, I think it's pretty great. I'll probably be at Matt Maltese and almost certainly at Little Simz, could also be tempted to see Rina as well. I think it's a great festival for discovering new music, as they book some great new bands, and the stages are quite close together, so if you're not feeling a certain band or artist you can always pop in and see what's going on elsewhere. I discovered loads of new artists last year, and I've got quite a few on my list to catch this year. I've heard a lot of good reviews for Matt Maltese, so him playing on the Sunrise Arena, which has a great feel, will be really special I think. If you've got any questions or queries about Latitude, feel free to ask and I'll do my best to answer them for you. I don't have any experience with volunteering, but I think I'm fairly knowledgeable about Latitude, or could at least point you in the right direction for an answer.
  17. Discovered Matt Maltese recently. He supported Wolf Alice on their most recent tour, although not in Manchester which I went to. We got Lucia + The Best Boys who were fantastic, but listening to Matt Maltese, it sounds like he might have been just as good. His voice is fantastic, and his piano playing and backing band perfectly support the vocals without taking anything away from them. I've watched a couple of his videos of him playing live, and he sounds just like the record. He's playing on the Sunrise Arena on the Saturday, which I feel is the perfect setting. Some of the songs sound quite emotional and I feel like his set could be something really special. A real highlight will be 'As The World Caves In'. It's captivating, and grabs your attention, and is a real shiver down your spine moment. I imagine the tent will be listening to hear his every note when he plays this one. If people join in and sing the chorus of this one, it could be an incredible moment. I'll almost certainly be there, and it's one of the acts I'm most looking forward to seeing at the moment.
  18. They've updated the poster on the website: https://www.latitudefestival.com/line-up/ There's only a couple of changes: Mickey Callisto only listed once on the BBC Sounds Stage, was twice before. Josie Mann has been removed from The Alcove Katie Harkin has been changed to Harkin As well as Tribes now being listed as Tribe. I'm not sure what this will mean for them. Perhaps it might be Johnny Lloyd performing solo but playing Tribes songs. I'm sure he'd kill it, but it would be great to see the other boys from Tribes on the mainstage. I'm actually really looking forward to them. I heard about them from a poster who's no longer on here, and they're actually quite good. Can't wait to sing We Were Children with all the Tribes fans down the front. Here's a clip of them playing: https://www.instagram.com/p/CXGDjkCgSuQ/ They look really happy to be back playing to people, and I think their set could be a highlight of the weekend.
  19. I'm 17. I first went in 2019 with my dad and sister, so I was 14 and my sister was 11. My dad @Kim Wrong-Unwho's also on here, had been watching Glastonbury on TV for years and wanting to go once we were old enough to enjoy enough of the music. I remember watching some of 2017 on TV, specifically Radiohead and Ed Sheeran. I thought Radiohead were "crap dad music" and that Sheeran was really good. Which is a bit ironic now considering Radiohead are my favourite band of all time. So after 2017, my dad decided that 2019 was the first year we'd try for tickets as 2018 was a fallow, and we'd be two years older, and my sister and I were both getting into music more. We luckily managed to get tickets in the October coach sale of 2018, which we were all ecstatic about. I think I heard about this forum through my dad, who'd seen it was a good place to get info before the line-up dropped. I remember seeing the rumours page, and thinking that it must be fake as there was no way anyone would be able to predict over half the line-up before the festival had said anything. After a bit more digging, I found that it was real, and that it was a culmination of what people had seen or heard on here as well as Neil getting info. I lurked pretty much everyday on here from April to the festival, reading about rumours and line-up placements. The forum and Barbster360's videos did such a good job of getting me excited for the festival, that it was a genuine concern whether it would live up to the hopes and expectations. But it did, and I had the best weekend ever. Highlights included The Cure, The Killers and Foals. As well as the moment I realised it was the best place in the world. Which was during Hobo Jones's cover of One Way Of Life by The Levellers. They'd just thrown out hundreds of kazoos and beach balls out into the crowd, I managed to catch one of the kazoos and still have it on my desk. I realised there's nowhere else on earth that anyone is having an experience like this, and although I was laughing at the stupidity of it, it was actually really special. You can see a snippet of it in Barbster's video, where a familiar hat makes an appearance. We managed to get tickets for 2020 during the last few minutes of the main sale, so we've had our tickets for about two and a half years now. We're travelling down on the Tuesday, from Manchester to Bristol by train. Stopping most of the night in the Premier Inn next to the coach station and then getting a coach at 6am, which should get us in the queue before gates open at 8am, and we'll be trying for Big Ground this year. We went Wicket in 2019, but as we're coming on the Wednesday this year, we want somewhere a bit more central, and Big Ground seems to fit the bill. It's been a long couple of years waiting for Glastonbury, but it's just over a month to go, and I can't wait to be back at the farm in those beautiful fields.
  20. Miyn

    2022 New Music

    Welcome To Hell.
  21. Another small announcement seemingly gone under the radar. Watched William The Conqueror on the Thursday who were alright, they were the first set I saw so it probably didn't take much to impress me but I thought they were good. I don't recognise any of the other names on there. I don't think there's as many eFesters going this year, compared to usual. It feels like there's about five people on here that actually have tickets, which is a shame as I think if you look below the top lines there's some decent stuff to watch. That Alcove line-up is pretty tasty and a run on Friday of: Porridge Radio > KEG > Opus Kink > Rina Sawayama / TV Priest > Courting > Modest Mouse > Melt Yourself Down / Caroline Polachek > Phoebe Bridgers, is honestly fantastic. The other days are a bit weaker in my opinion, but still some great stuff to see, and I can pad them out with a bit of comedy. The food is great, and the atmosphere is really nice as well as a beautiful site. So it's a bit sad that the music line-up has driven away a lot of the regulars. I'm sure everyone who has a ticket, including me, will have a great weekend. I'd love to get this forum a bit more active, as it's not the busiest at the moment. So if you've got a ticket, feel free to pop your head in and say hi and what you're most excited to see, music / comedy or whatever. Interesting that they've put "Plus two top secret surprise performances" on the bottom of the Trailer Park announcement. We got Rick Astley there last year, which still amuses me. I didn't get any signal last year, so didn't hear about it or see it, but I imagine it would have been pretty funny / special if you managed to catch it. It almost certainly won't be anyone I'm interested in, but it's interesting that they've put it on the bill already. Instead of Rick Astley this year, maybe we'll get Mark Owen doing some Take That. I don't think we've got any room for secret sets on the BBC Sounds this year, which is unfortunate. I love that tent and although I don't really listen to them, I really enjoyed The Vaccines secret set last year and it was probably the only time the tent got to full capacity during the whole weekend. So it's a bit disappointing that we're most likely not going to get anything like that this year. They had Liam Gallagher in 2018, but I don't think they got anyone in 2019 either. It's only 73 days to go, so it won't be that long until we're back in Suffolk and in the grounds of Henham Park.
  22. Miyn

    Arcade Fire

    This will be the easiest ticket buy of the year for me. They're one of my two all time favourite bands, possibly beat by Radiohead, but I'd probably rather see Arcade Fire live. I've been waiting a while to see them, as I've been into them for a few years. So it will be great to get to see them for the first time.
  23. Miyn

    Arcade Fire

    Manchester clashes with Psych Fest, that's quite unfortunate. I probably can't go and watch Arcade Fire and Black Midi, two of my favourite bands. Not sure whether it will be worth getting a Psych ticket and then going to AF in the evening.
  24. Miyn

    Arcade Fire

    I think everyone who is disappointed with the album was probably expecting too much. It's a great record, maybe a 7 or 8/10, but they didn't miss from albums one to four so struggles to compete with them. But I still think it's good, and when they come over to Manchester or Glastonbury, I'll be first in line to see them. They're still making good songs, 20 years after they first started. Which can't be said about a lot of bands who got big in the 2000's. The record's great, they're fantastic, and they should definitely play a secret set at Glastonbury this year. Long live Arcade Fire.
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